L Shaped Desk Buying Guide [2023]

solid wood L shaped desk in a office.

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L-shaped desks, also called corner desks, are extremely functional and elegant pieces of office furniture that you could use to glam up your home office. Designed and conceptualized by George Nelson in 1972, the L-shaped desk consists of two desk surfaces arranged perpendicular to each other in an ‘L-shape’. This relatively recent invention is one of the most popular choices for an office workstation due to its dual-edged advantages. These desks can help to increase your productivity. The larger surface area provides more space for work and can accommodate multiple monitors or other devices. Additionally, the L-shape can allow for better organization and separation of tasks.

With a clean and fluid design, an L-shaped desk serves wonderful functional purposes and maintains a great aesthetic in the room where it is placed. Opting for an L-shaped desk has various practical and creative benefits. L-shaped desks provide far more working space and desk surfaces than normal desks. Moreover, everything is within arm’s reach on L-shaped desks. Let us delve into this blog to learn more.

Types of L-Shaped Desks

1. L-Shaped Computer Desks:

These are very simple workstations with two desk surfaces that are perfect for home office and gaming purposes. As their name suggests, these desks can accommodate your computers and other electronic gadgets in a compact area with enough space for working. They also come with additional drawers and keyboard trays, which help organize your files and desk accessories in a much more practical way

2. L-Shaped Corner Desks:

The original L-shaped desk has an ergonomic space-saving design perfect for placing in small and compact areas. These are perfect for small home offices and small offices, as they create convenient pockets of space and room for movement. They can be used as writing desks as well as computer desks, and they have enough desk space to place your other work-related items. 

3. L-Shaped Desks with Hutches:

With a modern design that offers a workspace as well as a vertical storage area or hutch, these computer desks are ideal for creating a complete workstation with everything close at hand. These office desks come with a storage hutch, offering ample open and closed storage space for books, files, stationery, and other knick-knacks.

4. Standing L-Shaped Desks:

Perfect for supporting body posture for those who work for long periods, standing L-shaped desks are a smart choice. A lot of these desks come with adjustable height controls that allow you to modify your workspace to your comfort. In addition to the sit-or-stand features, a standing desk provides ample work surface for your books or laptop.

Source: autonomous.ai

5. L-Shaped Executive Desks:

Featuring solid wood for sturdy support and good quality, executive L-shaped desks are very spacious and ensure high stability. They are flexible enough to accommodate large storage cabinets while maintaining their spacious workstations, making them just right for office use. They also have a smooth finish that offers classic aesthetics that suit just about any interior design.

Factors to consider when buying an L-shaped desk

There are various factors to weigh before buying an L-shaped desk. Check them out:

1. Size of the desk:

Desk size is the most important factor to be considered when purchasing an L-shaped desk. The right desk size will allow you to utilize the maximum amount of room and provide ample storage opportunities. The standard height of an L-shaped desk is 29 to 30 inches, and the depth can be from 20 to 30 inches. An L-shaped desk with unequal sides can have a length ranging from 60 to 72 inches on the longer side and 48 to 58 inches on the other. But L-shaped desks with identical sides can have an average length of 50 inches.


Dimensions (Inches)

Dimensions (Feet)

Dimensions (CM)


29"- 30"

2.4' - 2.5'

73.66 - 76.2


20" - 30"

1.6' - 2.5'

50.8 - 76.2

Length (Longer Side)

60" - 70"

5' - 5.8'

152.4 - 177.8

Length (Shorter Side)

48" - 58"

4' - 4.8'

121.92 - 147.32

While considering size you should also know about the difference between Right L shaped desk & Left L shaped desk

A right L-shaped desk and a left L-shaped desk differ in their configuration and layout. The main difference between them is the direction the desk extends.

A right L-shaped desk has a longer side that extends to the right of the user, while a left L-shaped desk has a longer side that extends to the left of the user. This means that the positioning of the desk and the way that it fits into a room will be different depending on which orientation you choose. If you are a right-handed person it is recommended that you should choose a desk that is smaller from the right side, if you are a left-handed person a short desk from the left side is more suitable for you.

When choosing between a right or left-L-shaped desk, consider the layout of your workspace and the direction that you want the desk to extend. This will help you determine which option will work best for your needs.

2. Option for storage:

Depending on your utility purposes and space availability, you can pick and choose from L-shaped desks with various storage compartments. These may come in the form of drawers, file cabinets, or even a printer shelf. Some desks have these attached to the mainframe itself, whereas others have a much more portable section that houses versatile storage areas. Based on the availability of space, utility, and aesthetics, you could choose among various types of desks with different combinations of storage possibilities. 

3. Material of the desk:

Almost all L-shaped desks are crafted from solid wood. This serves dual purposes—durability and strength. Solid wood desks are very durable and have a long shelf life. They are also very sturdy and can be used extensively, making them worth an investment. Most L-shaped desks feature a robust desk crafted from solid wood and table legs fashioned from iron, which gives them a classic and sleek look while maintaining form and purpose.

L-shaped Desk Styles

L-shaped desks are available in a myriad of styles; choose the one that suits you the best.

1. Modern L shape Desk:

Go for modern-style L-shaped desks if you love sleek designs without any ornamentation and want something that will blend well with neutral colors and patterns. The sleek lines and fuss-free aesthetics of modern-style L-shaped desks offer high versatility. This will allow you ample freedom when styling your office or home office, irrespective of whether its purpose is executive or casual. 

Modern L shaped desk

2. Industrial L-shaped Desk:

If you like workspaces that are bold and impressive with a raw finish, opt for industrial-style L-shaped desks. These offer a kind of rugged and masculine charm that is best suited for urban and contemporary interiors. Industrial-style desks will help accentuate the modern elements of your office with a minimalist charm. 

3. Rustic L-shaped Desk :

If you prefer a workspace that has a much more subtle charm with plenty of earthy tones, go for a rustic-style L-shaped desk. These are fashioned from solid wood or upcycled from reclaimed wood, and they have a certain natural beauty and organic character.

4. Traditional Style:

Cornice-shaped tops, framed doors and drawers, traditionally carved or turned feet, and an overall warm and impactful appearance describe our traditional L-shaped desks. The classic look of these L-shaped executive desks gives them an elegant, professional flair.

Source: Houzz.com

Apart from the styles that you are already familiar with, there are various other styles that you might not know about. These styles include farmhouse, contemporary, coastal, and many others. It’s important to know about these different types of furniture styles so that you can pick the one that matches your personal taste and suits your home or office decor.

How to set up an L-shaped desk?

Setting up an L-shaped desk does not need to be a complicated and laborious task, provided you keep these four tips—location, assembly, equipment, and organization—in mind.

Step 1: The ideal location for an L-shaped desk should be a spot that is close to a natural light source, preferably near a window. You could choose to arrange your desk in such a manner that you either face the window or are perpendicular to it.

Step 2: The next step is assembling your desk. Aim for desks that have pieces that are very easy to assemble, like the ones from Sierra Living Concepts, which have been designed with easy assembly in mind.

Step 3: Install drawers or shelves (if applicable), follow the manufacturer’s installation guide. Typically, this involves attaching brackets or runners to the underside of the desktop and then sliding the drawers or shelves into place.

Step 4: The last step is setting up your computer and organizing cables use cable ties or cord organizers to keep them neat and tidy. This will help to prevent clutter and make your workspace more efficient. Arrange other electronic devices, and organize and equip your desk with the right stationery and knickknacks.

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The Best L-Shaped Desks to Buy in 2023

Sierra Living Concepts has a wide collection of L-shaped desks for you. Our desks come with multiple storage utilities perfect for storing other equipment and files, making them super useful as well. This Large L-shaped solid Wood Executive Desk with a Keyboard Tray and File Cabinet has a smooth executive charm to it. Its cornice-style overhanging top, along with its professional aesthetics, provide plenty of room for working.

If you are looking for an L-shaped desk with a hutch, the classic L-shaped desk comes with a multi-functional hutch that provides maximum utility and storage space. Complete with a keyboard tray and several cabinets and compartments, this corner desk is perfect for placing in a quiet nook of your study. Furthermore, its organic finish and silver knobs lend it a sturdy and handsome character.

Constructed from natural solid wood, this sturdy Natural Solid Mango Wood and Iron L-shaped Desk is perfect for industrial interiors. This unique desk comes with exterior shelves that are removable, making it easy for you to rearrange as you see fit. It also comes with a cable management hole on the top. 

Where to buy L-shaped desks?

Sierra Living Concepts is a great place to buy L-shaped desks. We offer a wide range of desks that are made from sustainable materials like solid wood, reclaimed wood, and iron. Our desks are crafted by skilled artisans we have a variety of options that will suit your style, space, and budget. We also offer free shipping and delivery to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of transporting. We offer free customization services so you can buy your furniture in your desired shape, size, stain, and material. During sales and festive seasons, you can take advantage of our great deals and discounts too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do L-shaped desks help productivity?

A: L-shaped desks do increase productivity as they greatly enhance your multitasking capabilities. They offer more space for movement and storage that places everything within arm’s reach. Moreover, you could also use all that extra space for your crafts and hobbies.

Q: What is the difference between an L-shaped desk and a corner desk?

A: Corner desks offer only one desk surface, whereas L-shaped desks offer two working desk surfaces. L-shaped desks consist of two tables joined together at a point to give an ‘L’ shape, whereas corner desks are more triangular in shape.

Q: Can two people use an L-shaped desk?

A: Two people can comfortably use an L-shaped desk as long as it fits within the size constraints. Investing in a large executive L-shaped desk would make it more comfortable to accommodate two people as opposed to medium and smaller L-shaped desks. 

Q: Are standing desks good for you?

A: Standing desks come with a feature that enables you to adjust the desk’s height so that you can stand and work comfortably. They enhance productivity and also have a positive effect on your health by ensuring continuous blood flow to the legs and beating inactivity.

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