6 Common Dining Table Styles


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A dining room has got great importance in a house as it is that shared space of happiness and joy. Brighten this space to create memorable moments with family and friends. In this section of the ultimate dining table buying guide, we will help you understand some of the most trending and timeless dining table styles for the best dining room ideas. 


For the love of warm, nature-inspired space with neutral-colored wood furniture, vintage accessories, and soft fabrics, the farmhouse decor style is the right choice. The toned-down shades of wooden dining tables seamlessly blend with wooden or upholstered benches, chairs, or a combination of both for cozy seating.

dining table and chair set

Though chic farmhouse style highlights natural elements, antique accessories, and throws can add colors to your solid wood and knitted seating. An heirloom buffet, vintage trays, shabby chic accessories, rugs or table mats in organic ropes, and traditional lamp posts or candle stands can enrich the ambiance. Slightly overlapped with a rustic style, but just more lively, you will never run out of options for furniture and decor in this style.

Look at the top-selling farmhouse dining table, the Greenville Farmhouse Two-Tone Teak Wood Trestle Pedestal Dining Table, from our collection.


Modern dining room ideas are straight and simple, with clean lines and clutter-free arrangements. With a greater inclination to minimalist designs, luxury is apparent in this style. Furniture and fabric used in modern dining spaces can be monochromatic or by far of two contrasting colors. Modern style rebels against ornate designs by embracing unadorned accessories, minimal decor, geometric-patterned rugs and textiles, and bright artworks.

These modern and mid-century dining ideas can be vast and deep but are not to be mistaken for contemporary style. Modern dining table designs focus on innovation and function, with zero pretense. A sleek, clean-lined silhouette, smooth finish, and an airy, minimalist appeal with occasional vivid hues of wood and metal are a few characteristics of modern furniture. Check out this no-fuss round modern dining table from our newly launched collection of dining furniture.


With an option to be heavily knit and elegant at the same time, rustic dining room ideas throw light upon the nostalgic village styles. It is easy to confuse rustic with farmhouse as both styles put an emphasis on natural elements, however, unlike the farmhouse style which is more complex and colorful, the rustic style lets you boast the raw and rough-hewn look and feel of natural wood by encouraging simpler designs with rougher woodsy feel and naturalistic wood grain.

Solid wood dining furniture

Wooden frames, locally crafted decor, and accessories including pottery and woven textiles reflect the true homey comfort of the Rustic style. The furniture often features dark, earthy colors. This masterpiece rustic dining table from our collection, with size variants to accommodate 4-12 chairs,  will remind you of simpler times of the past. 


With a more practical and multifunctional design, industrial-style dining rooms blend rustic and urban ambiance seamlessly. Inspired by old factories and warehouses, industrial-style interiors could incorporate exposed elements like ductwork, beams, and bricks to achieve a raw, edgy style.

The loud combination of organic wood and iron parts connotes a bold simplicity and provides extensive decor options. Standard-size centerpiece dining table with black-polished iron pedestals and seating combining wood, metal, and solid textured upholstery are the elementary components in this design. Suited decor includes soft textured fabrics, warm planters, glassware, unique designs in ceramics, and other stylized buffet cabinets. 

Furniture from this style has an added guarantee for strength with the graceful blend of wood and iron parts. Here is one industrial dining table to lighten your search right here.


Timeless designs from the past inspired designers to set dining spaces with classic furniture and accessories. Keeping history alive with historic styles like William and Mary, Queen Anne, Victorian, and Chippendale, traditional dining room designs feel safe and sophisticated. 

The most attractive feature is its openness to every other dining room concept, without harming core elegance. With traditional dining room style, it’s easy to blend most furniture styles from before the mid-twentieth century.

Ornate chic furniture with detailed carvings like accent chairs with arm and backrests, buffets and hutches adorned with heavy metal handlebars, and single centerpiece dining tables with curvy base adds beauty by themselves. Invest in bold elements like wallpapers, gorgeous Victorian rugs, matte fabrics with checkered or linear design patterns, traditional lamps, etc. Check out this chic double pedestal dining table that uses beautiful hand carvings from the French traditional style.


Out-of-the-box style statements encompassing a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century are put together in the contemporary style dining tables. The minimalist design enriched with chic statement furniture is the base of this style.

Contemporary furniture style embraces softened, curved lines, unlike the stark lines of modern design. Forgetting the past and preferring today’s styles and preferences, contemporary uses bold pastels, asymmetrical façades, curves, and flowing lines. 

With all the physical differences, these furniture and interior designs add a touch of sophistication and functionality in their own charming ways. When you know which style fits your bill, do it your desired way.



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