Dining Table Size & Seating Guidelines

For years we are handcrafting our furniture in solid Indian Rosewood also known as Sheesham , a very hard and dense wood . It is also known for its incredible strength, hardness and beautiful grains. Sheesham is best known internationally as a premier timber species of the Rosewood Genus and is an ideal material to make dining tables and chairs, the esoteric charm of the rosewood product capture the essence of ethnic Indian craftsmanship. High durability and low maintenance marks the exclusive quality of hand carved rosewood dining sets.


Hardness Factor

Best Uses

Special Characteristics


Indian Rosewood

Very Hard and dense. It is hard to work and takes high polish


Best in Manufacturing Dining sets, Tables, Beds, Armoires and all other Solid Wood Furniture.


Indian Rosewood Grains are mostly straight. This Wood Type is highly durable and easy to carve.


Mango Wood

Moderately hard and dense. It's hard enough to make everyday pieces of chairs, wardrobes even beds and kitchen tables.


Widely used in coffee tables, cabinets and all in all furniture where painting is required.


Mango Wood Is Renewable. It has a fine to medium texture with straight grains. The grains can also be interlocked and figured.


Acacia Wood

Acacia is very durable, hard, and tough. Has good strength and flexible qualities.


Widely used in manufacturing of Bathroom furniture, being water and scrape resistant it can last long in moist conditions as well.


It has low Shabbiness. It is Impermeable and water resistant. It is immunize against dry rots and insect pests.


Teak Wood

It is one of the hardest, Strongest and most durable of all natural woods.


It is suitable for outdoor furnitures. Most widely known for being used in making of Rustic furniture because of its durability and exotic beauty.


It is a closed grain hardwood. Resistant to rotting and to the effect of hot sun, rain frost or snow, making it most suitable for outside.


Dining Sets Perfect for your room:

Dining Set for 4 People:
A Room Size of 9'0" x 11'6" is appropriate for 5 Pc dining set, allow 4 people to sit on 4 sides.
Dining Set for 6 People:
A Room Size of 12'0" x 13'0" is appropriate for 7 Pc dining set, allow 6 people to sit on 4 sides.
Dining Set for 8 People:
A Room Size of 13'0" x 11'0" is appropriate for 9 Pc dining set, allow 8 people to sit on 4 sides.
Dining Set for 10 People:
A Room Size of 13'0" x 15'0" is appropriate for 11 Pc dining set, allow 10 people to sit on 4 sides.

(Inches: (") Foot: ('))

Standard Dining Dimensions (Standard Height: 30", Counter Height: 36"):

Round Table Measurements:
For 4 People
36" D and 48" D
For 6 People
48" D and 60" D
For 8 People
60" D and 72" D
Square Table Measurements:
For 4 People
36" and 44" Square
For 8 People
60" and 64" Square
Rectangle Table Measurements:
For 4 People
46" and 48" L to 34" and 38" D
For 6 People
60" and 72" L to 36" and 42" D
For 8 People
84" and 96" L to 38" and 42" D
For 10 People
108" and 120" L to 38" and 42" D

Seating Capacities of our dining sets:

Square Dining Sets
Round Dining Sets
Rectangle Dining Sets
Extendable Dining Sets
For Additional seating

Depending on the occasion, you may be serving large parties. if you will be expecting large parties, you will need a couple of large tables; another option could be simply applying extensions to your tables. what you need to do is just add one of two additional extensions over your dining table. Have a look at how it can be done easily.

A.) To Start with pull out the End caps located at the end on either side. This will open into a wooden bars extension support where we can insert the additional leaf.

B.) Insert the extensions over the wooden bars of the extension support pulled out from the sides.
C.) Finally push the main end caps back together ensuring that the rods are properly inserted into the hotels to per fectly fit the extensions with the table.
D.) The Extension Assembly is now complete and your table is ready for extended seating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What type of finish is applied on furniture?
A.) We apply thinner based Melamine finish on furniture. Depending on the customers choices Melamine used can be Matt or Glossy.
Q.) What is the seat height of a dining chair, counter height chair or bar chair?
Dining Chair
Table = 30"H
Counter Stool
Counter = 36 "H
Bar Stool
Bar = 42 "H