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Picture of Peshtigo Two Tone Solid Wood 10 Drawer Extra Long Sideboard

Peshtigo Two Tone Solid Wood 10 Drawer Extra Long Sideboard

Black Friday in July


Picture of Scranton Ocean Blue Two Tone Solid Wood Extra Long Sideboard

Scranton Ocean Blue Two Tone Solid Wood Extra Long Sideboard

Black Friday in July

$2,249.10 - $3,329.10 $2,499.00 - $3,699.00

Picture of Georgia Two Tone Teak and Solid Wood Extra Long Sideboard

Georgia Two Tone Teak and Solid Wood Extra Long Sideboard

Black Friday in July

$2,069.10 - $3,149.10 $2,299.00 - $3,499.00

About Buffets & Sideboards

Buffets and Sideboards

Sierra Living Concepts is a forerunner when it comes to getting the best handmade solid wood buffets and sideboards. We have over 500 unique sideboards and buffets that you can pick from in terms of design, style, and material. Large Buffet Cabinet, Buffet tables and dining room buffets are extremely useful as they are designed to take care of the much-needed extra storage and display area. Beautifully styled and designed bar sideboards help elevate the style quotient of the room decor. 

Sizes of Buffets and Sideboards 

The size of sideboards and buffets dictates the use and also where they can be placed in a room.

Small Size -  Small Sideboards measure less than 44 inches. They have a compact look and usually have a combination of a 2-door cabinet and 2 drawers. Narrow sideboards or buffet cabinets are great for adding extra storage to smaller spaces and work as a decor element for the room.
Medium Size - Medium-size rustic sideboards range from 45 to 59 inches in length. They usually have a combination of 3-4 doors and cabinets. They are ideal to be used as rustic buffet sideboard cabinets in the dining area.
Large -  Large sideboards measure between 60 inches and 79 inches in length. These long sideboards are absolutely amazing storage furniture and are perfect for breaking the monotony of a large wall. Large buffet cabinets provide ample space for all your dinnerware and serveware.
Extra large -  More than 80 inches in length, Extra large sideboards are perfect for adding handcrafted magnificence in larger rooms. One-stop storage solution for all your dining, serving, and entertaining essentials, extra long sideboards are equipped with large numbers of drawers and cabinets. The extra-long buffets in our collection measure 120 inches in length.


Materials of Buffets and Sideboard

Our buffets and sideboards come in a variety of materials. The right material also determines the overall appeal of the sideboards. 

Solid wood

Solid wood sideboards are resilient and are often considered an ideal choice by many as they are timeless and premium. Although our Rosewood sideboards and buffets are the most cherished of all because of their unique grain pattern, our Mango wood sideboards and buffets also have a distinct rustic charm of their own. For those looking for uniformity in the overall hues and textures of the material, Mahogany wood sideboards and buffets are a wonderful choice. 

Wood and iron

The combination of wood and iron is fantastic in furniture making where iron is used as an accessory or a design element. In an industrial-rustic decor setting, a dining room sideboard with iron legs will be an interesting fit.

Wood and glass: A combination of wood and glass creates aesthetically beautiful sideboards. A buffet table with storage featuring glass doors can display your dinnerware collection.  A sideboard with drawers is also a great choice as it will be easier to maintain compared to an open buffet bar. 
Iron: Iron metal sideboards reflect an urban, warehouse-like appeal which is a prominent feature in Industrial style homes and offices. Unique sideboards and buffets made of industrial iron are sturdy, lighter in weight, and highly durable.

Reclaimed wood: Kitchen sideboard cabinets made of reclaimed wood have an interesting and vibrant look, showcasing different hues and textures. Reclaimed wood sideboards and Reclaimed Wood Buffets are eco-friendly and each piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. A great choice for accent sideboards, reclaimed wood carries a sense of history and lends a lived-in touch to the space.

Features of Buffet & Sideboards

Features and attributes like stains and finishes or like carving and hand-painting add a magnetic appeal to our collection of antique sideboard buffets.

Two-tone: Add visual versatility and balance to your space with our two-tone blue sideboards that sport two contrasting yet complementing stains. Blue or black sideboards with natural wood-stained tops look sophisticated and breathtakingly impressive in character.  
Glass door : A storage buffet sideboard with glass doors is a great option for you to display your prized crockery, chinaware, or liquor.

Bar storage: Our bar storage sideboards with wine racks are built to include wine racks, stemware racks, closed cabinets, and even pull-out serving trays, and are hence ideal for storing your wine bottles and bar accessories. Store, display, and serve at one spot with our bar buffet cabinets.

Distressed: Add a relaxed cottage charm to your home interiors with the distressed finish sideboards. Distressed white sideboards are so in trend and will always be. These are hand-distressed for an aged look and they go well with a number of interior design settings including farmhouse, cottage, coastal, contemporary, and more.

Hand-painted: Inspired mostly by patterns found in nature, our artisans create beautiful hand-painted buffets that will surely enliven your living space. From floral paintings to retro-inspired graffiti, these hand-painted sideboard cabinets are a literal work of art.

Hand-carved: An impression of true craftsmanship of our skilled artisans, hand-carved solid wood sideboards and buffets feature meticulously carved motifs that make them a valued possession. Vintage sideboards with traditional hand carvings are sure to enhance the look and feel of your home. 

Live edge: Incorporating the natural contours of timber, our live edge sideboards will reinvent your interiors.

Buffets & Sideboards Styles

We house a wide range of elusive rustic buffet table styles that you will be able to identify and make your own.

Traditional: Our solid wood traditional sideboards bring the joy and the comfort of old-world styles into your modern homes. They include Victorian-inspired styles that were once part of high-end households of the 18th century. 

Contemporary: The ever-evolving contemporary style of sideboards in trendy, linear designs, with metal frames, bases or accents, slight curves, and everything that modern-day home interiors crave. The clean-lined build and stylish silhouette of contemporary sideboards can breathe new life into those pale interiors.

Accent: We have a huge collection of accent sideboards. They are versatile in demeanor and will elevate the interiors of your home. Our selection of hand-painted sideboards and reclaimed wood cabinets make for perfect accent credenzas thanks to the richness of colors, contrast, art, and a look that is difficult to imitate.

Industrial: As the name suggests, the raw, loft-like look and finish have a huge impact on our industrial sideboard buffets which are molded mostly from iron with an interesting mix of wood and other materials.

Farmhouse: The simplicity and comfort of the village life are infused into the farmhouse sideboard buffet tables with the help of solid wood, bulky and sturdy designs, cool colors, distressed finishes, and other natural elements that carry a graceful sense of simplicity. 

Rustic: Check our assortment of vintage rustic sideboards and rustic buffets that carry a raw and rustic look. Rustic solid wood sideboards are characterized by an unfinished polish with the true nature and textures of wood exposed. There’s no better gift for nature-inspired homes than a rustic buffet or bar buffet. 

Transitional: Gaining popularity mainly in the last decade, our transitional collection brings in a nice blend of traditional and modern design. Transitional style sideboards are an ideal option for someone who doesn’t want an overpowering presence of any of these styles in their home but seeks balance and timelessness.

Mid Century Modern: Moving away from the bulky and sometimes loud old-age furniture, a Mid-Century Modern sideboard is characterized by simplicity and functionality. Originating in the mid-20th century, a Mid-Century Modern buffet will have clean lines, an angular base, a functional and minimalist design, warm stains, and a premium smooth finish. 
Easy customization
We understand your need and your desire to personalize a unique sideboard or a buffet cabinet to suit your specific requirements in terms of size, styles, designs, and materials used. Feel free to contact us with the details and our skilled designers and craftsmen will craft a sideboard that matches your needs and expectations.
Note: Customization Service is not available for In-stock products and reclaimed wood furniture.