Wrought Iron Furniture Everything You Need To know About It.

Encyclopedia of wrought Iron Furniture

What Is Wrought Iron?  

In the history of the world, few things have a place in the list of immortals, existing in the oldest innovations to nest beautifully in modern times. Such a thing is wrought iron, which was used as early as 3500 BC in early Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece and took over the chimneys, pits, and furnaces of 5th-century Europe. Today Wrought iron is a delicacy that furnishes our homes to their most beautiful form. 

Technically, wrought iron is a type of iron formed from the marriage of pure iron ore and 1-2% slag. The carbon content in wrought iron is very low – less than 0.1%. Tough, malleable, and corrosion-resistant, wrought iron derives its name from the word “worked” which means “worked iron”. With extremely low carbon content, it is a grainy metal with high tension and compression-withstanding qualities. 

Since the 16th century, wrought iron became a carrier for decoration and sophistication. Today, time has left its prints on historical monuments built with the immortality of wrought iron. 

Why Is Wrought Iron Better Than Cast Iron?

Cast iron is basically 2% to 4% carbon consistency in iron alloy and is poured into molds to create the final outcome.  Aside from their composition, the factors which differentiate cast iron and wrought iron are strength, durability, and commercial use.

Cast iron resists deformation and pressure, making it non-malleable. It is a hard form of iron while wrought iron is a strong form of iron. Wrought iron is labor-intensive and requires skilled artisans as well as blacksmiths to produce lovely intricate designs for your homes and architectural buildings. Cast iron on the other hand can be easily formed but is brittle with low tensile strength.

In case of practical use, wrought iron when exposed to natural elements stands strong with its attractive grain structure resistant to rusting, unlike cast iron. Therefore, decorators from all over the world go out of their way to collect wrought iron furniture as they are no less than antique pieces of art treasured throughout our history.

Below are the differences at a glance:

Wrought Iron Cast Iron
Contains 98% iron and less than 1% carbon and 1-2% of slagConsists of around 94-95% iron and 2-4% carbon and 1-3% silicon
A strong form of ironA hard form of iron
Has to heated and then worked with tools to make railings and furnitureHas to be melted, poured into a mold, and allowed to solidify into the desired shape
Highly resistant to fatigue and hence ductileLow tensile strength, but has a good compression strength

Why Do People Love Wrought Iron Furniture?

1. Stylish Designs

With old-world charm, wrought iron furniture mirrors sophistication and class, and timeless elegance in its curves. To suit a range of interior décor styles, wrought iron can be molded into a variety of ornate shapes and designs. 

Wrought Iron Bed

2. Strengths

Dependable on a strong core, wrought iron was often included in the fences surrounding historical buildings. Today, in windy areas and places that are often struck by hurricanes, wrought iron furniture and railings are used as protective barriers from any possible hazard due to their heavy build.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Wrought iron frees you of the biggest scares of furniture owners, corrosion!! Unlike aluminum and steel, wrought iron boasts of standing in the face of nature and remains as beautiful and elegant without giving away its form. 

4. Durable And Weather-Resistant

The heaviness, as well as the powder coating of pure iron in wrought-iron furniture, contributes to resistance to rusting; making it weather resistant in humid areas. With the gift of durability, wrought iron is one of the most preserved heritage of our past. 

Wrought Iron dining table and chair

5. Comfortable With Cushions

The heavy and sturdy form of wrought iron chairs contrasts the comfort that comes with their high malleability.  Adding colorful and cozy pillows, this furniture can become an ultimate comfort zone with elegant maneuvers. 

  Pearland Handcrafted Industrial Wrought Iron Dining Chair  Pearland Handcrafted Industrial Wrought Iron Dining Chair

Some Popular Furniture Of Wrought Iron

The classic aesthetic beauty of wrought iron furniture is the reason it is one of the most sought-after in the world. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate this beauty into your home and life.

1. Dining Table & Chair Set

With the versatile designs, add wrought iron dining tables and chairs on the patio to create an outdoor dining space to host large parties. The 1960s industrial style offered by patio chairs looks stunning in a garden or pool backdrop, perfect to unwind after a hectic day. Throw in some pillows to add colors and comfort to the pit area for a romantic evening by the fireside.

Annapolis 6 Seater Solid Wood & Wrought Iron Dining Set

2. Bed

For a country or industrial style, add a wrought iron bed into your personal quarters that will seamlessly blend with your bedroom décor. With a whimsical touch, wrought iron headboards and bed frames invite a cozy and nostalgic ambiance to your interiors when paired with patterned rugs and quilts. 

Wrought Iron bed

3. Coffee Table

The presence of wrought iron coffee tables in living rooms can bring an other-worldly charm to the overall décor. Within the industrial and rustic surroundings, round coffee tables with wrought iron legs are perfect to hold both conversations and attention.

Source: wayfair.com

4. Bar Furniture

Offering a sleek and extremely functional industrial or rustic setting, wrought iron bar furniture complements the glass liquor shelves and silverware. With the bold appeal of fibrous iron, bar stools and light fixtures of wrought iron are completely intriguing.

Source: foter.com

5. Console And End Tables

Create an ideal foyer and grand entryway with wrought iron console and end tables. From industrial to contemporary decors, charming console tables with exquisitely wrought iron legs and bases capture the vibe of interiors with an alluring form.

Console table wrought Iron

How To Clean & Maintain Wrought Iron Furniture?

Wrought iron furniture is one of the easiest items to maintain thanks to its durable nature. All you need to do is occasionally brush the surface to prevent dirt from settling in and to keep the luster. The corrosion resistance quality and strength pave way for wrought iron to be such a hassle-free form of low-maintenance beauty.

Source: bbqguys.com

When it comes to wrought iron, a little care can make it last generations. So once a year, wipe it down with a soapy solution with a non-abrasive cloth before the rainy season or move it indoors during heavy storms or snowfall. Protect it from sun damage just with a light coating of non-abrasive wax.  

Where to Buy Wrought Iron Furniture?

Home is reminiscent of family, love, and safety which sometimes needs to be articulated well through the furniture. When it comes to choosing the perfect wrought iron furniture, Sierra Living Concepts has you covered. With our range of delicately hand-wrought iron furniture, create a home that speaks of your story. The wrought iron furniture collection at Sierra Living Concepts is handcrafted which makes them one-of-a-kind and durable. They have a flawless powder coating to ward off rust and corrosion.


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