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Buffets & Sideboards

    The Palace Doors Buffets and Sideboards have doors and drawers designed in a very artistic manner to give them resemblance to the middle ages by our traditional craftsmen. The traditional designs and woodworking are complementary to each other. The beautifully hand-carved storage cabinets are suitable for any space including the kitchen and the living room. Choose from this breathtaking collection of handcarved and handpainted Buffets and Sideboards furniture to give a medieval feel to your interiors.

    The Retro style storage cabinets and buffets are not only great to look at, but are rather capable of giving your living space an incredible and nostalgic aura of the 70s and 80s. They are more than enough to remind you of the colorful pop-culture and the bold use of colors in that era. Pick one or more credenza to transform your living and dining space and give it a funky and earthy ambience with our beautiful collection of Retro Rustic Sideboard & Buffet!!

    The Industrial style cabinets and sideboards are enclosed within or consists of metal frame giving it a strong, well built and durable structure. The blend of strong metal and hardwood gives each piece an outstanding presence. The Industrial Style furniture are inspired from the old factory hardware. The metal in the hardware is used minimally and artistically to give form and shape to every Buffet and Sideboard. Take a tour of our Rustic Industrial Buffet collection to pick your favorites.

    If you like what you see, imagine your dining space having a product from this collection that signifies the feeling of triumph and strength. The Castle style buffets and sideboards have use of hardware typical to the middle ages giving it an old yet rich look. Its just unthinkable to overlook the incredible hand-carved designs and would certainly give a point for conversation to anybody who visits your home. So beautify your home as you like, using these rustic, solid wood buffets and sideboards furniture. Pick the one that stole your heart! 

    The Distressed storage furniture we have, are the inspiration behind  our belief of optimum and efficient use of the resources provided to us by Mother Nature. The reclaimed wood is used to design every piece of buffets and sideboards. The popularity of Reclaimed Furniture is marked by the aging of the wood and the patterns formed on it. Have a look at the wide range of handcrafted Distressed Buffets and Sideboards that portrays elegance and class, with an additional advantage - Going Eco-friendly!!!

    The Fine Finish processed storage cabinets and buffets are a collection of rather fresh and young  patterns of designs in buffets and sideboards. The storage cabinets have been handcrafted to give your home a contemporary and chic tone. Each product reflects our passion for state-of-the-art and quality products for your home. Have a look at them to single out hardwood storage cabinets and sideboards that meets your qualifications.