How To Find The Right Coffee Table For Your Space


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Sometimes it’s easy to choose a coffee table if you already know the kind of table, and what you like specifically, but if you are new to coffee tables or want to change to a different coffee table, then follow the three tips below on how to find the perfect coffee table.

What Shape Do You Want It To Be? 

For families with small children, round coffee tables make sense since there are no sharp corners to catch a child’s fall or bump. Families often gravitate towards round coffee tables like these made out of wood since they are not made out of glass or metal.

Rectangular coffee tables are also popular with professionals and families as they offer space for lounging, drinking, or providing space for plenty of materials set down on it such as books, newspapers, or even as a space to fold clothes during laundry duty.

Recently, wheeled coffee tables are becoming popular for people with sleeper sofas or small sectional sofas as they can easily be moved out of the way to make room for the sleeper sofa when a guest stays the night.

Size Matters 

The size of your coffee table is no joke. An overly large coffee table paired with a small loveseat or sofa can throw the room off-kilter and make it awkward to navigate. Or a small coffee table for a large sofa or sectional would also not be the right fit for the space. Can you imagine trying to rest your feet on your coffee table, and finding it’s too small to do so?

When choosing your coffee table, consider the size in relative to the size of your furniture such as sofas, loveseats, or armchairs. How will it be positioned in front of the sofa? Is it too tall or too short? A height of 18 inches is said to be the right height for a coffee table.

Make Sure It Complements Your Furniture

In addition to shape and size, there is the aesthetic of your living room to consider. If you have a large minimalist living room with a sleek sofa, and you want the feel of airiness in your space, then choose a coffee table that has thin legs and a stunning top.

Or if you want your living room to feel cozy, the use of reclaimed wood is a very popular material with our coffee tables, and our customers have found it adds a special depth of warmth to the living room. Also, if you are tight on storage, the use of trunks, or wooden coffee tables with hidden storage is a great solution to that particular storage problem.

Coffee Table Trunk

In the end, when it comes to buying your coffee table, consider the shape, the size, and how the aesthetic of it fits with your vision of how your living room should look like.

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