A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Organize Your Dressers Like a Pro 


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The famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo said, “A messy room is a messy mind.” Dressers and chests of drawers are a boon when it comes to organizing a room, but these storage solutions need thoughtful organization for themselves too.

Unorganized drawers can be inconvenient and fussy, and waking up to messy drawers every day is a hustle on its own. If this is the scenario you are in, it’s high time to have a dresser makeover and dive deep into a few dresser organization ideas that will help you out. It is, in fact, very easy to organize your drawer by following these simple steps. But the key here is to discard things that are not needed.

Follow these 14 steps to remove clutter & organize your dresser

Step 1: Start with an empty drawer

To start with, clear up all contents of your drawer, be it anything. Your clothing dresser needs to be empty so that only useful items find a way back. Get rid of clothes that have become old and outdated, are oversized, and are unused for years. The best way to get rid of them is to donate or sell these items in a garage sale.    

Otranto Mahogany Wood 7 Drawer Large Bedroom Dresser

Step 2: Arrange your stuff

After you decide about the keeping pile, the next step is dresser arrangement.  The best and easiest way to put clothes in drawers by category so that you can allocate each drawer to that particular category for easy management. This way your clothes and other paraphernalia will be sorted accordingly and you can find them at the right time.  

Solid wood dressers

Step 3: Organize as per occasions

You can divide clothes according to different occasions. For example, you can put party wear clothes in one large drawer while casual clothes and formal wear in different drawers to avoid chaos when you are in a hurry. Picking up an 8-drawer dresser or a standard dresser, in this case, will be a smart choice.

Delanson Solid Mahogany Wood Tall Bedroom Dresser With 8 Drawers
Delanson Solid Mahogany Wood Tall Bedroom Dresser With 8 Drawers

Step 4: Organize as per seasons

Seasonal clothing storage is another option you can try for organizing your dresser. This involves separating items relating to a particular season in a single drawer which will avoid confusion and mix-ups. Select our English Garden Hand Carved Mango Wood 4 Drawer Dresser or any 3 to 4-drawer dresser and utilize it as per the 4 seasons. Easy-peasy!

English Garden Hand Carved Mango Wood 4 Drawer Dresser

Step 5: Organize by type of clothes

You can also arrange your clothes according to the cloth type. Be sure to include only those items in the drawer that are not too bulky so that you have enough space. Have a separate chest of drawers for lingerie, socks, tank tops, and shorts.

Apart from having a dresser for your clothes, you can use a modern bachelor chest to store your make-up items and other daily essentials.  Check our collection of 6-drawer double dressers or 9-drawer dressers as they are excellent for organizing by type.


Step 6: Organize by the size of the drawer

Another important aspect you need to consider while organizing is the size of your drawer. A dresser with 7 drawers and above is best if you have plenty of clothes to organize. A solid wood wide dresser will provide sufficient space for storing different clothing items, accessories, and daily essentials.

Investing in a tall wooden dresser or a 3-drawer dresser can be a choice for thinner clothing items. However, before buying, do not forget to check the dresser’s dimensions. 

solid wooden dresser

Step 7: Organize by colors of the clothes

If you wish to sort your clothes by color and have many similar color dresses you can broadly divide your clothes into different color piles and put the similar ones in the same drawer.

White and black are the two main colors most people have; you can segregate your clothes according to the most worn colors from your collection and allocate different drawers accordingly.  One easy way is to keep white or pastel-hued clothes in a white double dresser and if you have a black double dresser then keep a black and darker one in that. 

organization dresser by color
organization dresser by color

Step 8: Check your folding techniques

While arranging your closet your folding techniques will have a huge impact on the space occupied. You can check some videos of unique folding techniques to help in tidying up.

Avoid untidy and bulky folding of clothes, instead, you can overlap them precisely and form thin layers, which will give you the much-needed space so that you can wake up to an organized closet with a positive attitude every morning. 

Step 9: Leave bulky clothes aside

Be sure to leave out clothes like jeans, sweatshirts, and hoodies for your closet. The best way to deal with these bulky clothes is to hang them in a wardrobe as they occupy a large amount of space. Include only those items in your dresser drawers which are thinner and store the other items in the next best spot you can think of. 

Step 10: Take advantage of extra drawer space

If you have an oversized dresser with locking drawers, you can store valuable accessory items in it to utilize the space. You can dedicate a dresser for jewelry, belts, neckpieces, etc. A dresser with a mirror will come in handy here. If you have a collection of socks, you can utilize that extra drawer suitably. You can opt for a combo dresser to store your clothing accessories. 

Dresser organize storage
Advantages of Extra Drawer space

Step 11: Use drawer dividers for organization dresser

If you have deep drawer dressers when divided will provide better dresser organization. Use those dividers to avoid the jumbling of small clothing items. This will help you find items easily without digging through your clothes and spoiling the organized drawer that you’ve worked hard on.  


Step 12: Label your drawers

If it’s difficult for you to remember the arrangement of your drawers, an easy way to remember it is by labeling each drawer. If you have children at home, have a separate dresser for babies, and kids and one for adults, and label them accordingly.

You can also label them according to gender, color, occasion, etc. Consider a gentleman’s chest dresser or a 5-drawer dresser from our collection if you are a bachelor or someone who needs less storage.

Dresser for babies
Dresser organization for babies

Step 13: Rotate clothing seasonally

If you want easy access to your present-season clothing, the best way is to divide your drawers into the off-season and current-season sections. This way you can get rid of clothes that you are not going to use for the present season, Such rotation will help you focus on the clothes that can be used daily and avoid confusion.

Step 14: Tidy your drawers every day

But be sure to maintain your custom dresser the way it is. After working strategically on it, keep the balance going by tidying it up the day after and changing the arrangements accordingly. It will last long only if you put effort into its maintenance. 

messy dresser before organize
messy dresser before organizing
after dresser organize
after dresser organize

Bid Goodbye to the mess

For the best drawer organization ideas, keep in mind all these tips and try them right away if your drawer is in shambles. The basic rule to follow here is to not let unwanted items reach your drawer and to sort them out every day to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Resist the urge to hoard items, and let go of what you do not use. Using dresser drawers for clothes organization will not only provide storage space but will bring in positivity. Say goodbye to your mess by embracing these steps and giving your dresser a makeover.



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