Are Chest of Drawers the Same as Dressers? — Know The Differences

Chest of drawer vs Dresser

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Chest of drawers Vs Dresser

Furniture is no more just a piece of utility to fulfill a purpose, but a statement piece to enrich the beauty of the interiors. On a high level, a dresser and a chest of drawers both serve the purpose of storing one’s belongings. But beyond organizing, the solid wood dresser and wooden chest of drawers can simply brighten up the bedroom. A chest of drawers tends to be tall and narrower, while dressers generally are shorter and wider, with more defined storage options for clothes, linens, etc. So, when a corner chest of drawers can be used to store anything in a bedroom, living room or office, dressers with mirrors are more suitable for large bedrooms.

chest of drawers vs dresser
Chest of Drawers vs Dresser

Types of dressers

By definition, a dresser is a type of bureau with a mirror, which can be used for grooming. Usually placed in the bedroom, dressers are used to store clothes and accessories along with make-up or grooming kits. They are wide, short, and mostly of waist height. The drawers are evenly placed and the top platform holds a mirror at an ideal height for both applying make-up and getting dressed up. The five major types of dressers are horizontal dressers, double dressers, combo dressers, wide dressers, and tall dressers.

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Horizontal dresser: With two to three long and deep rows of drawers, the horizontal dresser is the most common type of dresser. Also known as standard dressers, horizontal wooden dressers usually have six or more pullout drawers. This 6-drawer horizontal dresser has ample tabletop space to hold large mirrors. Long horizontal dressers can be paired with complementing mirrors to enhance their style and utility. If you are looking for a horizontal dresser, the Rehoboth Distressed Finish Solid Wood 7-Drawer Horizontal Dresser is a wonderful option.

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Double dresser: A double-drawer dresser has two long drawers across its width. A 6-drawer double dresser or 8-drawer double dresser can serve as an ideal wood double dresser. Two wide and spacious columns of drawers give ample storage space for a modern double dresser and this makes it a perfect double dresser with a mirror for compact interiors. Current furniture trends include the use of distressed white double dressers for a relaxed cottage vibe.

Combo double dresser: Stay organized with a combo dresser, as it includes a mix of dresser drawers and storage cabinets. Ideally similar in size to a standard dresser, the dresser vanity combo has pull-out drawers and cabinets for storage. The dresser desk combo can hold a wider mirror on the wide top space.

Long/Wide dresser: Wide bedroom dressers provide great storage solutions owing to their width. These bulky extra wide dressers will have 3 drawers, 6 drawers or more drawers, and also act as a suitable platform for your TV, and a brilliant focal point.

Tall dresser: Tall bedroom dressers are 26 to 44 inches in height and have a narrow style. They have drawers stacked one on top of the other, mostly in a single column. A tall dresser with 5-6 drawers is perfect for places with space constraints. The Bradenton Solid Mahogany Wood Tall Dresser with 8 Drawers is perfect for compact rooms.

Types of chests of drawers

The chests of drawers are similar to dressers in purpose but have narrow and tall construction to satisfy the storage aspect. They have multiple drawers mounted in a single column on a frame. They consume less space and according to the items stored in them and their builds, chests of drawers are classified as vertical chests, gentleman’s chests, lingerie chests, media chests, and bachelor’s chests.

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Vertical chest: Vertical chests are similar in size and shape to tall dressers. Though they are ideal for compact interiors, they have less storage space. They can be paired with dressers or cabinets, and are ideal to be placed in the bedroom, hallway, or study. If you are looking for one, go for the Colonial Solid Wood 5 Drawer Standard Vertical Chest.

Gentleman’s chest: The gentleman’s chest has a combination of drawers and cabinets. This antique dresser is named after its storage purpose as the cabinets and drawers have provisions to hang suits, jackets, pants, and store-rolled ties. 

Lingerie chest: The lingerie chest of drawers is taller and narrower compared to others. As the name suggests, it is used to store undergarments, socks, and night clothing. This can be used for storing small items like jewelry, make-up, skincare products, etc.

Bachelor’s chest: A modern bachelor’s chest is a low chest of drawers with a pull-out slide for writing. This small chest of drawers is simple, narrow with just enough space for one person’s belongings, and thus goes by the name. With ideal dimensions like 34 inches in height, and 21 inches in length, the 3-drawer bachelor’s chest is the most common variant.

Media chest: A media chest is an entertainment unit with open shelves for cables, remotes, and other media and gaming accessories, while the drawers below could hold your clothes. A media chest for the bedroom is generally taller than usual media cabinets, thus a perfect pick for you if you love binge-watching movies and TV series from the comfort of your bed.

Reasons to choose solid wood dressers and chests 

Solid wood dressers and chests are better choices for your interiors because of their versatility, durability, and sustainability. Robust wooden furniture adds class to your style statement. Flaunt your interiors with solid wood white dressers and chests from our ensemble.

Cheap wood Vs Solid wood furniture

It is advisable to choose solid wood furniture over engineered wood furniture as solid wood furniture is strong, durable, and sustainable in the long term. Cheap wood furniture may cost less, but it loses its charm quickly and requires regular and frequent maintenance. Moreover, solid wood furniture brings an aura of elegance to your interiors compared with cheap wood furniture.

Dresser or a chest?

Deciding whether to get a dresser or a chest of drawers for your room can be confusing and exhausting. Before zeroing in on the furniture piece, consider the space available, the interior design styles, and the exact purpose of the furniture. A bedroom chest can be used to store clothes and other personal items. However, you can use a solid wood dresser to keep an extra pillow or a blanket. Choose from our range of bedroom chests of drawers according to your storage needs.

Size of your chest or dresser 

A standard chest of drawers is taller and narrower than a standard solid wood dresser. Chests of drawers can range from 44 to 60 inches in height while standard dressers height are usually 26 to 40 inches tall. Dressers go by the width to enhance the storage space of drawers as well as the tabletop area. A 30 inches wide dresser or a 40 inches wide dresser are the most preferable ones. For compact spaces, choose tall chests and for wider spaces, you can opt for a combo dresser.

The functionality of drawers in chests and dressers

The number of drawers is another important factor to consider while selecting a chest or dresser. It would be easier to organize all of your clothes into a single dresser if the drawer numbers are more than 4 in addition, you can easily dedicate sections for each type of clothing. Whereas, for a media chest, it would be just enough to have 3 drawers as the variety of items to be stored is minimal. 6-drawer dressers are great for storing your belongings in the bedroom but choose a 3-drawer dresser if you wish to keep it in the dining room or kitchen to store napkins and silverware.

Bureau Vs Dresser

The main difference between a dresser and a bureau is that a dresser is typically used in a bedroom while a bureau is typically housed in a location such as an office or library. In terms of construction, a dresser and a bureau are nearly identical.

Both bureaus and dressers are used for storage but a bureau can also be used as a writing desk, similar to a secretary desk. As a result, some people believe that bureaus are taller than standard dressers.

Storage solutions from Sierra Living Concepts

For high-quality solid wood furniture, Sierra Living Concepts is always your best companion. With a wide assortment of wooden chests of drawers and dressers, you can opt for sturdy, durable, and chic storage solutions for your home and office. Our unique collection of handmade furniture will jazz up your interiors. Bring life to a dull corner with storage furniture in various styles such as rustic, modern, farmhouse, and many more.




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