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Lecco Teak Outdoor Daybed with Canopy

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Bearsden Outdoor Wicker Single Chaise Lounge with Cushions

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Mankato Teak Daybed Double Chaise Lounge with Canopy

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Danbury Round Outdoor Wicker Daybed

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Picture of Loveland Teak Hut Outdoor Daybed

Loveland Teak Hut Outdoor Daybed

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Bilston Teak Single Chaise Lounge Chair with Cushions

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Bryxton Solid Teak Wood Outdoor Mesh Sun Lounger

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Picture of Doyle Wicker Outdoor Cushion Daybed (59” L)

Doyle Wicker Outdoor Cushion Daybed (59” L)

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Bryne Teak Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounge w/ Adjustable Back

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About Outdoor Daybeds & Chaises Lounge

Outdoor Daybeds:  

Discover our exclusive range of outdoor daybeds at Sierra Living Concepts, tailored to complement your outdoor living preferences. Whether you prefer the natural allure of teak, the flexibility of wicker, or the timeless appeal of rattan, our collection ensures durability and style for your outdoor oasis.  


Popular Types of Outdoor Daybeds:  

Outdoor Daybeds With Canopy: Featuring a built-in canopy, this variety of outdoor daybeds offers shade and protection from the sun, therefore increasing comfort during sunny days.  

Outdoor Hut Daybed: This is as cozy as any secluded retreat under the open sky because it is surrounded by three walls, making it ideal for relaxation and privacy.

Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge Daybed: Large and spacious enough for two people to comfortably enjoy together.  

Outdoor Cushion Daybed: With lush, thick cushions, these daybeds focus on comfort to extend comfort during long lounging outdoors. 



Outdoor daybeds are made from solid and weather-resistant materials selected for their durability and visual appeal

Wicker: Known for its flexibility and ability to withstand the elements, wicker daybeds provide a timeless appearance that works well in different outdoor environments.  

Teak Wood: Famous for its natural oils that repel moisture and bugs, teak daybeds are ideal for withstanding outdoor conditions.  

Rattan: With its natural beauty and lightweight design, rattan daybeds create a tropical atmosphere and can be easily relocated  


Popular Style:  

Modern Outdoor Daybeds: Represented by clean lines, minimal designs, and smooth finishes, modern daybeds heighten outdoor spaces with contemporary refinement.  


Care and Maintenance Tips:  

Wipe down larger areas with a dampened cloth to remove dirt and other debris.  

Store cushions inside or replace them with weather-resistant covers, if not in use.


Easy Customization: 

At Sierra Living Concepts, we bring your ideas to life by carefully considering your size, features, styles, and material preferences. Indeed, we can create an outdoor daybed that meets your specific design preferences and functional needs.