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About Armoires & Wardrobes

Armoires & Wardrobes

Almost anyone who is buying a new home or redecorating an existing one has an aspiration on how they can add more storage to the space while accentuating it further. We strive to make your dreams a reality and offer a wide range of exquisitely designed and handcrafted solid wood armoires that will be a perfect fit in a variety of homes and offices.

The wood armoire today has gone through a complete makeover in the last few decades. It has come a long way, and apart from being used to add storage to the bedroom, an armoire can step in as a crockery unit, a bookshelf, or a trendy bar unit.

Of course, the size and structure of the armoire will dictate the uses but being clever about this will also lead to a long time of satisfied uses. Getting a compact and tall unit will go a long way to optimizing space utilization in the room. Apart from that, a large armoire will completely address the high amount of storage that we often yearn for.

Armoire and Wardrobe Materials

Being intelligent about the choice of material goes a long way in the utility and the aging of the furniture. The effort of our amazing craftsmen and combined with the right material ensures that we bring to you a delightful armoire. Here are some of the materials that we use:

Solid wood - The charm and the grandeur of solid wood furniture are unbeatable. The texture and the pattern of the material add a premium look to the furniture. We use solid wood like Teak, Mango, Rosewood, or Mahogany among many others to create one-of-a-kind armoires.

Reclaimed wood - Each piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood carries with it the charm of intelligent reuse of timber. This creates an armoire that is a reflection of the flamboyant yesteryears and also carries the important responsibility of being environmentally friendly. The awe-inspiring textures and colors on Reclaimed wood armoires prove that being eco-conscious doesn’t have to be boring. 

Wood and metal - A combination of metal and wood also gives a lot of creative freedom to the artisans. Metal is very ductile and can be shaped to give an interesting overall look and feel to the armoire. Solid wood armoires with metal bases exude an airy, modern vibe. 

Types of Armoires

Wardrobe -  An essential part of the bedroom furniture, the wardrobe armoire is the perfect abode for your clothes. The armoire closet is built in a way that it is well-suited for long coats and dresses and removable shelves are provided to cater to your needs for organizing
Tall Storage Cabinet -  A perfect answer to all your storage requirements: a tall storage cabinet with doors can be a perfect fit in any room, especially in tight spaces. These tall storage armoires come with shelves that can be used to hoard all the extra toys and office files or a perfect place for your bedding and towels.
Tower Cabinet -  A tower cabinet is an amazing multipurpose storage unit. Usually a combination of shelved one-door cabinets and drawers in a horizontally narrow structure, tower cabinets can provide storage in the most difficult of spaces. The size and the design allow maximum utilization of space and also allow it to be placed in corners and small areas of the room. Shop bathroom tower cabinets to add storage for towels and toiletries without taking up a lot of space.
Display Cabinet -  A display unit is a perfect way to showcase your favorite curios and books. Unlike open-shelf display racks, the glass doors in display cabinet armoires are the perfect shield that will ensure that it does not require frequent attention in terms of cleaning the unit.

Stain and finishes

Each wood is stunning and unique in terms of texture and grain pattern and therefore each requires a different finish to bring out the best look. We offer a plethora of stains and finishes, along with some artistic and unconventional looks like the ones mentioned below.

Distressed finish - An ode to the bygone years, the distressed look celebrates the style and look of the vintage era with a newer face. An intentionally aged look is brought about by the rugged worn and scratched paint. Distressed armoires have a certain air of relaxed cottage charm associated with them.

Hand-Painted - A hand-painted armoire is like a piece of art in the form of furniture. Each piece has a clear definition with vibrant artistic creations ranging from ancient miniature art to floral designs to modern shapes. 

Hand-Carved -
Wood carving is known to be one of the oldest arts known by mankind. Our artisans take inspiration from hundreds of years of work and combine it with modern understanding and create hand-carved armoires that are the epitome of craftsmanship. From light carvings to elaborately carved armoires, create a look that inspires creativity, tradition, and sophistication. 

Metal Accents - Decorative metal accents are mostly made of metals like brass, and iron. Metal ornamentation contributes to adding an aesthetic value to the armoire. 

Armoire Styles

Being considerably larger in size and proportion, armoires impact the overall style of your decor to a great extent. Create a lasting impression from our exclusive range of styles.

Traditional - With a heavy influence from the Victorian era, the traditional armoire has a classic look and feel. It often stands out due to heavy artistic craftsmanship that is often coupled with beautiful metal accents.

Contemporary - The contemporary design is known to take influence from a variety of eras and present it in a simplistic manner that suits today’s styles and standards. With a cleaner, more subtle look, contemporary armoires bring balance and optimum functionality. 

Accent - An accent armoire has a role beyond function. Apart from being equally practical and utilitarian, accent armoires also bring decorative value to the room. Accent solid wood armoires and storage cabinets bring vibrancy, color, drama, and definition to the room they are placed in. 

Industrial - Representing the famous Industrial Revolution, industrial-style armoires tend to use a lot of rugged wood and industrial-grade iron in the design. It is an attempt to recreate the bold look of lofts and warehouses. 

Farmhouse - Sporting a blocky, fuss-free look in neutral tones, farmhouse armoires bring out the freshness of the natural finish of the wood and add vintage grace and grandeur to the interior. 

Rustic - As in the name, a rustic armoire will highlight the imperfection of the material to create a unit that is absolutely a treat to your eyes.

Transitional - Transitional armoires are a perfect representation of traditional styles, simplified to complement the look of modern-day homes. 

Made to order products  

At Sierra Living Concepts, we customize armoires and wardrobes depending on your preference of size, material, stain, and design. However, customization isn’t available for reclaimed wood armoires.