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Solid Wood Desks

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Solid Wood Home Office Desks

It is said that most people spend one-third of their time resting, but many of us spend another third of our time behind a desk. It’s safe to say that the quality of your work life in many ways decides the quality of your day-to-day being. You may love what you do but it’s equally important to love where the work gets gone. Having the right office desk can help improve productivity, efficiency, and comfort within your workspace. 
It’s easier to find the perfect desk when you know your needs. However, a desk (similar to other furniture pieces) is something you don’t buy every year, so make sure that what you invest in is durable. The materials used in the manufacturing of any particular desk give an idea of its quality, durability, strength and life expectancy. All of our desks are made from kiln-dried solid wood of premium quality, skillfully hand-crafted by our skilled craftsmen, many coming from multi-generational furniture building families. Each piece is meticulously made with special attention to details. Some of the solid wood types our desks are made from are 100% solid Rosewood, Acacia wood, Teak Wood, Mahogany Wood, Mango wood, Suar wood and Reclaimed wood. Each wood type has its own characteristics that make it unique. Based on the wood type, our home office desks come in a plethora of stains and finishes to complement the core aesthetic of your home.

While looking for a new wooden desk for your home or office, look for something that first and foremost is utilitarian and conforms to the modern-day work standards. Will you use it to write homework or articles using traditional pen and paper or are you a computer user whose work involves a lot of clickety-clacks? For computer users, a desk without a wooden keyboard tray could cause discomfort in the long run. How much storage do you need? Are you going to use your desk against the wall, or do you plan to set it in the middle of your office? There are plenty of ways to hide that cable mess around the wall, but check for a built-in or custom cable management system to hide and organize the cords as well as possible. From the ones adhering to your basic writing and storage needs to the full-fledged super storage front drop secretary desks with hutch, our handcrafted desks come in various types, sizes, materials and styles. Choose the one that reflects your spirit and meets your needs. Sierra Living Concepts offers over 70+ unique designs that will keep you happily glued to work. Here’s a brief introduction to the 4 common types of desks:

Solid Wood Writing Desks: Probably the simplest of all types, writing desks provide you with enough work surface and a drawer or two for your stationary, documents, etc. They carry an airy, minimalist flair but with a right amount of functionality for your books and even laptop. Aguila Desk, Alamance Desk , Drysdale Desk and Lincoln writing desks are some of many that we have in our collection.

Solid Wood Computer Desks: The computer desk is larger and more accommodating. It provides ample work surface and compartments to host your office equipment including computers and other peripherals. Wooden Computer desks also come with a Wooden keyboard tray for improved work ergonomics and a good typing posture. The Bainbridge Desk, Clarkton Desk, Bedias computer desks are some good choices among many of this type. 

Solid Wood Executive Desks: A simple yet elegant solution for your seat at the office, executive desks make for excellent additions to the workspace with functional storages and broad table tops for ease in work and collaborations. Blanford Executive Desk is one of the best selling large executive desks with drawers along with Hondah and Klagetoh. Although these solid wood executive desks come with drawers to store files and documents, you can pair your pedestal-storage desk with complementing File Cabinets to help you style and organize your home office better.   

Solid Wood Secretary Desks: It’s the type that separates your work life and family hours in just a flip. With or without a hutch, secretary desks (also called as secretaire) come with a slanted lid that when opened, makes for a writing platform, and when closed, keeps all the cubbies and drawers hidden and things out of sight. The Philadelphia 44” Secretary Desk is loved by professionals thanks to its multiple drawers in different sizes and handy cubbies. The drop-front secretary desks with top hutch are a wonderful way to make an efficient use of the vertical space and organize all your work related things at one place, and there would still be some place left for your favorite decor pieces. Our Weldona Secretary Desk with Hutch is one such hard-to-resist deal.


With an increase in jobs and businesses that allow us to work from home, there is an increased need to modify the workspaces into a place that motivates you to bring the best of your thoughts to life even when you know there’s a cozy bed in the next room. So, take time to revamp your home office in the style that resonates with you and your idea of a productive lifestyle. Our collection of desks for working from home has minimalist, smaller desks for compact workspaces, clean-lined modern desks for modern and contemporary homes along with stately, traditional executive desks for more warm and professional spaces, industrial desks for urban loft inspired homes, etc.  

When choosing a piece of furniture, it's always recommended to measure your room and passages to ensure easy delivery. Isn’t it frustrating when you find a desk that you really really love but it is a little too big for your space? Or maybe you would like it better if it had an additional drawer or better cable management system? With Sierra Living Concepts, you have the liberty to tweak the design of your order, without having to pay extra. With our hassle-free Customization Services, it’s easier than ever to personalize your desks to your specific needs.  

Size: Tailored to fit in your chosen nook and corners.

Shade: Choose from an array of stains and finishes.

Design: Personalize features and utility as per your needs.

Wood: Redefine the overall look to match with your home's. 

Just fill the customization form or call us, and one of our sales executives will shortly get in touch with you. All our furniture pieces are Made-To-Order which means that it is specifically being made for you. Once you place your order, we will send you the link to your own customer’s portal where you can track the progress of your order till it is shipped. Our unique Watch-it-Built feature lets you see what your desk looks like at each step of manufacturing. 

Each of our handmade solid wood desks come with a warranty of 1 year. 



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