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solid tv stand & media console

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We all love to showcase our sleek and modern flat-screen TVs, but choosing the right TV stand and media console for the TV can be challenging. To select the perfect entertainment center, the first and foremost thing to be considered is the size of your TV. And we all know that the size of the TV is defined by its diagonal measurement of the screen, not the dimensions. 

In this blog, we will discuss the various types of TV and media consoles that we offer. This will help you buy the right size media console table for your TV and entertainment gadgets. Check this out:

Measurement of TV Size, Media Size, and Viewing Distance

Consider a Place for Your TV Stand 

Keeping that in mind, decide the right spot for your TV unit and make sure that the spot is free from any reflections, you surely don’t want any glare on the screen to spoil the fun. If you are a movie night person or love watching sports, place it by the corner fireplace or buy a bedroom TV stand to have cozy movie nights.    

tv stand media console living room
Living Room Setup with Media Console

Match the Room Size with the TV Stand

Buying an oversized TV console could overpower the aesthetic of your place. An 80 or 70 inches TV stand with open shelves would look perfect in a family room, while a 60 inches TV stand would be a great fit for the living room. Common sizes such as 40-60 inches would be best for the bedrooms.  

Measure Your Sitting Height

The height at which you sit while watching TV matters a lot as it directly has an impact on your eyesight. Normally a 40º view is considered best with an average sitting height of 95 to 100 cm.  To suit your needs accordingly you can buy a low or tall media console. Keeping in mind the height of your TV and the furniture that you sit on. 

Measuring height  with TV stand
Measuring height with TV stand

Find the Best Shape suitable for Your Room

You can try different shapes of TV stands to complement your space.  If you have a small room you can go for a narrow or a small media console as it doesn’t require much space. Corner TV Cabinets are efficient space-savers. But if you plan to keep it in a larger space, you can select the Mongolian Scarlet Solid Mahogany Wood Long TV Stand Media Cabinet from our collection. 3-Piece entertainment centers are a great way to add grand style and maximized storage to your entertainment den.

best shape tv stand suitable for living room
Different Shapes For the Media Consoles

Explore the Styles to Complement Your Living Room 

When we talk about style, there are a variety of media console options that you can choose from. If your style is rustic, the Tempe Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood 6 Drawer TV Stand Media Console is a great choice to consider. We also have a wide collection of traditional, contemporary, and farmhouse TV stands that have extra details like geometric designs and ornamental accents. A mid-century modern TV stand can go with any airy living room style. If you love vintage style, opt for a distressed finish TV unit or reclaimed wood TV stand.

Styles of tv stand to compliment living room
Different Styles of Tv/Media Consoles

Spot the Colors that Suit Your TV Room

If you want to make your room look more capacious and vibrant, use light and neutral colors for your TV stand like white, grey, and light brown. Similarly, if you have light color rooms, you can use dark solid colors to make the media console the center of attraction. You can check the Brimson Contemporary Style Solid Wood Black TV Stand Media Console that has open shelves and richly stained wood which will help blend in with any room seamlessly.  

Tv stand colors that suits living room
Trending Colors/Stains to Choose

Pick the Right Material

The material of a TV plays a crucial role as it defines style and durability. You can choose from materials like metal, wood, glass, medium-density fiberboard, etc. A solid wood TV stand and media console is long-lasting, and a one-time investment that has a class of its own. By selecting a combination of wood and glass get a multi-purpose media display cabinet. Reclaimed wood media table is a great way to care for the environment. You can choose the material according to your requirements keeping in mind the particular aspect that matters to you the most. 

Materials used for TV Stand
Top Materials

Understand the Types of TV Stands 

After you have come to a conclusion about the sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, the last thing is which type of TV stand will suit your place best. There are a variety of options to explore:  

Solid teak wood outdoor furniture on sale

Media Chest: These are drawered dressers that are ideal for bedrooms and dorm rooms. A media chest is distinguished from the other styles by the presence of open slots that can be used for media players or gaming consoles. 


Corner TV stand: Corner TV units are designed to save space and will fit in any corner of your place. A corner TV stand will help you fit a big screen in a compact place. 

Corner Tv stand

Media console: A media console helps you store wired TV gadgets with ease due to the presence of cable management cut-outs at the back. They have storage shelves that can be used to store tv boxes, remotes, play stations, etc.

Terrarum Rustic Solid Wood TV Stand Media Console

Entertainment center: An entertainment center is more than just a TV unit. A typical entertainment center, apart from providing space to store electronic appliances such as TV, speakers, home theatre systems, etc. Also provides bookshelf storage for decorative pieces. The Danville Modern Teak and Solid Wood Entertainment Center is an ideal choice for larger farmhouse-style spaces with its open shelves, drawers, and cabinets. 

Danville Modern Teak and Solid Wood Entertainment Center

TV armoire: In a TV armoire, the TV is contained in a cabinet with doors and can be concealed when not in use. These work well in bedrooms. 

Shop for TV Stand, Media Console, and Entertainment Center

If you are planning to buy a TV stand, media console, or entertainment center, look no further. You can find all these products online at Sierra Living Concepts which provides a wide variety of entertainment centers, media consoles, and TV stands to choose from. These are handcrafted by skilled artisans and are completely made of high-quality solid wood like Teak, Acacia, Indian Rosewood, Mango wood, and reclaimed wood. Our collection of TV stands and entertainment centers not only enhances the aesthetics of your TV room but also give you sufficient storage options.  Choose one that suits your requirement the best.




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