Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Outdoor Furniture


When you have an excellent outdoor setup, it could become a delightful experience to enjoy the shining sun or an outdoor view. An outdoor setup could be inviting, exciting, and even inspiring if it’s done with proper planning. Here is a comprehensive guide to set up your outdoor furniture that won’t just help you choose the right furniture but to also upscale your outdoor space so that it highlights your lifestyle and suits your preferences. 

Introduction To Outdoor Furniture 

The outdoor space, whether it’s a porch or garden or pool area, is among the most liveliest and happening spots of home. For some, it could be a place to spend quality time with loved ones and for others it could be a center of solitude. One might want to set up a warm BBQ station or could simply use it to get a relaxing view or enjoy sunlight in winters. 

Irrespective of what type of patio furniture you employ in your outdoor space, two key aspects of setting it up are beauty and comfort. With the right selection, one could elevate the decor status of the home and create a highly durable and practical setting that lasts a lifetime. Patio furniture can easily be defined as a set of tables and chairs or an ensemble of seating areas with recliners, end tables, bar furniture, etc.   

Types of outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is mainly available in two major categories which are Dining furniture and Living furniture. Outdoor dining ensemble includes bar furniture, tables, chairs, and stools while the outdoor living furniture comprises coffee tables, sofa sets, end tables, benches, etc. 

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Creating a seamless and inviting outdoor setting depends on the choice of outdoor furniture and its functionality. Those who wish to set a dining spot should focus on outdoor chairs, benches, bar cabinets, and stools to amplify the look, but if the priority is to set a relaxing spot then rustic outdoor sofa or daybed and outdoor lounge chairs should be explored.  

Outdoor Living Furniture

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor furniture has stark differences with indoor furniture in terms of price, appearance, and functionality. Outdoor spaces include spots such as porch, garden, pool side, deck, and restaurant outer area, so furniture choices for these spaces will be different than that of indoors. It’s true that outdoor furniture can be used indoors but the opposite is not true. 

The indoor furniture is more about decor and color schemes, but outdoor furniture focuses a lot on how the items will integrate with the outer environment and the overall outside view. There are major concerns like temperature variations, weather unpredictability, and rain that may affect the functionality of the furniture. Thus, choosing durable, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture is the key to creating the best outdoor space. 

Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Teak wood is among the most preferred materials for outdoor furniture because of its highly durable nature. It’s a densely grained type of hardwood that has golden color and smooth texture with high quantity of oil and rubber that lends it durability, strength and resistant behavior towards extreme weather conditions. 

Plumpton Teak Wood 4 Piece Outdoor Coffee Table Set

For your garden or patio furniture, teak wood is the best choice as it won’t require much maintenance and will easily last for decades. However, there are other materials that complement Teak wood such as rattan, wrought iron, aluminum, wicker, etc. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is a stylish add-on to your outdoor space that is known for its strength.  

Durability of outdoor furniture

Durability is an important factor to consider while investing in outdoor furniture. Seasonal variations can expose your outdoor furniture to intense humidity, snow, rain, heat, and more so taking durability into account is highly recommended. 

As explained above, teak wood resists such drastic weather changes and remains the most favored outdoor material. There are areas where rains occur throughout the year and some areas where furniture is directly exposed to the sun and immense heat. For rainy weather, the most durable materials besides teak wood are resin wicker, sling aluminum furniture and even plastic. Slatted teak wood furniture dries quickly and functions perfectly during rainy seasons. 

However, if there is intense heat in your area, then plastic or aluminum wouldn’t be the best bet as they could easily break. For such environments, teak wood material and high density polyethylene are highly recommended. Teak wood requires less maintenance and works seamlessly against the heat and humidity. 

Protection and Cleanliness of your Outdoor Furniture

Since outdoor furniture is exposed to weather conditions more than indoors, it requires more maintenance too. One should regularly check the cleanliness of the furniture to avoid degradation. 

Source : usatoday.com

Although teak wood furniture requires less maintenance, it’s always a good idea to keep your furniture dust-free. If there are fabric-related items, then a good wash with mild soap is the best way to keep them fresh and clean. For further protection, furniture covers and putting outdoor pieces under some shade helps them in retaining their form and function for long periods of time. 

Accessories used in Outdoor Furniture

It’s always a great idea to accentuate your outdoor space by adding a few accessories to improve the decor and functionality of your setting. To improve the experience of living outdoor furniture, one can add pillows, cushions, umbrellas, etc. Then, there are plenty of outdoor rugs, planters, and hammock stands to complement the beauty of your outdoor furniture. 

source : decoroutdoor.com

Mistakes to avoid while buying outdoor furniture

Buying outdoor furniture is a well-planned decision for many as there are certain expectations attached with it. That’s why some common mistakes have to be avoided in order to have a better experience.

Firstly, cheap outdoor furniture is often flimsy and not up to the standards, resulting in expensive repairs or replacements. For deck areas, if chair legs are too thin or skinny, it could cause a problem. Then, there are mistakes in choosing the right material for your outdoor space or in placing wooden furniture too close to the fireplace. If these common mistakes are avoided, your outdoor dining and living experience can surpass your expectations. 

Where to buy ?

Sierra Living Concepts provide the best outdoor living and dining furniture pieces as they are all authentically handcrafted by talented artisans with years of experience and are built with materials that are durable and lasts a lifetime. 

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A beautifully planned outdoor space with the right furniture can be as comfortable and lively as an indoor room. However, there are some challenges to face and insights to know while purchasing outdoor furniture, but once you’ve set up your outdoor furniture in the right way, it will be among the most exciting spots of your home. 


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