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About Bookcases


The elegance and charm of a solid wood bookcase can take a space from drab to fabulous in a heartbeat. Their well-rounded flexibility also makes them an amazing way to both accessorize and functionalize your homes. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect bookcase for your office, personal library, or just your home, Sierra Living Concepts has an extensive cache for you to choose from.

Our collection covers all manner of bookshelf designs – be it for professionals, collectors, hardcore readers, or decorators – and is entirely made out of pure solid wood. Each bookshelf is beautifully and skillfully handcrafted by the most experienced artisans. Their skill and expertise ensure a great heirloom quality and sturdiness.

All of our solid wood bookcases have been designed to accommodate the utmost accessibility. Each one is multipurpose and caters to several aesthetic and functional needs of the owner. So whether you want a bookcase with doors, a bookcase with glass doors, a bookshelf with drawers, or even just one that has been designed according to a particular theme (i.e. an industrial bookcase, a rustic bookcase, or a modern bookcase), you can find all of them in our library.

Furthermore, all of Sierra Living Concepts’ solid wood bookcases can be customized according to your specifications. If you want a 5-shelf bookcase instead of a 2-shelf bookcase in your home or office, the design can be personalized according to your needs. If you want to switch the wood of your bookcase with cabinets with another material, it could be easily converted to a bookcase with glass doors. Similarly, if you require a certain design element to be added in your rustic bookcase or industrial bookcase, our team can guide you on the best ways to do so. Adjustments in height and shape could also be made for tall bookcases and etagere bookshelves.


Following are some of the types of solid wood bookcases you can find in Sierra Living Concept’s library:

Standard Bookcase -  A standard bookcase is perfect for those professionals looking to furnish an office, a library, or a study. These 2, 4, 5, or more shelf bookcases can be customized according to the users’ needs and are primarily designed for both function and aesthetics.
Geometric Bookcase -  This geometric bookcase consists of compartments that have been designed in complicated geometric forms. They’re great for highlighting statement decoration pieces and don’t really have a conventional number of shelves. This type of bookshelf is perfect for a living room or bedroom.
Cube Bookcase -  This cube bookcase consists of a number of cubes either symmetrically or asymmetrically arranged in a tall body. Some of them have closed cabinets while some have an open back. This type of bookcase is great for an office as well as a home.
Ladder Bookcase -  Simple and straight-laced, such a bookcase is perfect for accenting minimally furnished homes. This modern bookcase can be used to showcase various décor items and books. Its shelf number and height can also be customized according to your preference.
Leaning Ladder Bookcase -  This type of ladder bookcase typically consists of 5 shelves, is shaped like an actual ladder, and leans against the wall. Its finish can be personalized along with the number of shelves.
Stair Step Bookcase -  This modern stair step bookcase is highly appealing for those who appreciate symmetry. It is shaped like actual stair steps with 3-tiers (or steps) at the top and cube-shaped compartments in the rest of the body where you can place books and trinkets. This bookcase is perfect for home and office use.
Corner Bookcase -  As the name suggests, this bookcase is designed to utilize and make the most of empty corners in a room. It’s usually tall and narrow with an adjustable number of shelves, drawers, and even cabinets.
Etagere Bookcase - This type of solid wood bookcase is perfect for featuring various décor items along with your DVDs, CDs, and books. It has a simultaneously rustic, industrial, and farmhouse appeal and its sides are usually comprised of metal with a cross at its open back. The number of shelves can be customized on it as well.
Canoe Bookcase - A Canoe bookcase is designed (or sometimes repurposed) in the shape of an actual, vertically oriented canoe. This 4 or 5-shelf bookcase is perfect for featuring beautiful decorations and sometimes comes in a gorgeous distressed finish


All of these bookcases can be found in a diverse variation of designs in Sierra Living Concept’s collection, and each one can easily be retrofitted to your needs!