Everything You Need to Know About Rosewood Furniture

rosewood furniture

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What is Rosewood and where is it found

Rosewood is one of the darkest color hardwoods belonging to the Dalbergia Spruceana family. It is mostly restricted to the south and southeast parts of Asia, west and east Africa as well as certain parts of Latin America. The wood is so famous and special because of its rich and vibrant hues and its sweet fragrance. 

Why You Should Select Rosewood

rosewood tree and plank

Rosewood grows well in soil that is rich in humus. It often has a slow growth rate spanning around 30 to 40 years. However, most Rosewood trees attain a height of around 65 feet (20 m)and a girth of 6.5 feet (2 m). It is extremely durable and features an attractive grain pattern, making it quite popular in the timber and furniture industries. Rosewood furniture lives a long life with minimal maintenance. 

Benefits of Choosing Rosewood Furniture

There is a myriad of advantages of Rosewood furniture, Let’s learn:

1. Durability:

Rosewood is one of the most durable hardwoods in the wood industry and is often preferred by homeowners and furniture makers for good quality and long-lasting furniture.

2. Strength:

Rosewood has a dry weight of 52 pounds per cubic foot making it quite strong and sturdy. It is highly resistant to wear and tear. 

3. Hardness:

It has a Janka score of 1780 lbf similar to that of ebony and blackwood and harder than walnut and oak.

4. Termite Resistance:

Rosewood is highly termite-resistance due to its interlocked grain pattern and furniture made from Rosewood often has a long lifespan.

6. Attractive Wood Grain:

Rosewood has a unique grain pattern and heartwood but can be wavy, interlocked, or spiraled. Its grain pattern is often referred to as “spider-webbing” or “landscape,”.

7. Luster:

Furniture made from Rosewood has a luxurious and intense aesthetic with a rosy-brown hue that shines brilliantly. They are a perfect choice for designing loft interiors and go well with colors like beige, charcoal, and ivory. 

8. Easy Maintenance:

Requiring minimal care with the occasional polish, rosewood furniture is easy to maintain.

9. Fragrance:

Rosewood emanates a soothing rose-like fragrance that comes from the essential oils present in the wood. 

How to maintain Rosewood furniture

Rosewood furniture requires very little care and attention to maintain its high-end appearance and sustain its life. Here are some simple tips to care for your Rosewood furniture:

1. Wipe any spillages immediately with a damp cloth to prevent discoloration or stains. 

2. Although it requires little to no polishing, it’s best to oil your Rosewood furniture once a year to prevent cracks or wood shrinkage. Oiling your furniture also helps it retain its shine over the years.

3. Avoid placing Rosewood furniture anywhere close to sources of high temperature or excessive heat like a room heater. This helps prevent the wood from expanding.

4. To cover up any scratches, cracks, or stains, it would be best to sand or refinish your Rosewood furniture.  

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