Everything You Need to Know About Teak Wood Furniture

teak wood

Teak wood is known as the king of woods for a multitude of reasons. It is hardwood sourced from the Tectona grandis tree which is found abundantly in the south and southeast Asia. It is a tall deciduous tree that lives for 100 years and teak wood is the most valued wood in the world.

Teak Wood is Highly Used in Furniture Making

Wood sourced from the teak tree is the most preferred choice in furniture making. It has a very long shelf life and hence teak wood furniture can be passed on through the generations. Furniture curated from teak wood can last for more than 70 years. The tree grows very fast, half an inch per day, and matures at 20-25 years to be harvested. 

Teak tree and plank

Teak wood has pleasing straight grains, but can be interlocked or wavy. It comes in natural honey-golden color. Due to its attractive color and grain pattern, resistance to splitting and cracking, as well as water, termites, fungus, and weathering, teak is coveted in the furniture industry. 

10 Reasons to Have Teak Wood Furniture in Your Home.

1. Durability:

Teak is one of the most durable woods. It is close-grained and high in minerals and natural oils so it’s strong and durable, and lasts a lifetime.

2. Hardness:

Teak wood has a Janka score of 1000-1155 lbf, hence teak wood furniture is resistant to wear and tear.

3. Strength:

With a dried weight of 40.9 lbs/ft3 (655 kg/m3), teak wood furniture is extremely strong.

4. All weather resistance:

Garden and outdoor furniture made of teak wood is a great choice as it can withstand all weather conditions. It is resistant to rot, bugs, pests, water, shrinkage, and termites.

5. Appearance:

Teak wood furniture exudes a beautiful light to a dark brown hue that darkens with age. Moreover, the beautiful grain pattern contributes to the elegant look of the furniture. 

6. Workability:

Teak wood can be carved into delicate carvings and exhibits refined designs.

7. Sustainable:

Teak wood grows very fast and tall and can be harvested for wood in a span of 25 years. So, the land is replenished with a new sapling once it is cut down. Moreover, old teak wood furniture is often reused to make new ones. Moreover, teak wood does not require artificial fertilizers and heavy irrigation, and this makes it an eco-friendly choice.

8. Low maintenance:

Teak wood furniture requires very less maintenance as it is all weather resistant. 

9. Value for money:

Though teak wood is on the costlier side of the price range, it is worth the money due to its magnitude of amazing characteristics. It is a one-time investment and totally values your hard-earned money.

Caring for Teak Wood Furniture

1. Wipe your rustic teak wood furniture regularly with a soft bristle brush once a week to remove dirt and cobwebs. You can also clean it with a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water and wipe it with a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth once in six months.

2. Clean up any oil or food spills from your teak furniture as soon as possible. Scrub in the direction of the wood grains and if you see a stain, use a toothbrush to remove it gently. 

3. Teak wood furniture ages over time and weather. If you do not like the weathered look, apply teak sealers. 

4. If you stay in a humid place, mildew might form on outdoor teak wood furniture. Use a solution of soapy water or white vinegar to remove mildew.

Get Customized Teak Wood Furniture

Sierra Living Concepts offers customization options for customers who are looking for specific styles or sizes of teak wood furniture. This can be very helpful for people who have unique design preferences or who need furniture that fits into a specific space in their home. Customization can also be a good option for people who are looking for high-quality, long-lasting furniture that is built to their specific specifications. If you are considering custom teak wood furniture, be sure to communicate your design ideas clearly to our company so that we can create a product that meets your needs and expectations.

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