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Monrovia Solid Wood 2 Tone Kitchen Island

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About Kitchen Island Tables & Carts

Kitchen Islands


It's everyone's dream to have a kitchen that's both lavishly designed and serves all of our needs, and a kitchen island accomplishes this goal.
A kitchen island is a furniture piece that is placed in the center of the kitchen. It has a flat worktop and provides additional storage space to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen area. It is commonly used for chopping, storing items, food preparations, etc. apart from using it as a breakfast or bar table. At Sierra Living Concepts, we have a wide collection of kitchen islands that are made with the highest quality solid woods and can be simply custom-built as per desire.


Kitchen Island with Seating -  This freestanding piece can also be utilized as a small dining table, bar area, or breakfast countertop. A kitchen island with seating not only looks sophisticated but also enhances the overall utility and aesthetics of your area and complements it. With stools and chairs, a kitchen island provides sufficient seating area, helps save space, and can be used to your utmost advantage. If you have minimal options for your place a small kitchen island with seating for 4 will conclude your search.
Here’s a guide to find the most suitable kitchen island for your space.
Types and features of Kitchen Island 
1. Portable or Rolling Carts  -  Portable carts are nothing but kitchen islands that have wheels and can be effortlessly moved from one place to another. They are mostly placed at the side of the kitchen as a buffet cabinet and are used when required according to one’s convenience. This butcher block cart is generally used for purposes like food preparations, additional workspace, storage, or for serving purposes. As it is a movable or mobile kitchen island, you can free up space whenever required and use it like a temporary kitchen island that is flexible. So having a rolling or portable kitchen island with seating will be a good option to have it in your industrial style home or smaller kitchens.
2. Stationery or Small Non Portable Kitchen Island  -  Unique from the above-mentioned rolling carts, these non portable kitchen islands do not have wheels on the bottom and are permanently situated in one place. They are studier comparatively and provide extra counter space that can be used for tasks like cutting vegetables, prepping food, and other similar kitchen chores. A narrow kitchen island is best suited for condos, apartments, and other equivalent spaces. You can select a color of the island that suits your kitchen best; be it blue, brown, black or white.
3. Kitchen Island Table -  A kitchen island table stands on four legs and has a flat table top that is placed right in between the kitchen where a kitchen island usually stands. Instead of a separate dining area that will occupy space, this butcher block island can be used as a dining table or breakfast table to help save space and enhance its utility. Just place counter height stools and chairs and you will have a smart kitchen island bar table.
4. Kitchen Island with Storage  -  There is never enough space for storage in a kitchen, hence a kitchen island with sufficient storage options in the form of drawers, shelves and cabinets is a great way to solve this problem. You can use the storage kitchen island to organize your jars, dishes, pots and pans, or to organize your distinctive liquor collection and if it has a drop-down leaf, you convert it into a bar table.
Styles that reflect your Taste 
Being the central unit in the kitchen, a kitchen island ties the whole space together while being both delightfully lively and cohesive. You can choose a rustic, modern, farmhouse, contemporary, or transitional kitchen island to match your existing decor theme. You can also opt for a narrow or small kitchen island, one with seating and storage, or a floating kitchen island and go as per your taste and requirements. Don't forget to choose a style that accentuates the looks of your kitchen area as a whole.

Designs to Choose From
The space that you have and the type of kitchen island that you desire should be carefully picked. A design that will not restrict your movement or occupy the maximum of your kitchen area should be chosen. Small condos or apartments should go for shapes like square or round kitchen islands to balance the space whereas a large kitchen island with shiplap design will suit open spaces. You can also opt for a rustic 7-piece kitchen island bar table if you want a statement piece in your home. 

Easy Customization at Sierra Living Concepts
Sierra Living Concepts provides you with a range of handcrafted kitchen islands that are handcrafted by our master artisans using premium quality solid wood. Keeping in mind the exclusive preferences of each customer, we offer a variety of styles, sizes and functionalities, and also customize orders based on individual specifications. All efforts are directed to deliver you the dream kitchen island that you have been looking for.