8 Amazing Ideas to Maximize Storage in Your Small Bedroom


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Many people are huge proponents of doing and achieving more with less stuff. You may also be looking to pare down and de-clutter. Well, that is awesome, unless you require the stuff! A bed is one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your bedroom. However, it is not usually the easiest obstacle that you can work around; as a result, plenty of valuable space is often wasted.

In case you have a small bedroom and have pared down as much as possible, you may have to makeover and re-organize your storage space in order to fit not only more stuff but also fit items more easily and comfortably.

Here are 8 great ways to expand storage options in the bedroom without making it seem too cramped.

Maximize Space Under Your Bed

Many Feng Shui experts might cringe at the idea of storing stuff under your bed; that being said, it is simply one of the easiest and smartest ways to add a whole new area of storage to the bedroom. Solid wood beds are a fantastic option that is definitely worth a shot. In case you currently do not have any storage space under your bed, you have various options such as:

  1. Invest in a new and improved storage bed
  2. DIYing a convenient under-the-bed storage solution
  3. Raising your existing bed and adding a few storage containers

Buy a Wardrobe Wall

Although it is not the most economical option, and may even seem ridiculous if you have a very small bedroom floor plan to start with, installing a shallow wardrobe along your whole wall would help create a cozy and elegant feel in your entire bedroom and will add plenty of storage.

More importantly, it will not feel bulky and cumbersome like a huge and heavy piece of furniture. If you install it in a light color, it can also help fight the claustrophobic feel in your bedroom.

Remove Large Entertainment Systems

In case you have a stereo, television or gaming system in your bedroom, it is likely to take up plenty of valuable real estate in the bedroom. You should consider moving them to another room in your house such as the living or family room.

If you can’t image life without the television in your bedroom, a flat-screen TV that is mounted on your wall can instantly add plenty of space to the bedroom.

Purchase a Storage Bench

If you prefer having a bench near the foot of the bed, try to make sure that this piece of furniture serves two purposes. You can do this by buying a bedside bench that has storage capabilities. These bedside storage chests are sturdy and classy with sufficient interior space to store a variety of items such as towels, blankets, or books. They have an elegant and rustic look that can complement the décor of your bedroom.

Bedside Storage Chest

Maximize Wall Storage

You can use closed and open shelving to remove storage furniture units and bookshelves off of your floor and onto your walls. It is better to go for wall mirrors that can conveniently hang on your bedroom walls instead of larger ones that use floor space.

Organize your Dresser

It is hard to overstress the use of a great chest of drawers and folding dividers. By taking sufficient time to adequately store the clothes in your dresser, you can expand your storage space today. You can use these handcrafted solid wood vanity dressers and chests to organize your stuff.

Anniston Contemporary Mahogany Wood Large Bedroom Dresser w 10 Drawers

In addition, you can consider a few more extreme storage options, such as vacuum packing all your out-of-season clothing.

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Find Unused Closet Space

It is vital to get your closet organized. You should use every inch of your closet storage space. In case you do not own your house, you may be hesitant to drill plenty of holes to incorporate more shelves; however, even renters tend to have access to over-the-door hangers, more clothing rods, and a variety of super storage tools. You can use our great collection of closets and armoires to increase your storage space.

The more stuff you can keep in your closets and armoires, the less will have to be stored in your main bedroom area.

Use a Futon and Sofa Bed

If you have a small bedroom, try to use multifunctional furniture.  A futon is an incredible option as it provides a sofa and bed in one. This is a perfect option for dorm rooms, offices as well as small apartments that have many roommates.

Savannah Teak Wood Outdoor 3 Seater Sofa

Similar to futons, sofa beds could help a small bedroom become a bedroom and office space or a den. Keep in mind that sofa beds are usually more formal when it comes to appearance and may range from economical to high-end models with leather and plush mattresses.

These are some handy options for expanding the storage space available in your bedroom. As you can see, a dash of creativity and a glance over our range of products is all it takes. What could be easier!

Leave your comments below and let us know your idea for expanding storage.

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