The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bed


You’ve finished decorating your bedroom and it’s practically fit for a king. Before you upgrade your bed and give it the royal treatment, you might want to consider if a king will actually fit.

From the smallest to largest, here’s the rundown on beds of all sizes and tips to make sure the bed that you choose isn’t too small or too large.

Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the bed that’s just right

Before You Buy

When measuring for what size bed you need, be sure to take into account any extra space your headboard and bed frame will actually take on the floor. If you only go by mattress size, you’ll likely end up with a bed frame that’s too large.

For most bed frames, you can expect to add about 6-7 inches to the length of the mattress and 4-5 inches to the width. If you opt for a larger frame, like a platform bed, be prepared to add about 10-17 inches to your mattress dimensions.

If you live in a smaller space and you’re not purchasing a “mattress in a box”, you’ll also want to consult a professional about the logistics of moving before you attempt to move your new king size mattress into a studio apartment.

You should also keep in mind how many nightstands you like having next to your bed. If you prefer to have one on each side, you’ll need to make sure that both of the nightstands and your bed will fit in your allotted space. If you’re super trendy and are dying to install a floating table in lieu of a nightstand, you’ll be able to purchase a larger bed because your table won’t take up any floor space.

Ultimately, choosing a bed size that works for you is all about your personal preferences. When shopping, I tend to first find the frame I want and then measure my home based on the dimensions of the frame rather than the mattress itself. This just makes life a little easier.

Since all bed frame sizes differ, it’s much easier to describe the different mattress size choices. Here’s what you’ll have to pick from

Twin Beds

Key West Bamboo Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Twin beds are the basic starter bed that you’ll usually upgrade to when replacing a toddler size bed. Since these beds are still quite narrow, many parents are taking the plunge and purchasing a full-sized bed for their older kids so they won’t need to upgrade bed sizes twice.

Twin sized beds are also the norm in dorms across the nation. If you’re lucky, you may be blessed with a twin XL; these allow young adults to stretch out while still mostly fitting on the mattress.

Regular twin beds are 38” x 75” and twin XL beds are 38” x 80”. The length of regular twin beds may be too short for some adults.

Full Beds

Texas Solid Wood Paneled Platform Bed Frame w Headboard


Full beds are considered double beds, which means that 2 people should comfortably fit on them. With a full, each adult will get about 27” of personal space, which is the same width of a crib mattress.

Full sized beds are 53” x 75”. Since this is the same length of a twin bed, it still may be too short for adults. If you or your partner is larger than the average bear or you don’t enjoy cuddling every single night, you may want to consider a size upgrade.

Queen Beds

Delaware Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame


There’s a reason that the queen is the most popular bed on the market. Most couples can fit comfortably on this mattress, with 30” of personal space per person. They’re also less bulky than larger mattresses and fit comfortably in smaller homes.

Queen size beds are 60” x 80”. This means that if you’re tall, this is the option you’ll need to have sweet dreams without your feet dangling off of your mattress.

King Beds

Dallas Ranch Rustic Solid Wood Platform Canopy Bed

The king is the widest bed you can find, which means maximum comfort and personal space for each person. If you push two twin XL beds together, you’ll have the same amount of space as you would on a single king mattress.

King size beds are 76” x 80”. You’ll certainly give your home a royal upgrade by treating yourself to the giant bed you might not need but definitely deserve.

California King Beds

Mission Romance Solid Wood & Iron Platform Bed

The aptly named California king bed is popular among West Coast natives. This king size bed is more narrow than the traditional king size bed, but it is a bit longer. If you happen to be someone that’s extra tall or that loves to pile dozens of pillows at the top of your bed, this may be the better king option for you.

California king size beds are 72” x 84”. These are generally easier to move into homes than traditional king beds, so if you have narrow doorways or live on the 5th floor, this is likely the better large mattress option for you.

It’s Your Turn to Decide

We’ve given you all you need to know about the different mattress sizes available to you, so it’s your turn to break out the tape measure and decide which bed is right for you.

If you have any other tips on purchasing a bed, be sure to let us know in the comments below.




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