Platform Bed Sizes and Styles: The Complete 2023 Guide

solid wood floating platform bed frame

A platform bed is a very popular furniture piece due to its strength, sturdiness, and durability. It is available in many styles and offers many storage possibilities, making it a highly-coveted piece of furniture. In this buying guide, we will explore the platform bed, its types, materials, sizes, styles other details.

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed consists of a bed frame with a solid, latticed, or slatted base to support the mattress. It does not require a spring box as a bed base, in contrast to a typical bed frame. It is good for your back as it gives good support and, most importantly, can easily and firmly support a mattress on its slatted base. Additionally, a platform-style bed may handle more weight with ease and provide a generous amount of useful under-the-bed storage. It is lower to the ground or low-lying than a typical bed frame, which allows you to sleep cooler on warm nights.

There are numerous perks to buying a platform bed. This type of bed can support more weight compared to an ordinary bed. It also gives you storage space beneath the platform bed slats. Moreover, it can support most mattress types and does not require a bed skirt. By selecting this low-raised bed for your bedroom, you can make the area appear more spacious and give it a chic, contemporary air. Furthermore, the platform bed saves you time and money as it does not require any additional accessories and is easy to install.

When compared to a box spring bed, a platform bed is more stable and durable. A box spring bed cannot have space for storage and needs proper care and maintenance, while a platform bed is easy to maintain and often comes with under-bed storage space.

What are the types of platform beds?

Low-profile platform beds:

A low-profile platform bed has a low-sitting bed frame. It looks extremely elegant and will fit into any space. A king-size platform bed with a low profile and a tufted headboard is a great place to relax, read a book, or watch TV. As the bed sits closer to the ground, the bedroom looks spacious and grand.

Floating platform beds:

As the name suggests, a floating platform bed is curated to look as if the bed frame is floating in the air. This type of platform bed will enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom with its appearance. It gives an airy feeling to a bedroom, and the design gives out a minimal look with its seemingly floating frame and keeps the base out of sight to create the illusion of weightlessness.

Storage platform beds:

A platform bed can come with storage just like a captain’s bed and provide you with the ultimate space-saving solution in your bedroom. You can have storage in the form of hydraulic under-the-bed storage, handy deep-drawers, or headboard storage, and free up space in your armoire to tuck in extra linens, pillows, and blankets with ease. You can opt for a storage platform bed with a bookcase rack on the headboard as well as under-bed storage in your kid’s bedroom.

Canopy platform beds:

A canopy platform bed comes with 4 pillars and imparts a majestic appearance to your bedroom, apart from giving out a fairytale-like romantic feeling. Choosing a platform canopy bed with four posts will keep the bed warm, screen it from light, and provide you with privacy.

Sleigh platform beds:

Sleigh-design beds are fashioned in the form of a sled or sleigh with the headboard and footboard curving away from the mattress, hence the name. It provides a traditional vibe to the room.

What are the materials used to make platform beds?

1. Solid wood:

Solid wood is the preferred material to fashion a platform bed. There are mainly four types of solid woods that are most preferred for manufacturing platform beds Rosewood, Mango wood, Mahogany wood, and Teak wood.

Rosewood offers a refined and natural look, while Mango wood’s unique grain patterns are highly desirable. Mahogany wood beds feature intricate hand-carved designs for an ornate and luxurious feel, and Teak wood provides unparalleled durability and eye-catching organic patterns. Beds manufactured from any of these woods give an unmatched visual richness owing to their organic pattern and also promise stability and durability by selecting a solid wood platform bed, you get the option to select your favorite style and design.

2. Upholstered platform beds:

Upholstered platform beds help to create a majestic charm. Fabric or leather can be used as the upholstery material, bringing in an aura of sophistication. Moreover, you can always select the upholstery to match the bedroom’s color and interior décor style. Be it king or queen size, an upholstered platform bed will provide added comfort with its cushioning on the headboard and make your bedtime pleasant.

3. Metal platform beds [Wrought Iron]:

Metal, such as wrought iron, is often used to make the frame of industrial-style or vintage-inspired platform beds. Bed frames made of metal are known to be stable and durable. The defined edge of a metal platform bed frame is a combination of style and strength. It imparts a rugged look and vintage appeal at the same time.

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4. Reclaimed wood platform beds:

Choosing a platform bed made using reclaimed wood shows your love for Mother Nature. It gives out a rustic charm to your bedroom, apart from being more durable and sustainable in the long run. Select one with storage or a headrest to bring harmony to your living space.

What are the size and height considerations while buying a platform bed?

The size of a bed is measured by the standard mattress sizes available. Some of the different sizes you can buy are:

Platform Bed Frame Size

Dimensions (Inches)

Dimensions (Feet)

Dimensions (CM)


38" x 75"

3.16' x 6.25'

96.52 x 190.5


54” x 75”

4.5' x 6.25'

137.16 x 190.5


60” x 80”

5' x 6.67'

152.4 x 203.2


76” x 80”

6.33' x 6.67'

193.04 x 203.2

California King

72” x 84”

6' x 7'

182.88 x 213.36

Wyoming King

84” x 84”

12' x 12'

213.36 x 213.36

Alaska King

108” x 108”

16' x 16'

274.32 x 274.32

We hope that this detailed information on platform bed sizes in different dimensions will help you in selecting the ideal bed size that suits your comfort preferences.

Twin platform bed:

Generally, the mattress size of a twin platform bed is 38 by 75 inches, which is a wonderful choice for the guest bedroom. A twin platform bed frame can come with storage and will come in handy to store off-seasonal bedding items. It is suitable for the kids room and guest room, where a single sleeper can sleep comfortably. A twin XL platform bed can be an ideal option for the primary bedroom, too.

Full-size platform bed:

With a mattress size of 54 by 75 inches, the full-size platform bed is again a good choice for the guest room. Also known as a double bed, it can be an addition to your child’s bedroom, especially if they are in their teens. Select the frame of the full-size platform bed as per your preference: wood or metal, or with storage or a bookshelf.

Queen-size platform bed:

A queen-size platform bed is neither too small nor too big. The dimensions of the bed frame of a queen-size platform bed are 60 by 80 inches. This size is perfect for a single person who loves to sprawl out or for couples who love to snuggle while sleeping. It can be placed in the primary bedroom or guest room.

King-size platform bed:

The king-size platform bed mattress measures 76 by 80 inches and will make a statement with its stature. It is best placed in the master or primary bedroom if your living space is large. With plenty of sleeping space, the king-size platform bed frames are truly functional and give you the much-required beauty rest.

California king platform bed:

Boasting a mattress size of 72 by 84 inches, the California king platform bed can be kept in any room. It can accommodate two people comfortably, especially tall people, because of its length.

In most cases, the standard height of the platform bed frame is 18 inches, and the width and length may increase depending on the size of the mattress you select to have. The standard size of clearance under the bed is approximately 9 inches. This clearance height will make cleaning underneath the bed frame easy, even if you have a king or queen-size platform bed.

What are the popular styles and designs of platform beds?

Minimalist and modern platform beds:

A platform bed in the modern style is minimalist in look owing to its low-lying design. With sleek edges, a modern platform bed will blend into any home, be it contemporary or industrial style. A platform bed with a plain black faux leather headboard will elevate the aesthetic of a modern bedroom.

Rustic and farmhouse platform beds:

To showcase an earthy charm, a platform bed in a rustic or farmhouse style will be an excellent choice. Select one made of solid wood with built-in storage, and it will exude an earthy feel. The natural grains of the wood on a rustic or farmhouse bed will surely offer a serene and calming effect.

Mid-century modern platform beds:

A platform bed curated in the mid-century modern style can create a relaxing and restful space with its beautiful appearance and is an example of form and functionality. A mid-century modern style platform bed can come with splayed legs of the frame to add elegance to the bedroom with its sleek design and simplicity.

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Japanese-inspired platform beds:

A platform bed inspired by the Japanese style embodies simplicity and is pleasing to the eye. A Japanese platform bed brings a touch of minimalist living to your bedroom.

Scandinavian-inspired platform beds:

A Scandinavian platform bed is designed to elevate the look of your bedroom with a minimalistic design in mind. This style of bed flaunts a clean-lined frame with rounded or splayed legs, an unornamented headboard, and a base with or without storage.

What are the features and accessories available with platform beds?

Platform beds come with exciting features and accessories. Here are the most popular ones:

Headboards and footboards: 

Platform beds with headboards and footboards are very popular because of their royal demeanor. The headboards and footboards often come in different designs to every taste, be they ornate or minimalist.  A platform bed with an extra-tall headboard will look good in a big bedroom.

Integrated nightstands and bookcases:

If you are looking for a platform bed for the kid’s room, select a platform bed with nightstands attached to the bed frame. This will be a space-saving solution and will also provide organizational space. A bed with a bookshelf attached to the frame is another option to consider. You can keep a platform with integrated nightstands and bookshelf racks in the guest room too.

Adjustable bases:

A platform bed with an adjustable bed frame base will help to position the mattress by adjusting the number of slats.  Some bases may come with removable legs which makes it easy to adjust the base on the support rails.  

Maintenance and Care of Platform beds

A wooden or metal platform bed is easy to maintain. It is best to clean the surface and underneath the bed every day. Dust the bed frame every day and avoid eating food on your bed to prevent accidental spillage on the bed frame. If there is upholstery on the bed, vacuum it once a week to clean it clean and mites-free. These tips will ensure a long lifespan of your platform bed. 

Customization at Sierra Living Concepts

Sierra Living Concepts provides you with comfortable, premium quality, and luxurious platform beds in a wide range of designs and styles. We can help you customize your platform bed; contact us with your preferences.

Select the size, style, design, and material, except for reclaimed wood, and get in touch with us for a customized platform bed made only for you.


Platform beds are available in a variety of styles and designs. Select the one that will serve you the best as per your need and space in the bedroom. As buying a bed is a lifelong investment, it is advisable to go for one with storage and to check the frame’s compatibility with the mattress type. 


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