Cancellation Policy

At Sierra Living Concepts, we take immense pride in creating exquisite handmade furniture that is tailor-made to meet the unique preferences of our valued customers. As soon as you place an order, we initiate a sequence of events that ultimately results in the creation and delivery of the product of your choice. We understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to cancel your order. However, as our products are meticulously handcrafted using pure solid wood by skilled artisans, any cancellation after manufacturing has begun incurs wastage of precious resources, including wood and labor costs. To expedite the cancellation process, please follow the guidelines outlined below:


  1. Cancellation Procedure:

1.1. To initiate the cancellation process, please contact our Customer Service department as soon as possible. You can reach out to us by filling out the Contact Us form or calling 1-866-864-8488 (Option 2).

1.2. Our dedicated Customer Service team will guide you through the cancellation process and provide you with all the necessary assistance.


  1. Cancellation Fees:

2.1. All our products are handmade and mostly made to order, ensuring that you receive furniture crafted with care and precision. As a result, once the manufacturing process has commenced, we are required to charge a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total order value.

2.2. The reason for this cancellation fee is to cover the costs associated with the already invested resources, including the labor and materials that have been utilized for the production of your custom-made furniture.


  1. Cancellation After Shipping:

3.1. We understand that situations may arise where a cancellation request is made after the order has been shipped.

3.2. In such cases, a cancellation fee of up to 40% of the total order value will be applicable. This higher fee is due to the overhead of logistics and return shipping costs incurred in processing the cancellation.

3.3. Despite the cancellation fee, we assure you that we will do our utmost to make the cancellation process as smooth as possible and provide any necessary assistance.


  1. Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

4.1. At Sierra Living Concepts, we strive to be the most customer-friendly furniture website on the internet. Despite the cancellation fees, we remain dedicated to assisting you throughout the cancellation process.

4.2. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may lead to the need for a cancellation, and our Customer Service team will work with you to minimize any inconvenience.

  1. Customer Support:

5.1. If you have any questions or concerns about the cancellation process or our products, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

5.2. We are here to assist you in any way we can and provide guidance to help you make the most informed decisions regarding your furniture purchase.

In conclusion, we hope that this Cancellation Policy brings clarity to the process of canceling an order with Sierra Living Concepts. We understand the value of our handmade furniture and the effort invested in creating each piece, and that is why we have implemented the cancellation fees. Our commitment to customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and products that surpass your expectations. Thank you for choosing Sierra Living Concepts for your furniture needs.