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About Trunks & Chests

Trunks & Chests
Trunks and Chests are versatile pieces of furniture that are a must-have for any home.  Since the olden days, trunk boxes and chests have always been the preferred choice of storage.  Depending on where and how you choose to place it in your home, select a trunk chest from our collection that suits your storage needs, interior decor taste and personal style.
Uses of Trunk & Chests
Owing to its capacity and durability, a trunk chest proves to be a useful investment and can have multi-fold uses from storing books to clothes or any other items and can be placed in different areas of the house like the bedroom or living room.
As a Coffee Table 
In the living room, a wood trunk or chest can be used as a coffee table. The craftsmanship of each of our storage trunk coffee tables is so impeccable that it gives the living room a unique, rustic look. Depending on your prerequisites, you have a variety of trunk coffee tables available at Sierra Living Concepts such as farmhouse, vintage, white, black, small or large, upholstered or metal. A lift-top steamer trunk can hold your extra cushions, throws, old newspapers, board games, and more away from sight. The top could be used to serve, entertain, relax feet, or to display your favorite knick-knacks.
As an End-of-bed Chest
Enhance your bedroom décor by opting for antique trunks and chests to place at the end of the bed. A bedroom storage chest offers large space to store your extra bedding, rarely used clothes, family photo albums, etc. In a kid’s room, a solid wood trunk would help beat clutter by storing all extra toys, books and projects.
As a Bench
You can always throw in a few cushions on top of the trunk and place it against a wall or window and you have a perfectly cozy bench. It can also be used as a bench in your entryway.
Features of Trunks & Chests
We are happy to showcase our artistically designed storage trunk boxes and chests that come with many great features.
Trunk chests with intricate hand-carvings are irreplaceable in terms of charm and character. Each piece is meticulously carved by our skilled artisans using traditional tools and techniques, and exudes artistic elegance. A storage trunk with hand-carved facade and distressed finish is a wonderful way to add one of a kind relaxed touch to your home.
With Brass Accent
A trunk chest with brass accents and appliques will not only add royal panache to your décor but also add utility with its ample storage space.
Rolling Wheels
A trunk with rolling wheels is a great option to be used as a coffee table and can act as a last-minute cleaning crew as it can be moved around easily.
Material Used in Trunks & Chests
Our trunks and chests are durable and are crafted with the best quality materials.
Solid Wood/Hardwood
Select from our collection of solid wood trunks and blanket chests that are sturdy and stylish. You can opt from acacia wood or mango wood apart from other hardwood used to design this furniture.
Solid Wood & Iron
If you love the industrial style, pick up a vintage chest trunk made from solid wood and iron. An iron trunk will not promise durability but also help you to store a variety of items effortlessly under its lid which is generally attached with safety chains.
Reclaimed Wood
A trunk chest crafted from sustainably sourced reclaimed wood is a great way to help conserve the environment and to bring the glory of the old days to your home. 
Styles of Trunks & Chests
We cater to a wide variety of styles, so select one based on your preference.
A rustic trunk can transform your interiors greatly as they create a relaxing atmosphere. You can create an upscale look in your home while keeping the vibes casual.
With a myriad of options in accent storage trunks, you can add a pop of unique style to your home decor. Hand-painted designs, distressed paints, carved surfaces are a few among many features of accent trunks that you can pick from.
Select a French country chest if you love the simple cottage or country décor style. You can never go wrong with it!
Traditional storage trunks are nothing short of a work of art. A brilliant conversation piece and an anchor to any room, trunks and chests in ornate traditional style with rich wood tones, carved details, metal accents, classic moldings and more carry a sophisticated flair. 
About Sierra Artisan Collections
Check out the Artisan Collection at Sierra Living Concepts which includes a variety of handcrafted products that are in stock in limited numbers, and pick a rare, one-of-a-kind storage trunk for your home.