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Wilmington Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

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About Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

The dining space is one of the most intimate, lively, and defining spots of our home, and thus choosing the right dining chair is an important lifestyle choice. A soothing combination of comfort, appeal and practicality should form the basis of your selection. 

Dining chairs primarily have two major criteria and they are comfort and aesthetics. While comfort is a top priority, the sculptural aspects or the design style plays a crucial role in shaping the look of your interiors. A dining chair can exude remarkable charm and elegance without compromising the overall tone of the setting. In addition, features like durability, finish, feet style, cushioning, carving details, and texture also play an important role and should be considered wisely before the final selection. 

Although there is a wide range of styles, materials, finishes, and textures when it comes to dining chairs, we still prefer a bit of personalization or customization with our selection. Our dining chair collection reflects the vast diversity of styles and themes and also lends our customers the option of easy customization. 
Here is a quick glance about the design styles, materials, and other features. 

Designs of Dining Chairs 

We have a vast range of dining chair designs to match different tastes and customer choices. 

Armchair : Armchairs are soft and comfortable pieces of furniture with supporting armrests. They can either be minimalist or intricately detailed, but the ideal aspect will always be comfort and a relaxed posture. An upholstered or tufted back armchair brings a different layer of style to your setting and easily becomes a preferred relaxing spot. 

Side Chair : Side chairs are an interesting lifestyle choice as they open greater possibilities for interior decor and appeal. They don’t feature supporting arms but their armless look certainly brings great sophistication to your setting. For dining setups, side chairs can play an important role as their minimal design helps in hasslefree coordination with the dining table. One can certainly experiment with upholstered or minimalist side chairs depending on the mood and tone of the dining room

Parsons : The parson-style chair enjoys a long history and is among the most appreciated kinds of chairs, mainly for its defining armless design, sophisticated upholstery with colors and patterns, and a long stretched back with clean lines. In addition to seamless comfort, these chairs bring a timeless elegance to any space and integrate smoothly with a wide range of interior styles. 

Ladder Dining Chair : The ladder dining chairs have a vast history and legacy of their own. With ladder design on their backs, they are often narrow and tall and look great in dining and outdoor spaces. These chairs are available in various styles such as French country, vintage, and antique. 

Windsor Dining Chair : These marvelous-looking chairs bring the glory of the past in the modern-day homes. Not only do they look classy and elegant, their spindle-back design makes them stand out from the rest. These bow back chairs are clearly period pieces that feature attractive details in their feat and curved arms, making them an instant attraction. 

Cross back chairs : Sometimes known as x-back chairs for the cross design at their backs, these chairs are always a welcome addition to contemporary and modern-style homes. These chairs look good in dining as well as living rooms and offices, as they make a great accent piece and contribute to the decor factor of your interiors. 

Wishbone Chair : Wishbone chairs are among those few designs that enjoy a universal appeal for their attractive and appealing characteristics. With their iconic Y-shaped and incredibly chic look, these chairs are perfect for classy and timeless settings. 

Queen Anne : Queen Anne dining chairs are truly classic and unique pieces of furniture with evident hints of royal charm and stately elegance. Inclining towards the ornate and opulent style of interiors, these marvelous chairs are still relevant and are widely employed in modern-day homes to make a great visual statement. Their immense popularity is because of their stylish cabriole legs, pad feet, and winged backs while sometimes colorful upholstery and reeded patterns come as a bonus. 

Styles of Dining Chairs

The selection of dining chair style is an important decision as the overall look and theme of your dining space interiors depend on it. 

Farmhouse : Among the most popular styles, farmhouse dining chairs are known for their beautiful and uncomplicated designs. While they add a stable retro-modern look to your interiors, they are equally efficient in terms of practicality. Built from premium quality solid wood, these chairs enjoy a wide range of hand-applied stains and textures. 

Traditional : Traditional dining chairs blend conservative style aesthetics with rustic vibes in your dining area and often use solid wood with a combination of metal along with upholstery materials like fabric or leather. 

Transitional : Both trendy and classy, transitional style chairs appeal to those who enjoy fusion of styles and themes. These chairs make great pairs with a wide variety of furniture pieces and styles without overpowering the setting. 

Accent : Accent dining chairs aspire to bring intricate and elaborate details to your dining interiors, turning it luxurious and fetching. Accent chairs when combined with a wooden table in the dining room can amp up the interiors.    

Contemporary : Contemporary dining chairs endorse a minimalistic look in the furniture, while keeping high standards of style and aesthetics. Select from our assortment to flaunt any bold interior décor style. 

Industrial : An incredibly popular style, industrial dining chairs are inspired by old-industrial spaces and old-world look, lending an edgy look to your dining space. They are characterized by the brilliant usage of iron and industrial materials with solid wood to leave an understated elegance. You can also place these metal dining chairs in black tone in your outdoor space to create a back-to-basics look.

Mid-century Modern : Those on the side of a balanced, warm, and sophisticated decor scheme tend to prefer mid-century style dining chairs. These dining chairs feature clean-lined silhouettes and elegant personality as they give a compelling look to your dining space. 

Rustic : Accentuating natural elements of the wood, rustic-style or rustic-themed dining chairs uses the beauty of solid wood and its intricate grain patterns to lend an organic look to your eating space. Not only do rustic-style dining chairs look incredible in your setting, they are extremely practical and durable too. 

Features of Dining Chairs

To find the right dining chairs for your dining room, we design them with different features. 

Reclaimed Wood : If you want to have authentic furniture at your place, reclaimed wood dining chairs are the best option to consider. The reuse of wood in the furniture pieces adds a distinctive look to the dining chairs that is hard to ignore. You can also select reclaimed wood chairs for your counter-height dining table or breakfast nook. 

Distressed Tone : Be it boho, traditional, or mid-century style, distressed furniture pieces will just add to the existing beauty of your home. Distressed white chairs can be a great option to consider if you want your dining room to have a coastal cool look. 

Materials Used in Dining Chairs

We use different materials when making dining chairs. 

Upholstered : Upholstered dining chairs are those which are filled with a particular material and are very comfortable to use. These fabric dining chairs will add elegance to your dining area. Select from our upholstered dining chairs with arms in grey, black, or blue hue in modern or farmhouse style to give a touch of grandeur. 

Solid Wood : Wooden dining chairs are the most ideal option as they are. Be it black or white these dining chairs in solid natural wood will seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture pieces. You can also select a wooden dining chair with a metal base to bring in an industrial look.

Leather : Leather dining chairs will look remarkable in your dinette and give out a plush look. Be it a faux leather dining chair or a woven leather dining chair they will look equally exquisite when synced with a dining table of any style. 

Easy Customization 

Make your dining room look stunning by customizing your own dining chairs. Sierra Living Concepts can put together your imagination and consider your preferences when it comes to size, features, styles, and material except reclaimed wood.