Different Types of Dining Chairs [With Images]

types of dining chairs

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As much as we love to sit and enjoy our living room conversations on the couch, our time spent in the dining room is also important in many ways. Designing this space is challenging and when you have to decide on the perfect dining chair it can get tricky.

Types of Dining Chairs

Dining room chairs come in different types, so it can be hard to narrow down the perfect one. Typically, there are two main ones – armchairs and side chairs. Do you have a breakfast island? Counter chairs are your go-to choice. Your comfort and style are important before you zero in on your choice. 

Solid wood dining furniture

1. Arm chairs

Arm chairs, as you can guess, come with arms for your comfort. These types of chairs are usually at the head of the table to give a formal look. These chairs give more comfort and relaxed seating for a long time. Arm dining chairs can be fully upholstered, metal, or completely made of wood as well. Bring an eye-catching piece like our  Philadelphia Freedom Classic Dining Room Chair with Arms into your dining decor. 

2. Side Chairs

A side chair is typically a chair without any arms. These chairs are to be put along the side of a dining table. If you have very casual decor, a side chair can also be used at the head of the table. They come in different types like wood, metal, leather, and fabric. It is super easy to move these chairs around other rooms and make them decorative accents. Choosing a transitional piece that falls between modern and traditional can bring beauty to your decor. 

Dining Chair Materials

Whether you choose a formal or a casual setup, dining chairs are available in many types of material. The material of the chair makes a huge difference when it comes to functionality, style, comfort, and design. Check out the popular materials used in dining chairs. 

dining table and chair set

1. Wood

Have you ever wanted a timeless aesthetic look? Like this Bedford Handcrafted Single Slat Back Solid Wood Dining Chair. Then, wooden furniture gives precisely that feel. Simple and elegant, wooden chairs add beauty to any decor. You can place these wooden chairs in any casual setting without adding anything extra to add glamour. They come in different styles like Windsor, slat-back, and ladder-back. Versatility equates to wooden chairs. Right from mission styles to vintage chairs, wooden chairs bring in such cool aesthetics effortlessly. 

2. Metal

Are you that person who falls for out-of-the-box designs? Look no further than the metal dining chairs. The modern, clean, and contemporary metal chairs come in a lot of different finishes. Bring in some bold colors to pop some fun or go for a neutral polished look for a retro finish. The coated metal dining chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor barbecue parties. Get that bistro chair look by adding metal chairs to your dining table. 

3. Upholstered 

Style and comfort are the two things that come to your mind when you opt for upholstered dining chairs. They add extra comfort while you enjoy your meal. They make your mealtime pleasurable and the conversations charming. The upholstered chair has its back and seat cushioned with foam and covered in fabric, leather, canvas, or other materials for the final look and feel. Make your mealtimes inviting by adding a leather dining chair. It gives effortless sophistication and a laidback look which is also relatively easier to clean and maintain.

Dining Chair Styles

Keep in mind that the chair style should match the decor and the dining table. It should enhance the look and feel of the dining room. 

1. Mission Style Chairs

A dining or kitchen chair should be sturdy and comfortable. Mission-style chairs come with simple rails and aprons; the slight arch is all that it needs to get that stylish touch. Mission-style chairs like Nevada Geo Extended back chairs come with multiple slats. Some chairs have a base stretcher added to the chair to distribute the weight equally. The mission-style chair comes with a heavy straight sometimes vertically grooved chair leg true to its name.

2. Traditional Style Chairs

If you are looking for traditional, timeless classics in your decor, go for these classic-style chairs. It’s often upholstered, comes with a turned leg, and is given plush seats for comfort. The carved legs give us a close connection to beautiful old-world architecture.

3. Queen Anne Style Chairs

How to spot a Queen Anne-style chair? By looking at its legs, feet, and other distinctive features. They are known for their curvy shape and cabriole legs. Traditionally, they are made of cherry, ornate, and beautifully handcrafted and stained dark to give a timeless elegance. Bring in some formal style opulence from our collection in your decor while still balancing the casually refined lifestyle. 

set of 2 dining chairs

4. Shaker Style Chairs

It is a very simple and chic style chair that will make heads turn. Shaker-style chairs were originally designed in the late 1700s by the followers of a religious group Shaking Quakers. The chairs are known for their simple, clean, functional, and practical designs that lack ornamentation. While the basic shape of many shaker chairs is the same, the seats vary in material. They are the most comfortable to sit on and fit into any decor. When buying a Shaker-style chair like Texas handcrafted Mango wood ladder back dining chair, check for clean lines, tapered legs, and minimalist designs.

Black dining chairs

5. Contemporary Style Chairs

Contemporary chairs are elegant and come with free-flowing designs. Take a look at the Auburn Live Edge Dining Chair. Simplicity is the key to contemporary designs. Unlike the angular look of modern style, contemporary dining chairs embrace curves and asymmetry. This style is more fluid and comes in lots of different shapes, colors, sizes. If you are a fan of intriguingly bold colors and textures, then contemporary is your style.

6. Modern Style Chairs

What started as a rebellion against the ornate designs that preceded them, Modern style furniture is often identified with straight lines, tapered and splayed feet, neutral warm tones, and airy, low-height minimalist designs. They really go well with many different dining tables with their sleek style. They are often made petite and include upholstered seats. Mid-century modern chairs follow a style that was most prevalent in the middle of the 20th century and embraces a warmer, slightly decorative look. Check out our Ambrose Teak Wood Dining Chair.

7. Farmhouse Style Chairs

If your style focuses on a warm, cozy place with a cottage, and country feel, farmhouse-style chairs will fit your bill. Side or armchairs with farmhouse style are apt for a simple yet elegant look. Cross-back chairs would be lovely in a dining room with vintage touches but nothing too modern. Create your own look by mixing and matching dining room chairs right up your alley. Choices are wide in our collection, and it’s all in your imagination to choose from. Right from wood, metal, and wicker to rustic, industrial-style chairs are available.

Dining Chair Design Elements

Let’s get into the design elements once the style is determined. Choose from many designs to get the desired style, comfort, and function in your dining space. 

1. Parsons Chair

A straight back and an armless design usually make a Parsons chair. It suits nearly all decor styles. They are known for simple design and clean lines. Their versatile style is known for comfort. Choose anything right from a smooth, patterned, solid style, tufted dining chair to enhance your design quotient. Here’s our beautiful Urban solid wood Parsons chair.

Upholstered set of 2 dining room chairs
Parsons Chairs

2. Wingback Chair

Wingback is typically a club chair or an easy chair dining chair with wings. If you like minimalistic decor with a neat and tidy look, go for it. Rooted for practicality and style, this is a classic British-style chair. They are usually upholstered and you have all the options to choose any fabric that you like. Check out our Sudbury Vintage Couch Wingback Accent Chair.

Wingback Chair

3. Windsor Chair

The Windsor chair originated in the 18th century in England. And as the name suggests, it was first common around the town of Windsor as the spindles and back turned and cut originally near Windsor. This traditional English chair is just a simple stool with a back added. They are traditionally made of wood, but it comes in different choice of materials now. The Peshtigo Blue Windsor Dining Chair combines the visual simplicity of minimalist, airy design and great comfort in one.

windsor Chair

4. Ladder back Chair 

Crafted with thin slats along the back, Appalachian classic ladder back chairs visually appeal as they take less space. With their stately stature and straight look, they give a striking appeal to your dining room. Line them up along one edge of your table to get a stylish yet functional look. Ladder-back dining chairs come with tall backs constructed with horizontal slats or spindles between two uprights for a ladder effect that maintains the breeziness of your space.

Ladder back Chair

5. Slat Back Chair

Slat-back chairs feature evenly spaced vertical slats along the back of the chair. You could call this chair a distant cousin of ladder backs. The long, lean, and sleek chairs like Chantilly chic handcrafted slat back dining chairs, will give an open and minimalistic look. Get these designs in chairs from mission style to traditional style chairs.

slat back Chair

6. Lattice Back Chair

You can call this a transitional style of progressive furniture. Much like slats, lattice back chairs feature open backs with ornate metal, wooden or cane-ventilated backs. Get crazy with the design possibilities. Love geometric grids, scrollwork, or patterned diamonds? This design is made for you!

Lattice Back Chair

7. Crossback Chair

Crossback, as the name suggests, marks an X along the back of the chair. This design is for people who like simple and open rooms. It does not overwhelm the decor. The Sheraton solid wood leather upholstered dining chair is airy and comfortable support. Find them anywhere from country to contemporary style.

Cross Back Chair

8. Splat Back Chair

The vertical central element of the chair is a splat. The central column is an important element of furniture. The varied shapes, scrollwork, and angles give it an interesting design like Tiraspol traditional rustic solid wood dining chair. This chair has a long history and can be found in English Gothic to Chinese designs.

9. Keyhole Back Chair

The central cutout on the chair back gives it a fun and funky look. The cutout is usually square or rectangular which gives a stylish look. This design chair can be found in both modern and contemporary styles. They are usually upholstered in leather, fabric, or vinyl. Our Rebel Solid Wood Leather Upholstered Chair is one comfortable and chic example of a keyhole back dining chair.

10. Wishbone chair

With a mid-century look, these wooden chairs come in wicker or cushion seating. The extra comfort of back support and neutral color variants make them perfect for simple spaces. Check out our Laconia Solid Teak Wood Wishbone Dining Chair.

Of course, finding a ‘Perfect’ chair means different things to different people. Always keep comfort as key and get a chair that adds visual style and panache to the room.




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