Dining Table and Chair Sets

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Ennis Solid White Mango Wood Dining Table & Chair Set

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Arenzville Mahogany Wood Pedestal Round Dining Table Chairs Set

4 Sizes , 6 Shades

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$3,514.05 - $6,269.05 $3,699.00 - $6,599.00

Darien Transitional Pedestal 8 Chair Dining Table Set

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Arendal Modern Mahogany Wood Dining Table And Chair Set

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Missouri Solid Wood Round Pedestal Dining Table Chairs Set

3 Sizes , 5 Shades

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$3,181.55 - $5,366.55 $3,349.00 - $5,649.00

Garcia Mahogany Wood Round Dining Table Chair Set

4 Sizes , 6 Shades

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$3,656.55 - $6,649.05 $3,849.00 - $6,999.00

Appalachian Wood Rustic Square Dining Table Set

5 Shades

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Bonavista Teak Wood Rattan Dining Table Chair Set

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Kimballton Shabby Chic Teak Wood Round Dining Table Set

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Cambria Solid Wood Modern Dining Table Chair Set

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Annapolis 6 Seater Solid Wood & Wrought Iron Dining Set

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Orcutt Farmhouse 6 Chair Dining Table Set

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Glendale Mid Century Rattan Dining Table Chair Set

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151 Items
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Picture of Sierra Nevada 4, 6, 8, 10 Seater Solid Wood Round Dining Table Set

Sierra Nevada 4, 6, 8, 10 Seater Solid Wood Round Dining Table Set

Weekend Super Sale

$3,181.55 - $6,364.05 $3,349.00 - $6,699.00

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Picture of Nottingham Rustic Solid Wood 4, 6, 8 Seater Black Round Dining Set

Nottingham Rustic Solid Wood 4, 6, 8 Seater Black Round Dining Set

Weekend Super Sale

$3,181.55 - $5,366.55 $3,349.00 - $5,649.00

Picture of Clermont Rustic Solid Wood Large Dining Table and Chair Set

Clermont Rustic Solid Wood Large Dining Table and Chair Set

Weekend Super Sale

$2,279.05 - $5,651.55 $2,399.00 - $5,949.00

Picture of Modern Pioneer Solid Wood Lazy Susan Pedestal Dining Table Set

Modern Pioneer Solid Wood Lazy Susan Pedestal Dining Table Set

Weekend Super Sale

$3,276.55 - $7,646.55 $3,449.00 - $8,049.00

About Dining Table and Chair Sets

Dining Table & Chair Sets

Holidays, celebrations, and daily life happen around the dining and kitchen room tables. So choose a dining table and chair set that caters to your family’s needs and reflects your style. We at Sierra Living Concepts, offer a unique selection of handcrafted dining table sets that are timeless in design, unique in their style and premium in quality. 

We offer 150+ beautiful Solid Wood Dining Table Set designs for you to choose from. It’s easy to choose dining table sets for  4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people based on how big your family or friend circle is. 

One of the most prominent aesthetic features of a wooden dining table and chair set that attracts the eyes is its wood type. All our dining tables are handcrafted using 100% solid wood of superior quality. The wood species include the Rosewood which is known for its distinctive heartwood and exquisite grain, Mahogany wood which always tops in terms of elegance due to its straight, fine grain and ease of crafting, Mango wood with uniformity in hues paired with gorgeous rawness of grain, Teak wood with its one of a kind rustic charm, Acacia wood and Suar wood which are often used in Live edge styles thanks to their dynamic hues and unmatched grandeur. If you want to splash some colors and interest into your dining room along with a worn and lived-in touch, then Reclaimed Wood is your choice.


Dining Table Chair Set Shapes 

One of the greater aspects of dining sets that dictate the overall look is the dining table’s shape. The 4 standard dining table shapes are- rectangle, square, round and oval. Each shape has its own distinctive appeal and advantages. 

1. Rectangular -  Rectangular dining tables are definitely the most common choice for a formal dining room in most households. The linear shape of the table allows for good clearance around it. Rectangular dining tables also look great when paired with benches, and their overall shape remains unchanged with the addition of table extensions which come handy when there are a couple of extra guests to accommodate.
2. Square -  Square dining tables blend in cohesively with square dining rooms while adding an aesthetically pleasing symmetry to the set up. They make the guests feel more relaxed as everyone is equidistant from the center. Often supported by 4 legs, few square dining tables also feature central pedestal bases. Table table tops in shapes like square and round may offer more convenience with the use of lazy susan.
3. Round -  Round dining table sets imbue a casual vibe as there is no head of the table. It is always possible to make more space for a chair or two. For families with kids, the rounded edges of the dining table means one less thing to worry about. Everyone at the table can easily see and talk to each other, thus creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. Round table tops often perch on the most beautiful pedestal bases.
4. Oval -  The oval is a very intriguing shape. It incorporates the best of both rectangular and round shapes, thus bringing a visual balance within the dining room.

Dining Set Styles

Each home has its own essence in terms of its design style, and every home deserves furniture that complements its style and enhances it further. Our dining room ensembles are available in all major furniture styles to complement most homes effortlessly. 

1. Farmhouse : Focusing on practical and sturdy, fuss-free designs, farmhouse style dining tables and chairs exude the natural character of wood along with lighter, more neutral color schemes with a touch of vintage. Modern farmhouse style is all about mixing comfort with pleasant earthiness. 

2. Modern : Embracing minimalism and airiness, modern dining room furniture focuses on sleek, straightforward designs with clean-lines, smooth surface and clutter-free arrangements. 

3. Rustic : Rustic dining table sets are reminiscent of the nostalgic village styles. Designed to feel cozy, easy, and comfortable, it boasts the raw and rough-hewn texture of natural wood through its simple, blocky designs.

4. Industrial : With more practical and multifunctional design, industrial style dining rooms blend rustic and urban ambiance seamlessly. The loud combination of organic wood table top and industrial iron bases connotes a bold simplicity and provides extensive decor options. 

5. Traditional : Taking its cue from the historic architectural styles, traditional dining furniture exudes stately elegance with its darker wood stains, hand-carved ornamentations, graceful curved lines, smooth finish and luxe fabrics.

6. Contemporary : The ever developing collection of today’s styles and preferences, contemporary uses bold hues, asymmetrical façades, curves and flowing lines.

Dining Table Base Types

While dining room tables are available in plenty of sizes, styles, and materials, it's the dining table base that plays a big role in defining the overall style of the dining table. 

1. Leg Base Design : The table legs come in a variety of styles, shapes and forms like square column legs, round turned, fluted, tapered, cabriole, splayed, and more. However, they all work well for the comfort of your legs as you enjoy a leisurely meal with your family and friends. 

2. Pedestal Base Design : From bulky round-turned pedestals to clean-lined square storage pedestals, this base type adds an unfailing wow-factor to the dining set. The pedestal is usually solo for symmetric shapes like square and round, while larger rectangular dining tables will have double or triple pedestal trestle bases. 

3. Cross Leg Base Design : The X-shaped legs or pedestal bases lend a distinguished character to the dining table. They can be made of solid wood or metal. Sturdy cross leg bases made of industrial iron bring a very urban touch. 

Seating Options

Dining Table Sets aren’t limited to the combination of dining tables and chairs, but dining benches are also so widely loved as a part of dining ensembles, especially in transitional and farmhouse styles. While dining chairs provide a sense of individuality and personal space, dining benches have their own warmth and can always squeeze in more members in a cozy gathering. A dining table set can incorporate dining chairs, dining benches or a thoughtful mix of both. 

1. Armchairs : Often a choice for the narrower sides on the dining table, armchairs provide utmost comfort to the back and support to the arms. 

2. Side chairs : Side chairs take less space and can be placed closer to each other, thus being an ideal choice along the longer sides of dining tables.  

3. Benches : Dining benches definitely provide an airy vibe, making the set look less overbearing. Benches are easy to move, clean and maintain. They can also be placed directly against the wall, and guests can simply slide in to enjoy a heartwarming meal. 

Mix-n-Match and Customize

Design your own set of solid wood dining table and chairs by creating an eclectic mix of furniture pieces. You can also customize your dining furniture ensemble to suit your style by selecting custom base, table shape, custom stain or wood type, design features, dining chairs or benches. Our team of talented and attentive craftsmen will make you a dining table set that is a perfect match for you and your home.