Top 3 Reasons Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is The Best Choice

reclaimed wood furniture

Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by SierraLivingConcepts

Reclaimed wood furniture is gaining popularity and relevance in home design nowadays. The instant touch of history and vintage beauty on it, create a stylish impact that is fitting not only in traditional and rustic interiors but as well as in modern ones. Moreover, its unique, weathered look can instantly bring rustic warmth, texture, and character to the space. Its rich tones bring a unique, natural flair that works stunningly with just about any kind of style. The inviting and homey vibe that it creates is what it makes it so intriguing and beloved. But while other furniture mostly relies on its appearance, reclaimed wood furniture has its own, bizarre beauty and history. Placing a hint of wood note to your interior is a good, lifetime investment for your home. Here are the reasons getting reclaimed wood furniture is the best choice you will ever make.

1. Eco-Friendly

Reclaimed wood furniture is nature-friendly. The wood used in making this furniture came from different sources, including timbers salvaged from old barns, buildings, factories, warehouses, shipping pallets, boats, and even homes. By using reclaimed wood furniture, you are giving this old wood a new life. You help reduce the need for continued deforestation by saving those virgin woods or younger trees for these beautiful older woods that are usable and sustainable. You help save new trees by using reclaimed wood furniture while getting a beautiful and inviting home.

Reclaimed Wood Decor Round Mirror

32” Round Classic Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor Mirror/ Sierra Living Concepts

This stunning wall mirror will look great in any space. It is made of 100% reclaimed wood that is sure to give you natural imperfections that are lovely and exotic. It will make a striking accent to your entryway, bedroom, or even the living room.

reclaimed wood ship bookcase

via Sarah Christine Wilson, Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

An indoor camping theme is a perfect setup for a little boy’s bedroom or playroom. The addition of some wood decor like this canoe bookcase will make a great spot to cozy up for some sweet storytime.

Here are some nature-friendly canoe bookcases that can add whimsy and fun to your space, you can check more of them at[Bookcase]

sierra living concepts reclaimed wood bookcase

Reclaimed Wood Bookcases by Sierra Living Concepts

This reclaimed wood bookcase is sure to grab everyone’s attention with its canoe figure. It is a perfect eco-friendly accent for any home.

2. Rustic Look

Every home needs a rustic touch. It is a sweet sense of connection to the past that makes the space feel homey. It is the easiest and most proven way to make an interior welcoming and soothing. Reclaimed wood furniture offers just that. It is unpretentious. Its natural, wood element gives off a sense of simplicity and cozy feel that other furniture cannot. It brings a natural warmth, appealing texture, and masses of character to your home. The rich tones of reclaimed wood furniture are great for adding accent or creating a striking punch that is both fresh and rugged.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A contemporary interior with rustic flair. Thanks to the woodsy-inspired decor and earth colors gracing in this space, it gives off a dramatic, cozy, and mysterious vibe. The coffee table makes a strong and appealing statement as it creates balance to all the soft textures around it.

sierra living concepts railroad ties rustic wood coffee table

Rustic Wood Coffee Table by Sierra Living Concepts

This square box-style coffee table looks almost the same as the one in the above interior design. It will surely lend that rustic flair you are looking for. It gives beautiful contrast that can be so refreshing and inviting, so place it even on your modern-style homes and experience the rustic vibe it brings.

sierra living concepts railroad ties rustic wood trunk chest

Log Cabin Rustic Reclaimed Wood Standing Coffee Table Chest by Sierra Living Concepts

This reclaimed wood coffee table is sure sturdy and gives off warmth and organic texture. Its rich wood tones create a striking punch that is full of personality and style. This coffee table doubles as a chest offering a lot of storage to keep your space clutter-free.

3. Unique, One-Of-A-Kind

Nothing beats the charm of a naturally aged patina from reclaimed wood furniture. This beautiful patina will add personality to your furniture bringing more elegance to your interiors. Its worn look makes it stand out while the imperfections create an even more attractive appeal that only nature can do. It has an age and style that can never be copied. Aging brings amazing rich colors in the woods that are perfect for adding warmth and style to your home. Plus, the story that comes with it, is a history that will add personality and charm to any space.

reclaimed wood media stand console

Reclaimed Wood Media Console by Sierra Living Concepts

Bring a splash of color and wood tone to your home with this beautiful media stand and console. It is handmade and it features two open shelves and two closed cabinets to keep your space clutter-free. It is sure stylish and has the right amount of texture that will look amazing and unique in any home.

Sierra Living Concepts Reclaimed Wood Standing Chest

18 Compartment Keepsake Mango & Reclaimed Wood 71” Standing Chest/ Sierra Living Concepts

The unique look of this standing chest will definitely fit any home design. Its intricate detailing gives its one-of-a-kind look that is dainty and rustic at the same time. Its beauty is timeless and elegant.

Sierra Living Concepts Reclaimed Wood Shelf Unit

Himanyan Arts Reclaimed Wood Shelf Unit/ Sierra Living Concepts

The combination of brass and reclaimed wood gave birth to this awesome wood shelf unit! Its eccentric look will make it an eye-catching accent in any home.


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