About us

At Sierra Living Concepts, since 2003 we're more than just a furniture store. We're the custodians of a rich, time-honored tradition of fine furniture making, a craft lovingly preserved and continually refined by our team of seasoned artisans. Our commitment to this craft is unwavering, ensuring that each table, cabinet, bench, and chair is handcrafted individually with no shortcuts. We believe in creating heirloom-quality pieces that you can pass down through generations, and we invite you to be a part of this tradition.


Our artisans hail from India and Indonesia, regions known for their longstanding excellence in furniture craftsmanship. Their expertise enables us to explore and create unique pieces that seamlessly blend the old and the new, from time-honored styles to modern interpretations. This commitment to quality and innovation is evident in each piece we offer, representing some of the finest furniture available online today.


At Sierra Living Concepts, we firmly believe that superior furniture begins with superior materials, and we exclusively utilize Solid Hardwood in our pieces. By implementing finger joints for drawers and added support designs for chairs and tables, we deliver furniture that isn't merely assembled but carefully built. Our artisans employ traditional hand tools in the construction, carving, and detailing work, creating a unique and durable piece that will withstand the test of time.


The woods we choose, including Solid Rosewood, Teak, Mango Wood, and Acacia Wood, are renowned for their intricate grain patterns, superior strength, and durability. We also make use of a variety of metal hardware, with our wrought iron being treated and shaped with traditional tools before being finished with a fine powder coating. Each piece is then painstakingly finished with stains and paints that are individually mixed and hand-applied, followed by waxing and seasoning using age-old techniques. This ensures that each piece retains its luster and stands up to everyday use and minor weather changes.


Yet, our service doesn't end with crafting great furniture. We understand the joy of owning something truly unique, and so many of our items can be customized according to your preferences, at no extra charge. Whether it's the size, color, stain, fabric, leather, or design, we'll work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We provide 3-D sketches for your approval, ensuring that we only proceed with production once you're delighted with the design.


We are deeply aware of our responsibility towards Mother Earth and are committed to sustainable practices. We only use harvested wood using environmentally friendly techniques, and we choose sustainable materials like mango wood and hemp whenever possible. Our stains and wood preparations are also eco-friendly, keeping our earth as beautiful as our furniture.


Our mission at Sierra Living Concepts goes beyond delivering beautiful, handcrafted furniture. Our dedicated Sales and Customer Service Team strives to make your experience with us as pleasant and wonderful as possible. We stand behind every piece we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy. Through our exclusive Customer Portal,  you can review each item before shipping, ensuring that your Sierra Living Concepts piece is exactly what you envisioned.


By choosing Sierra Living Concepts, you're not just buying furniture. You're becoming part of a tradition, embracing quality, and contributing to a more sustainable world. We invite you to explore our collections and find the perfect piece to add to your home today.