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People forge different expectations from their living rooms and are always on a quest to find the best ideas to upscale them. Firstly, the living room of a house or apartment is a place where you welcome your guests or your friends to hang out or you spend time with family, and secondly, it is a reflection of your lifestyle and choices. So, it’s natural to think about the best ways to redefine it to suit your style and taste. 

The next thing that remains common in living rooms of American households is the television set. Some like to place their TV sets on stands while some prefer it on the wall. So, here is a comprehensive guide that will give you some best ideas about small room decor and how to utilize that small space to integrate your TV set. 

1. Consider Size of The Living Room 

As per the report by the US Census Bureau of 2015, the average size of an American household has come around 2467 square feet, which is a dramatic increase from the past. It makes sense because the per capita income and requirements have also increased. Since the living room is among the most significant areas of the home, people have different ideas about its size. Some like to keep it large to accommodate their utilities while some prefer a smaller living room to compensate for some space for their bedrooms and kitchen.  

2. Planning For a Small Living Room 

If you are having a small living room, then you must plan wisely for the furniture arrangement and other utilities like television to utilize the limited space in the most efficient way. In an average American household, the small living room covers around 7 x 10 ft of space which could fit a 2-seater sofa. However, some living rooms also cover 10 x 13 ft which lends space for other utilities such as chairs and coffee tables. Both of these rectangular living layouts will work brilliantly if you choose to mount your TV set on the wall. 

3. Use Wall as TV Stand

A question that haunts us all is how to breathe life and depth into your limited space without making it look clumsy. Even after getting the walls painted and curtains installed, the living room looks incomplete, why? Because the focal center of any living room, a television set, still needs the right place to be.

Small living room tv stand

Finding and placing the television set can be tough as there are multiple options. Mounting it on the wall is among the best alternatives as it will eliminate the need to employ a media cabinet. Moreover, it will lend a subtle charm and will easily blend with the environment. 

4. Use Corner TV Stand

A well-planned TV room can make the watching experience more fun and bring depth to any small apartment but one small mistake can cost the aesthetics. You can choose to employ a corner TV stand to integrate your media set with the room. An arrangement with a small corner TV stand will lend more space for seats so that your folks could relax and enjoy their favorite shows. There are other options as well like a corner fireplace TV stand that works beautifully in small living room settings. 

small Living room tv stand

5. Choose Narrow TV Stand

One way is to invest in narrow TV stands that take less space but easily accommodate your TV set.  You can also look for tall narrow TV stands with storage to bring more functionality to your ensemble. 

Narrow tv stand

6. Creating a Library Around TV

One can also create an amazing space by building a small library around the TV to lend an interesting look or can simply turn the space into a bookshelf entertainment center. That way, many other things, and household items could be placed. 

Some designers also consider hiding the TV set in plain sight as the best option for small living rooms. One can easily camouflage it in a frame or sliding doors to accentuate the aesthetics of the living room.

If you get the size right, then placing it right above the fireplace will make it a natural fit. The ideal height for placing or mounting the TV depends on personal preference but making it too high can disturb the visual experience and can cause stress. Secondly, it depends on the distance and size of the TV and the height of the sofa. 

7. Choose The Right Decor For Your TV Room

You don’t have to worry if your living room space is compact, as with the right decor ideas, you can elevate its beauty standards and make it even more lively. Since, the living room is the one where all the entertainment happens, where you receive your guests, and where you showcase your interest and lifestyle choices, it’s important to consider the right sofa choice, coffee table, storage sections, accent chairs, lighting, colors, and functionality. 

right decor for family room

8. Lighting And Color Inspiration For TV Rooms

Starting with a color palette, the aim is to have a subtle flow and the right energy that blends everything together. Monochromatic and natural tones are always helpful but one can also try colorful tones such as terracotta, beige, and greens. However, what truly accentuates the colors is the lighting. So, having a pendant light over with options of dimming and a couple of lamplights can strike a chord. 

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9. Multipurpose Furniture

The next thing is furniture, and when it comes to that, having multi-purpose furniture is always an advantage. Coffee tables with storage or a coffee table with stools that double up as seats can save a lot of space and bring creativity to the room. However, choosing the right sofa set is both important and difficult. 

small living room coffee table

10. Choose Right Sofa Set

The style of a room depends a lot on the style of the sofa as it establishes the mood of the house. A neutral sofa, of course, brightens the space but having colorful, stylish, and tufted sofa pieces can infuse character into your small space. Meanwhile, you can always opt for accent chairs to add a little pop of color to lift the spirits. 

small living room sofa

11. Use Mirror & Avoid Curtains

Lastly, mirrors and drapes equally help in taking the small living rooms to perfection. Drapes and curtains definitely add visual persona to your room, but it will be wise to either remove them or avoid using thick ones so that the outside view is not obstructed. Instead, using blinds over drapes and curtains will make more sense and will be the right option for small living rooms. Mirror, as per many experts, adds a sense of space to your space and allows entry of light, thus bringing a feeling of a bigger space and enhancing the visual aesthetics of your room. 

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Bonus Tip:- Small Living Room Ideas with TV and Dining Table

Combining the small living room with TV and dining table is a modern and popular design choice in newer homes and small apartments. A dining table should be placed in the living room to maximize the use of a combined living room and dining room. Dining tables are not only used for sitting down to eat brunch, lunch, or dinner; they are also versatile pieces of furniture that can serve multiple functions in a living room.



Keeping the above points in mind while purchasing the furniture pieces for your small living room or TV room will definitely help you in creating the best possible environment. Spend time understanding your space and your requirements and then explore the best options to make it more happening and lively. You can check out the small living room furniture and decor options at Sierra Living Concepts and get the best-customized furniture as per your needs. 

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