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About TV Stands & Media Cabinets

Purpose of a TV Stand & Media Console
As the TV has become a part of our life, having the right TV stand and media consoles are important. A solid wood low profile tv stand adds to the aesthetics as well as to the functionality to your living room. It helps you organize your television set, gaming consoles, and all the associated wires and cables efficiently. Nowadays, all modern homes have a dedicated space or room where they can place a media console. 
Sizes of TV Stand and Media Consoles
The size of the TV  Stands and media consoles is determined by how you plan to use it and where you will place it in your home.

Small Size -  Up to 42 inches in length, small media cabinets are perfect for compact spaces. A small media console or a narrow media console is usually under 42 inches wide. A 32 inches TV stand will be great to be placed in your bedroom.
Standard Size -  The length of standard size TV console ranges from 43 to 60 inches. It is generally the most preferred size for a media console as it provides with enough storage space while also lending an impactful look and feel to the room. They can effectively organize all the entertainment-related gadgets with ease.
Large Size -  The length of large size tv stand ranges from 60 to 75 inches. If you have an over sized family room or a dedicated TV room where you love streaming your favorite movies, then a large media cabinet will totally enhance the experience. A cozy arrangement around a long media console can bring your family together.
Styles of TV Stand and Media Console
Sierra Living Concepts have a wide range of TV stands and media consoles that come in numerous styles. Solid wood media consoles are the best in terms of sustainability, quality, and will enhance any home décor style. A great way to add an entertainment center to your home is to opt for a corner TV stand if space is a concern.

Mid century Modern TV Stands : Mid century modern TV stand are influenced by the change in the design and the concepts post World War 2. Our wooden tv stand in mid century modern style are inspired by geometric shapes that carry a simple and clean line finish. Mid-century modern consoles usually have minimal ornamentation with contrasting material that compliments each other when blended together.
Traditional : Often stained in warmer hues, Traditional media consoles feature graceful ornamentation in the form of cornice tops, moldings, shaped aprons, carved panels, turned or tapered legs, etc. Traditional style TV units combine the best of English and French styles of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Farmhouse : Farmhouse media consoles carry the aura of the freshness of a typical countryside farmhouse. White farmhouse TV stands from Sierra Living Concepts are elegant and stunning. They have a natural finish and can be synced with numerous interior styles. 
Industrial Style : Our industrial media consoles have an upscale presence and a loft-like vibe, which makes them an excellent choice for urban and minimalist decor. The intelligent use of metal and wood in these media consoles gives them a warehouse look. Sierra Living Concepts have exclusively handcrafted industrial TV Stands that are one-of-a-kind. 
Accent : Accent TV stands are designed to be unique and are meant to stand out. Solid wood accent cabinets in your home will act as a design element in the room adding a nice vibrancy to it. 
Contemporary Style : Contemporary TV stands have a chic and neat look that can be paired with different kinds of decor. The experimental craftsmanship creates a huge array of designs that will resonate with your style statement.  Handcrafted contemporary media consoles from our ensemble have space for your remote and other electronic accessories. They also come with the convenience of cable organizers.
Rustic : Our rustic TV stands and media consoles display exotic grain patterns. They can have a multitone, uneven finish that gives each piece a unique touch. They are handcrafted to cherish the designs of simpler times. Bring home any rustic farmhouse TV stands from our collection to add a mystic ambiance to the home.  
Features of TV Stands and Media Consoles 
Sierra Living Concepts houses a wide assortment of TV stands and media consoles that come with various features which are a mixture of style and functionality.
Reclaimed Wood : Reclaimed wood media consoles are crafted from sustainably sourced old wood. Each piece has a rich history and is eco-friendly. We have transformed wood salvaged from yesteryear into reclaimed wood TV stands that are sturdy and beautiful.
Distressed Finished : Distressed entertainment centers carry an aged look as the top coat of the stain or paint is manually weathered to provide them a more homey, worn-out touch. Distressed furniture lends a lived-in touch to the house, making it cozier. They are a great way to brighten up any plain room. Our distressed TV stands are built to effectively organize all your entertainment gadgets and accessories. If your style is modern, opt for a distressed white TV stand that is classy and is built to perfection.
TV Stands With Glass Doors : TV stands & media cabinets with glass doors have a special appeal and look fantastic in any setting. Glass TV stands can also act as display units for priced books, DVDs and Blu-ray collections. 
Hand-carved : Our hand-carved media consoles are beautifully crafted by skilled artisans manually. They can have delicate floral or lattice woodwork and have an elegant demeanor. Hand-carved TV stands can be paired with all types of decors and are of heirloom quality.
With Doors and Cabinets : TV cabinets with drawers can be a great storage unit for all your electronic gadgets and accessories. Mid-century media cabinets with storage can be used in multiple ways in the home. Modern TV cabinets can be placed in the living room to serve both as a display unit and as well as an entertainment unit. 
Materials of TV Stands and Media Consoles 
We house solid wood TV stands and media consoles that are stylish and durable.
Solid wood : Our solid wood TV stands and media consoles are unique and can add rustic finesse to your home. They are timeless. The texture and natural grains of the timber used add to the beauty of the furniture.
Apart from the exclusive range that Sierra Living Concepts brings to you, we also offer customization on solid wood products as per your needs and styles. You can reach out to us and we will customize TV stands and media consoles as per your request.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our solid wood TV stands.