Know All About Nesting Coffee Tables [Buying Guide]

Two nested coffee table set placed in living room with sofas

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An excellent and innovative way to add style to your living room is to choose a set of nesting coffee tables. These space-saving coffee tables will be a wonderful addition to your home. These are the most practical forms of furniture pieces that were first designed by the famous English furniture designer Thomas Sheraton in the 18th century. He called them quartetto tables as they consisted of four stackable rectangular tables graduating in size. Initially, these nesting coffee tables were used for doing embroidery work and playing board games.

With the passage of time, nesting coffee tables have found a spot in many modern homes owing to their versatility. Now, these are available in various shapes and the number of stackable tables is not limited to just four. Apart from having a set of stacking tables as a smart space-saving solution, it has evolved as furniture that provides storage. They not only make your home look stylish but also add depth to the living space by serving a functional aspect. Moreover, with many options available on the size, style, and design, you can decorate not only your living room, but you can place them in the porch, entryway, and bedroom too.  

What are the perks of having nested coffee tables in the living room?

There are many benefits of having nested coffee tables in the living room. With a variety of shapes, designs, and materials available in the market, you can go for 2, 3, or 4 pieces of nesting coffee tables that you have zeroed on without a second thought. They will not only heighten the look of the room but will also free up space and serve various purposes when a situation arises.

1. Smart

Bringing in nested coffee tables in your living room will impinge on a bold and authentic depth to it. Being available in various sizes and shapes provide you with the flexibility to position them anywhere across the room as side and center tables. You can arrange these by slightly placing them apart for a chic look or stacking them harmoniously in one place. 

2. Versatile

Nesting stool coffee tables can also help you decorate your living area by holding your vases, curios, and photographs. Moreover, you can just pull one of the smaller coffee tables to serve snacks and drinks to your guests. They can also be used as extra seating when you are hosting a party at home as sturdily made tables can double up as stools as well as ottomans.

Solid wood round coffee table with stools placed in living room

3. Functional

In a modern home, choosing a nesting coffee table set in black or white will match your interiors seamlessly. Investing in table sets that come with built-in storage will keep your living room organized as you can stash keys, remotes, books, magazines, and mobile chargers with ease. 

4. Flexible

The best part about these tables is you don’t have to sacrifice your choice based on the availability of space in your living room. As these tables are stackable, you can place them in one place and pull them out whenever required. 

How to select the right set of nested coffee tables for your home?

Both practical and stylish, a nesting table set is a wonderful addition to your home. However, you must pick up one that will fulfill your requirements and match the interiors to enhance the look.

1. Consider the size of the room and the shape of the tables

If your living room has limited space, make sure that you have the space to stack your coffee tables and consider square and triangular shapes. If you have a large living room, you can pick any shape and size of stack tables, especially rectangular and round-shaped coffee tables, and place them in waterfall-like form. Moreover, a set of round nesting coffee tables can be used as a center or cocktail table and side tables along your sofas for a refined appearance.

White Mahogany Wood Round Nesting Coffee Table

2. Choose based on the material and design

An ideal way to select a nested coffee table set is to check if the material and design will match your existing interiors. Solid wood will go a long way and will help you stylize any living space, be it traditional, farmhouse, or contemporary style with ease. A set of nesting coffee tables made with a combination of wood and glass will match a modern-style home. Combining wood with metals like iron, steel, or brass will not only add to the aesthetic value of any space but also will be long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Wooden nesting tables with gilded metal legs are a current favorite among home decorators and look fantastic in modern-luxe, art-deco, and urban-style homes. Using nesting tables that are made from sustainably sourced reclaimed wood will add a natural character to your home.

3. Look upon the purpose and function

Mull on the fact why you are planning to invest in a nest of tables and try to get an answer if the tables will serve your purpose and fit into your living space. Also, consider the function and utility value when placed in different rooms of your home. If you want to use them in the bedroom, buying a set of two nesting tables will work out. However, if you are thinking of placing them in the patio or entryway, getting a 3-piece set will serve the purpose and for the living room, you can select 2 pieces or more.

How to furnish your home with nesting coffee tables?

These multi-functional furniture pieces can be used to bedeck your living room in a myriad of ways. 

1. As a center table in the living room

These tables can serve as the focal point in your living room and can be used to decorate your space with your favorite vase with fresh flowers, an antique telephone or gramophone, photo frames, porcelain figurines, scented candles, decorative trays, etc. You can also create a layered waterfall-like look with multiple tables arranged slightly away from each other.

2. As a side table in bedrooms

A nest of tables can double as bedside tables and placing one or two small tables beside the bed will add panache to your chamber. You can opt to place books and table lamps on them; and if they have storage, you can secure personal items like medicines and reading glasses.

3. As a plant stands in the sunroom

Accentuate outdoor spaces like the gazebo, patio, terrace, and sunroom with outdoor nesting tables made using weather-proof materials like solid Teak wood, wrought iron, or synthetic wicker. Use them as plant stands for your favorite pots and planters with foliage, perennials, and seasonal blooms to create a verdant ambiance. 

4. As a workspace in home offices

Give a fresh look to your home office by adding stackable tables and use them to organize your stationeries, printers, and other office supplies while also adding style and interest to the room.

How to take care of nested coffee tables?

A set of nesting coffee tables curated using wood or metal is easy to maintain. Dust them every day and if you see a stain, clean it with a moist lint-free cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasives. While serving food and drinks, ensure to use coasters and placemats or consider using a tablecloth.

In a nutshell…

Nesting coffee tables offer a myriad of uses and we have seen in the aforementioned section that based on the material, these can be placed in indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. Select a set that will match your home’s interior and will also fulfill your need with its form and function. Easy to maintain, these tables are going to stay in future furniture trends. 



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