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Dorsten Rustic Solid Wood 4 Drawer Dresser

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Homeland Ambrose Rustic 3 Drawer Dresser Chest

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Perris Rustic Solid Wood Multi Tone 4 Drawer Dresser

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Jerold Modern Rustic Solid Hardwood 6 Drawer Dresser

5 Shades

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Clayton Rustic Solid Wood Traditional 2 Tone Small Dresser

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Corcoran Distressed Washed 2 Tone Small Dresser

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Solvang Modern Rustic Solid Wood 3 Drawer Dresser

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About Dressers & Chest of Drawers

Solid Wood Dressers & Chests


Bring home extra large dressers with deep drawers at Sierra Living Concepts for the perfect blend of style and functionality. Besides space, these storage dressers are made from the finest solid wood and come with big drawers to store all your clothes, linens, and other items that will keep your space compact and clutter-free. Assuring long-lasting quality and classic elegance in every piece are the details put into them. Very stylishly crafted, extra-large dressers bring about elevated bedroom decor paired with matching nightstands.

Types of Dressers



Double Dresser -  A Double dresser usually has two columns of wide, spacious drawers. 8 drawer double dressers will provide a much-needed storage solution for your bedroom. This type is also perfect for couples sharing common storage space. Our white double dressers are perfect to give a calmer and relaxed look. In contrast, the black double dressers will create an elegant, warmer, and cozy environment. 6 drawer double dressers are perfect for your dressing area owing to their heights.
Tall Dresser -  Tall dressers, often referred to as Tallboys are perfect choices if you want to add storage units to a smaller space. Tall 4-drawer dressers with deep drawers carry a robust look and will add grandeur to the setting. The efficient use of vertical space makes tall dressers a great choice for tighter spaces as well, keeping the floor open for other items. Mid-century modern tall dressers bring the style and the taste of the mid-20th century into your home. Modern tall dressers have a minimalistic look and pair well with other furniture. In a spacious room for two, it is ideal to use both a dresser and a tallboy chest.
Chest of Drawers -  A chest of drawers can be a good investment as there is very little that you cannot store in it. A tall chest of drawers is ideal for urban homes and is a great fit for office furniture as well. An accent chest of drawers is meant to stand out and can be placed anywhere in the home. A large chest of drawers is more suited to store things like extra bedding and clothes. Bringing home one of our rustic chest of drawers will add a vintage touch to the decor.
Wide Dresser -  Wide dressers are usually wider in comparison and are very versatile storage units. The expansive top can be used to place anything from a television to personal artifacts. In fact, sleek, wide dressers will double as stunning media cabinets. Tall and wide dressers are very versatile and can help you address a wide range of storage requirements while adding definition to your interior setting.
Combo Dresser -  Combo Dressers are an intelligent choice and have a wide range of uses. The brilliant combination of drawers and cabinets in combo dressers gives you the liberty to optimize the space to get more out of the storage unit. The cabinet doors could offer open shelves or space to hang your wrinkle-prone clothes. The 3 drawer combo dressers are always the best choice as they are built just in terms of size and can be made a part of any living space in your home. Like combo dressers, a gentleman’s chest also contains both doors and drawers, however, they are taller and wider and cabinets offer hanging space for suits, jackets, and more.
Apothecary cabinets -  Apothecary cabinets traditionally have a number of smaller pullouts or drawers. The idea of the apothecary chests comes from the East as they were often used by the early pharmacists to store medicines. Modern apothecaries are an amazing design element for your home that can hold in a variety of items like pill bottles, bandages, makeup, soaps, craft items, and toiletries.



Deciding the material for the dressers is the basic checkpoint and it is the material that often determines the look and the feel of the dresser. Our dressers are available in a variety of quality materials.


Solid Wood Dresser: Solid Wood dressers still remain to be one the most popular choices. The natural texture and the grain pattern give solid wood dressers a vibrant and robust look. 


Solid wood and Iron: Industrial dressers are an amazing fit in today's popular industrial farmhouse decor.  The use of iron in varied ways often creates a unique rustic unit. 


Solid Wood and Glass: Solid wood combo dressers with glass doors offer great display opportunities. They are a perfect fit for your bedrooms and vanity rooms. 

Reclaimed Wood 


An emerging preference in decor is to own environmentally sustainable reclaimed wood dressers. They exude one-of-a-kind rustic warmth and having reclaimed wood cabinets will add the glory of the yesteryears to your home.




The distinctive features of the dresser determine where it can be placed and its overall appearance.


Dresser In Distressed finish: An international worn-out look is given to dressers to add a vintage charisma to your home. A tattered exterior with a weathered finish of solid wood dressers adds a virtual treat to the place. 


Hand-painted Dresser: Furniture that is hand-painted by artisans always carries a lively and radiant finish. Hand-painted dressers are gorgeous and will succeed in adding a decorative element to your living space.


Hand-carved Dresser: There is nothing more exquisite than hand-carved dressers. The dedication of the craftsmen to meticulously work and get you a dresser makes each piece extremely special. The handiwork done on units are often designs that have passed on through generations and are just beautiful.


Whitewashed Dresser: The use of whitewash on furniture can be either to highlight the natural grains of the wood or to completely give it a homogenous finish. The whitewashed wood dressers fit cohesively in a variety of interior styles including rustic, cottage, country farmhouse, etc.


Dresser Cabinets: The functionality of dressers is not limited to drawers. Transform your home to resonate with your storage needs with combo dressers and gentleman’s chests that offer the combined utility of drawers and doors with shelved storage or hanging rods for clothes.


Brass accents: Brass accents furniture is remarkably graceful and tasteful. The brass work on them elevates the dressers to a different height of beauty and design.


Dresser With Glass doors: Tall cabinets with glass doors redefine the way we look at storage units.  Entertain your guests in style with this by transforming these white cabinets with glass doors into a chic bar unit or media console.




Transitional style Dresser: Transitional furniture is a perfect harmony of style, including subtle elements of traditional and modern styles. Revamp your bedroom with our transitional bedroom dressers.

Industrial Dresser: Industrial farmhouse decor is very popular in the urban setting.  Make a powerful statement with the fantastic industrial dressers from Sierra Living Concepts.


Farmhouse Dresser: The white farmhouse dressers embody the simplicity of country living. Embrace the authentic feel of the countryside with our rustic farmhouse dressers. 


Traditional Dresser: Traditional farmhouse dressers are one of the best pieces of furniture. The traditional style adds a timeless piece to your home that you can enjoy for years to come.


Contemporary Dresser: Modern homes today prefer contemporary dressers as a part of the decor. Contemporary pieces are often abstract and allow you to experiment with the look of the home.


Accent: We have a wide range of accent cabinets that will work with the existing decor of the home. Some of the most popular ones include the multicolor reclaimed wood dressers, white hand-painted accent chests of drawers, and black accent cabinets


Rustic Dresser: Rustic cabinets and rustic dressers challenge the monotonous look. Rustic white dressers in the bedroom will add a lived-in vibe to the whole room.