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Picture of Wilmington Rustic Reclaimed Wood 4, 6, 8 Seater Round Dining Table Set

Wilmington Rustic Reclaimed Wood 4, 6, 8 Seater Round Dining Table Set

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Picture of Fribourg Reclaimed Wood Tall Armoire Bar Cabinet

Fribourg Reclaimed Wood Tall Armoire Bar Cabinet

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About Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Furniture built from reclaimed wood has an alluring charm that will add a vintage vibe to your home. The sourcing of the wood is often done from an old door or window of a primitive house or palace and other antique furniture among many others. The wood salvaged from vintage furniture is extremely vibrant has a bohemian element and is preferred by all who love characterful furniture. One of the biggest selling points and the reason for their ever-growing popularity is the fact that they are eco-friendly and are a sustainable choice for the environment. Timber reclaimed from old boats makes an excellent choice for accent furniture.
Dining Room Furniture
Dining room furniture made using reclaimed wood reflects fine taste and opulence. Reclaimed wood sideboards are a loved choice for anchoring the dining room in a vibrant yet naturalistic style. Reclaimed wood storage cabinets that are often part of any dining room set are built from wood that has a rich history.  In the same way, reclaimed wood dining tables can be paired with dining chairs on one side and dining benches on the other side to complete a rustic look.  We at Sierra Living Concepts have a spectacular collection of rustic, reclaimed, or recycled wood furniture that is sourced from timber and still carries the charm and the spectacle of the bygone years. The rich history of the lumber used to build furniture from timber recycling will uplift your dining experience to the next level. 
Bedroom Furniture
The warmth and comfort of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture in farmhouse style bring in a sense of tranquility and peace. Our selection of sustainable vintage bedroom furniture is a great mix of sustainability and style. Wardrobes, armoires, and cabinets are the basic prerequisites of any elegant bedroom setup.  As such the utility of reclaimed wood dressers will largely remain the same. However, the unique look of the storage cabinets made of reclaimed wood will manifest a more artistic setting. 
Reclaimed wood bedside tables and chests of drawers still retain the originality of the wood and are superlative in terms of build, design, and texture, and elude sophistication in any interior style. The addition of end-of-the-bed storage benches made of reclaimed wood will add authenticity to the otherwise regular bedroom interior or in any corner of our home.  
You can play around with the decor by combining a reclaimed wood bed with nightstands and a reclaimed wood armoire to create a nice antique symphony in your bedroom.   
Living Room Furniture
Living room furniture in coastal, farmhouse, or vintage styles can set the tone for the decor of the home. The coffee tables are one of the most important assets of any living room furniture set. Sierra Living Concepts has a huge collection of reclaimed wood coffee tables and they come in various, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from our ensemble of round coffee tables square coffee tables and rectangular coffee tables which are crafted from the finest and environmentally friendly reclaimed wood.
Reclaimed wood storage tables in the form of trunks are best if you are looking for chic additional storage in your living room. Another interesting concept is the use of rustic end tables made from reclaimed wood as they can add a rugged touch to the setting. Reclaimed wood round end tables that retain their historic galore are not only useful but add a mystic design element to the settings.
Modern homes love their family rooms and you can get the best media consoles and cabinets made from reclaimed wood from Sierra Living Concepts. Reclaimed wood TV stands and TV consoles can create a very interesting decor layout that will add nostalgia to your movie nights. 
Bookcases and display racks are quintessential to any practical modern-day decor and the touch of elegance brought to the space by the reclaimed wood bookcases cannot be ignored. On the other hand, corner bookcases are perfect for utilizing the otherwise ignored corner spaces in any home.
Entryway Hall Tables
Entry hall tables are convenient and highly versatile. Hall tables with drawers have high functionality and can be used to store a huge array of things ranging from keys to magazines. Apart from being a piece of utilitarian furniture, an antique hall table will add style and penance. You can also place reclaimed wood console tables anywhere in your home to bring in a welcoming feel. 
Office Desks
With the changing dynamics of the workspace, there is a huge demand for an innovative working environment. We at Sierra Living Concept offer some distinctive reclaimed wood office desks to select from as per your style and requirements. With a major population of the working force choosing to work from home, a wonderful piece of corner desk or L-shaped desk furniture crafted from reclaimed wood will be less space-intensive and a better choice.  Reclaimed wood desks with drawers are always great picks irrespective of whether you choose to place them in a professional or personal workspace. Their unique styling and elevated character ensure that your workspace always looks and feels interesting. 
Go ahead, and bring that artistic, lived-in touch to your interiors by making an eco-conscious choice with our selection of Reclaimed Wood Furniture, and connect your space with nature and history.