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Extra long blue sideboard

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What Is A Sideboard? — Know All About Sideboards

A sideboard is a storage cabinet that is usually placed in the dining room to display dinnerware and cookware, in the kitchen to store food and cookware, or in the bar area to store wine bottles and bar accouterments. It can also be placed in the living room or foyer instead of a console table.

A sideboard can come with a hutch, drawers, cabinets, and cupboards, and also be used to serve food, however, it is different from a buffet, though the words are often interchangeable.

We also have credenza, servers, and china cabinets that are used as synonyms for a sideboard, but each of these has its own characteristics. Let’s have a look!

The Sideboard And Its Siblings

A sideboard is a storage cabinet that is long and has a low stance. It is characterized by short legs, larger cabinets, and drawers above the cabinets. When a sideboard is placed in the living room, it can act as an entertainment unit and can host the TV, entertainment accessories, books, and showpieces.

Two Tone Extra long sideboard
Two Tone Extra long sideboard

Though a buffet is much similar to a sideboard, it can be distinguished by longer legs, moderate storage space, and a flat top ideal for laying out food in buffet style. It is always placed in the dining room along with the dining table or kitchen.

A buffet is often larger than a sideboard and its height can come up to the countertop level to make serving convenient. A buffet cabinet is used specifically to house silverware, napkins, and dinnerware. The countertop of a buffet is used to serve tea, coffee, and food to guests.

Solid Wood Buffet

On the other hand, a credenza typically has sliding doors and often comes with a plinth base or low legs. It is shorter and sleeker and can be used as a TV stand as well when kept in the living room. It can be placed in the office or study to store books, files, and documents.

Mid century tv sideboard
Sliding door Credenza

The size of a server cabinet is between a sideboard and a buffet. It can feature drawers and an open bottom on taller legs. 

Coming to curios and china cabinet, it is designed to showcase your prized china, collection of crystal figurines, and souvenirs. This type of sideboard is characterized by its glass cabinet doors and wooden frame.

How The Sideboard Came Into Being

It is believed that the sideboard made its first appearance in the dining room in the 16th century and it was just a sideboard which means it began as a board near the table, attached to a wall or on some support.

The ancestor of today’s sideboard made its debut in the 1770s in Britain and gained popularity during the 19th century and became a common household furniture piece. Some of the earliest sideboards were found in France, England, Poland, Belgium, and Scotland and they eventually came to America. 

solid wood buffet cabinet

The Georgian sideboards were crafted with solid wood like oak, mahogany, pinewood, and walnut, and ornamentation such as veneers and inlays were used. They were elegant and slender and often used to store dining accouterments. 

On the contrary, Victorian sideboards were heavy and were also used to display silver trays, silver candlesticks, brass lamps, or a decorative soup tureen. Moreover, they had organic patterns and decorations with classical details.

Because of its versatility to store and display various items, the sideboard became fashionable and made its entry to the living room, bedroom, study, foyer, and office.

How to Choose the Perfect Sideboard

Selecting the sideboard for your home can help you organize and manage your space better, hence it is always a great idea to do some basic measurements

Rule 1: Get the size right

Select a spot to place the sideboard you are contemplating buying. Now measure the height, width, and depth of the space. Ensure that the space does not have other items nearby and the placing of the sideboard there will not cover any heating or cooling vent.

If the chosen place is crowded, you can go for a narrow sideboard or buffet so that you do not bump into other items while using it. Make sure that there is at least a 24 inches gap between the sideboard cabinet and other items.

Extra long blue sideboard

If the spot is near a window, check if there is the right amount of space between the bottom of the window and the tabletop of the sideboard.

Based on your need for storage and the availability of space, select a tall, long, or extra-long sideboard (Above 80″), and make sure to have enough room to walk around when the drawers are open. A sideboard should be of the same height as the dining table, which is between 34 to 36 inches. 

Rule 2: Get the right stain to match the interior 

Depending on the interior décor of your dining room, select the stain of a buffet or a sideboard. If you want to go for a look that stands out, then black or a navy blue sideboard will look great in a well-lit room with light-colored walls, and a white one will match any wall color and will look amazing on wooden flooring.

Rustic solid wood two tone sideboard

Rule 3: Get the style right

Choose a style that will seamlessly blend with the existing interiors and reflect your persona. If you want a minimal design, go for a modern sideboard or buffet with a sleek build and neutral tone that will heighten any space. If you want a rugged look, go for an industrial-style sideboard with metal accents or an iron frame and solid wood panels with an organic finish. 

modern industrial style sideboard

If you have farmhouse-style decor, go for a neutral rustic look. A rattan or cane sideboard look will enhance a coastal-style home. If you are a fan of the traditional style, check out a buffet or sideboard with a vintage or antique look that flaunts a Victorian style. A sideboard made of reclaimed wood will heighten a rustic-style home.

Rule 4: Get the features right

Once you have identified the requirements of your space, analyze your storage needs and pick a buffet or a sideboard with a hutch for extra storage space. A two-tone hutch will look great in any setting. In case you want to display your china and wine collection, a sideboard with bar storage or a bar hutch would be the best fit. Selecting a sideboard in live edge design will showcase your premium taste in design.

wine bar large sideboard

Go For Customization

If you are unable to find a sideboard or buffet or credenza that matches your requirement or style, you can go for customization at Sierra Living Concepts. Based on your preferences, the expert team at Sierra Living Concepts will design a sideboard keeping your preference for style, stain, and size exclusively for you.


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