5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Dining Room


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Dining rooms aren’t the ultra-formal seating areas that they used to be. Dining rooms are typically now designed with family and friends in mind and are welcoming spaces that are made to bring people together.

If your dining room isn’t a space you’d like to spend time in, why would your guests want to eat there? To create a space that lets conversations flow, you’ll want to make your room feel less stuffy and make it feel more like a home.

Is a full dining room table and chairs change out of the budget? No problem whatsoever.

5 Easy Ways To Improve Dining Area

1. Mix and Match seating

X Square Solid Wood Traditional Dining Chair (Set Of 2)
Urban Solid Wood & Leather Straight Back Parson Dining Chair Set of 2

If your home has a bit of eclectic flair to it, you’ll want to bring that same feeling to your dining room. One easy way to do that is by switching out a chair or two from the table to create some contrast.

If your existing chairs have upholstery in a single color, add a few chairs with a pattern you love. If your chairs are stained a light wood, add a few chairs with a darker stain. If your chairs are more traditional, add a few in with more of an industrial vibe.

dining table and chair set

Switching out a couple of chairs from Sierra Living Concepts can change the entire dynamic of your space, which makes this transformation one of the easiest on this list.

2. Focus on Lighting

Chances are that you haven’t changed many of the hardwired lights in your home since you moved in, right? If you’ve never done it before, finding an electrician to come in and change a light for you can be a bit of a chore.


If you have a light that has lost its shine and has seen better days, changing the chandelier in your room can give your space the quick facelift it needs. From lighting with crystals to lighting with Edison bulbs, there is a fixture out there that will bring style and elegance to your space.

3. Add a Buffet

Is there an empty wall in your dining room? Fill it with a console from Sierra Living Concepts.

Saturn Acacia Wood 4 Door Sideboard Cabinet

Consoles and buffets are not only stylish pieces in themselves, they give you the opportunity to style the top of them to bring even more personality to your space. If mixing chairs isn’t in the budget, adding a buffet in a contrasting style can bring that same eclectic collected look to your room.

Solid wood dining furniture

When styling the top of the buffet, you can add anything from photos to artwork to mirrors to travel souvenirs. Make sure that you have a mix of both tall and short items and that you don’t cover the entire top of your buffet when styling. Add just a few items that go really well together to the top instead of overpowering the piece with dozens of knick-knacks.

4. Add Seasonal Linens

It’s the middle of spring, so if you don’t want to break out your emerald green tablecloth, that’s totally understandable. One super simple way to bring new life to your space is to change out the tablecloths, napkins, and placemats.


For spring and summer, adding light colors like whites and creams to your table will bring a sense of airiness and lightness to space. You’ll want to save darker and richer colors like oranges for fall and deep blues for winter.

Remember, seasonal doesn’t mean that your linens have to be “themed”. For example, if you’re hosting an Easter dinner, you don’t need to have bunny patterned napkins in front of each guest. Go for a more subtle approach when choosing textiles and focus more on the feel of the occasion and colors rather than patterns that are too literal. You’ll be able to get more use out of them that way.

5. Bring In Some Greenery

If you have a great set of linens that works year round, consider adding some greenery to freshen up space with a bit of seasonal personalization. Adding plants brings the outside in and helps bring literal life to space.

You can use anything from succulents to cherry blossom stems to bring a bit of color and texture to your table. Picking your plant is only half of the job; you’ll want to make sure that you have a vase or pot that you love before heading to your local florist.


The best part about making over your space? You don’t have to do every single thing listed above. By choosing to make just one change to your space, you’ll create a more welcoming atmosphere that guests will love to be in.

Have you made any changes to your dining room recently? Leave us a comment and tell us about your makeover below.



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