Frequently Asked Questions

1). Could you guide me through the steps for placing an order? I want to ensure a smooth transaction.

Ans). Certainly! Firstly, please select your desired items and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout where you will provide shipping details to White Glove Service (WGS) and choose your preferred payment method. Review your order for accuracy before confirming. Once confirmed you will receive an email confirming your order, and we will provide updates on its delivery progress. If you encounter any issues, our customer support team [email protected] is available to assist you.

2). I am undecided about the stain choices presented on your website. Can I obtain physical samples to aid in my decision-making process?

Ans). Yes, you can request physical samples of our stains to help with your decision-making process. Simply reach out to our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you in getting the samples you need.

3). What makes your furniture different from others? I want to know why I should choose yours.

Ans). Our furniture stands out for its top-notch solid wood craftsmanship, creative design, and meticulous attention to detail. We focus on making sure each piece is both practical and durable, while also enhancing the overall look of your space. You can count on us to offer customization options and a one-year product assurance, giving you the confidence to personalize your furniture and trust its quality.

4). Before I buy, can you explain how I can customize my order to suit my preferences?

Ans). Sure! You can customize your order by filling out the customization form with your preferences. This includes selecting specific features, colors, sizes, or any other options offered by the seller. Additionally, you can specify any special requests or modifications you would like to make to the product before purchasing.

5). Can you provide additional images or videos of the product?

Ans). Yes, additional images and videos of the product are available upon request.

1). What payment methods do you accept, including credit cards, PayPal, and financing options?

Ans). We accept various payment methods, including credit debit cards and PayPal.

2). Are there any additional fees associated with certain payment methods, such as credit card processing fees?

Ans). No there are no additional fees associated with certain payment methods, such as credit card processing fees.

3). Do you offer any discounts or promotions for specific payment methods or bulk orders?

Ans). Yes, we offer discounts and promotions for specific bulk orders.

4). Is it possible to split payments or set up payment plans for larger purchases?

Ans). Yes, it is possible to split payments or set up payment plans for larger purchases, depending on the policies and available financing options.\Partial payment for custom orders only.

5). What measures do you take to ensure the security of payment information during transactions?

Ans). We implement industry-standard encryption protocols and secure payment gateways to protect payment information during transactions. Additionally, we regularly undergo security audits and comply with relevant regulations to safeguard customer data.

1). How can I check the status of my order, and do you provide tracking information once it has shipped?

Ans). You can check the status of your order by logging into your account on our website or contacting our customer support team. We do provide tracking information once your order has shipped, allowing you to monitor its delivery progress.

2). What is the typical processing time for orders before they are shipped or ready for pickup?

Ans). The typical processing time for orders before they are shipped or ready for pickup varies depending on the product and current demand. It typically ranges from 20 to 30 business days.

3). Can I modify or cancel my order after it has been placed, and if so, what are the deadlines for doing so?

Ans). Yes, you may be able to modify or cancel your order after it has been placed, depending on the company’s policies. Check the company’s website or contact customer service to find out the deadlines and procedures for making changes to your order.

4). Are there any delays expected for orders due to factors like product availability or shipping disruptions?

Ans). There may be delays in orders due to factors such as product availability or shipping disruptions.

5). What should I do if I have not received a confirmation email or tracking information for my order?

Ans). If you have not received a confirmation email or tracking information for your order, you should first check your spam or junk folder in case it was redirected there. If it is not there, contact customer support to inquire about the status of your order and request any necessary information.

1). Can I request modifications to existing designs, such as changes in dimensions, materials, or finishes?

Ans). Yes, modifications to existing designs such as changes in dimensions, materials, or finishes can typically be requested.

2). Are there any limitations on the level of customization available for certain products?

Ans). Yes, some products may have limitations on the level of customization available, depending on factors such as design constraints, available materials, and manufacturing processes.

3). How do I submit a customization request, and is there a process for reviewing and approving these requests?

Ans). To submit a customization request, simply fill out the customization form provided on our website or contact our customer support team directly. Once submitted, our team will review and approve the request based on feasibility and compatibility with our products.

4). Can I receive samples or mock-ups before finalizing a custom order to ensure it meets my expectations?

Ans). Yes, with the tracking order feature, you can keep an eye on the product’s progress by viewing shared images and videos at every stage of production.

5). Do you offer design consultation services to help customers with personalized furniture solutions?

Ans). Unfortunately, we do not currently provide design consultation services for personalized furniture solutions.

6). What is the time frame for completing custom orders, and are there any additional costs associated with customization?

Ans). Custom orders typically take 5-6 business weeks to complete. Additional costs may apply depending on the extent of customization requested.

1). What are the shipping options available for furniture delivery, and do you offer in-home delivery or curbside pickup?

Ans). We offer in-home delivery and curbside pickup options for furniture orders. Curbside pickup is the default option, while in-home delivery is available if needed. Additionally, we offer White Glove Service (WGS) as an additional service.

2). Is delivery included in the purchase price, or are there additional charges based on factors like location or order size?

Ans). We offer free delivery for most locations, however, please note that certain remote areas within the US, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, may not qualify for this service. Additional charges may apply for deliveries to these regions.

3). Can I schedule a specific delivery date and time that works best for me?

Ans). Our standard delivery timeframe typically spans from 8 to 10 business weeks. Once this period elapses, you are welcome to coordinate the delivery at a time convenient for you. We will keep you updated on your order’s progress and our delivery partner will contact you to arrange delivery.

4). What precautions do you take to ensure safe and contactless delivery, especially due to COVID-19 concerns?

Ans). To ensure safe and contactless delivery, especially due to COVID-19 concerns, we follow strict hygiene protocols such as regularly sanitizing our delivery vehicles and equipment. Our delivery personnel wear masks and gloves and maintain a safe distance during drop-offs. Additionally, we offer contactless payment options and encourage customers to provide delivery instructions for minimal contact.

1). Do you provide care instructions or maintenance tips for prolonging the lifespan of furniture?

Ans). Yes, we offer comprehensive care instructions and maintenance tips to help prolong the lifespan of furniture.

2). What level of assembly and disassembly is required for furniture items, and do you offer assembly and disassembly instructions or assistance?

Ans). Furniture items typically require varying levels of assembly, depending on the product. We provide assembly instructions or assistance for our furniture items to ensure easy setup and maintenance.

3). Are there any warranty or guarantee policies related to furniture care and maintenance?

Ans). Yes, there are warranty and guarantee policies in place for furniture care and maintenance.

4). Can I purchase additional protection plans or services to cover accidental damage or wear and tear?

Ans). Yes, additional protection plans or services are available for purchase to cover accidental damage or wear and tear.

5). Do you offer any professional cleaning or repair services for furniture purchased from your organization?

Ans). Yes, we offer professional cleaning and repair services for furniture purchased from our organization.

6). Are there specific cleaning products or methods recommended for diverse types of materials?

Ans). Yes, specific cleaning products and methods are often recommended for different types of materials to ensure effective and safe cleaning.

1). What is your return policy, including the time frame for initiating returns and any conditions or exceptions?

Ans). You can return items within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) of purchase if they are in their original condition and packaging. There is a 40% restocking fee for returns after delivery. If there are quality issues, send us pictures, and we will help you sort it out.

2). Are there any restocking fees or return shipping costs associated with returning furniture items?

Ans). Certainly! When you return furniture, you might encounter restocking fees for shipping for instance, if you return one item that was shipped to you, there could be a 40% fee, and if you return an item before its shipped, there might be a 25% fee.

3). What is the process for receiving a refund once a return has been approved and processed?

Ans). Once you return or we pick up the item, we will process your refund by physically checking it only once.

4). Do you offer any options for store credit or exchanges instead of refunds for returned merchandise?

Ans). Our policy regarding store credits or exchanges instead of refunds for returned items varies depending on each situation.

1). What should I do if my furniture arrives damaged or defective, and what information do I need to provide when reporting damage?

Ans). If your furniture arrives damaged or defective, please include images showing the damage that occurred, ensure that the damage is clearly marked on the delivery receipt, and then share the details with us via email at support@sierralivingconcepts.

2). Do you offer replacements or repairs for damaged items, and what is the time frame for resolving these issues?

Ans). The course of action between replacement and repair varies depending on the circumstances, but our priority is to ensure that the solution always meets customer satisfaction. Typically, repairs take 5-6 business days, depending upon the customer’s location and the availability of professionals.

3). Are there any specific procedures for documenting damage, such as providing photos or written descriptions?

Ans). Certainly, we request clear images or videos displaying any concerns or issues with the furniture. If the file size of the images or videos is large, they can be shared through a drive or cloud storage platform. Share them on [email protected]

4). How do you handle situations where furniture is damaged during delivery or assembly by your team?

Ans). In these instances, we rely on third-party delivery and WGS services. If any damage occurs to a customer’s home or furniture due to these services, our support team will assist you in filing claims against the companies responsible.

5). Do you offer any compensation or discounts for inconvenience caused by damaged or defective merchandise?

Ans). There are no set commitments, instead, they vary depending on the specific circumstances of ease case.

6). Can I expedite the process for replacing damaged items if they are needed urgently?

Ans). According to company policy, we are required to assess the situation before expediting the process. But minimum manufacturing and transit time can't be reduced.

1). Why cannot I log in to my account?

Ans). Possible reasons for being unable to log in to your account include entering incorrect login credentials, having a forgotten or expired password, experiencing technical issues with the website or app, or encountering an account suspension or security restriction. Contact: [email protected]

2). I am unable to place an order. What should I do?

Ans). If you were having trouble buying something online, first make sure your internet is working and you have filled in all the right details. If it still does not work, try refreshing your internet browser or asking for help from customer service. Contact [email protected]

3). Why is the website slow or not loading properly?

Ans). The website may be slow or not loading properly due to high traffic volume exceeding server capacity, slow internet connection, large file sizes, server maintenance, or coding errors. These issues can impact the website's performance and accessibility for users.

4). I am experiencing issues with applying for a discount code. What should I do?

Ans). If you're having trouble applying a discount code, double-check the accuracy of the code and ensure its valid for your purchase. If the issue persists, contact customer support for assistance and provide them with the necessary details for troubleshooting. Contact [email protected]

5). I am having trouble updating my shipping address. How can I do this?

Ans). To update your shipping address, log in to your account, navigate to the shipping address section, and edit your details. If you're having trouble, contact customer support for assistance. Contact: [email protected] .