Media Consoles For Maximum Storage


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Media Consoles or TV Stands have become the center of the home. Our televisions are now home theatres, computer screens, and internet portals. It seems like everything happens in front of the television, including the clutter of equipment, movies, games, and music.  When you shop for a media console, consider what types of equipment you have, and what kinds of things you’ll need to store in it.

Media Consoles for Elegant, Hidden Storage

If you have a formal living room or a traditional decorating style, you’ll probably want to conceal your media equipment in an attractive cabinet. To maximize storage, measure your space and buy the largest media cabinet that fits comfortably. Make sure all of your equipment will fit, and any movies or games you need to store.

To keep clutter hidden, choose a style with few open shelves or all doors. You can have an electric eye added quite inexpensively. This will let you use your remote control with the cabinet doors closed.

Shaker Rustic Reclaimed Wood 64" TV Stand Media Console

A media console or tv bench with just one shelf for your cable box or DVD player also keeps things neat and tidy.

Appalachian Iron Flower 81" Long TV Media Console Cabinet

Traditional and formal don’t mean dark wood, either.  A carved and light-stained piece can be a beautiful focal point.

Tudor Winter White Mango Wood TV Console Entertainment Cabinet

If you do need your remote control to access your equipment, look for a tv stand with glass doors.

Oklahoma Farmhouse 3 Compartment Solid Wood Rustic TV Media StandChoosing a traditionally styled console helps your media equipment blend into the room, and keeps clutter hidden away.  If you have movies and games stored around the house, bring them all together into one large storage piece.

Maximize Your Storage For Gaming and Home Theater

If your family loves video games and movies, you’re going to accumulate lots of media that needs to be organized and stored.  If your home theater equipment is in your main family room, you’ll probably want to keep the clutter to a minimum by having some closed storage areas.  Open shelving makes it easy to use gaming consoles, DVD players, and cable boxes. Look for a large media cabinet that has a combination of open and closed storage. Drawers are perfect for holding games and movies.

Rustic Portland Contemporary 3 Drawer Acacia Wood Media Console

Mexico Sleek Mango Wood 4 Drawers Accent Media ConsoleIf you have a dedicated home theater space or media room, you may want to display your media library.  A media console with open shelves can accommodate equipment, gaming consoles, movies, and games. You’ll be able to see your whole library to pick a movie quickly – no more arguing! Add some baskets to keep small components and cords organized.

Philadelphia Hand Carved Long TV Stand Entertainment ConsoleCreate an impressive home theater wall with carved details and tower bookcases flanking the screen.

Rustic Solid Wood Twin Bookcase Media Console TV Stand

Media Consoles For Minimalist Interiors

Modern, minimalist interiors still need storage. Even if you don’t accumulate many possessions, you’ll want any furniture you purchase to help you stay organized and clutter-free.  A media console for a modern, minimalist interior won’t need to store a lot of equipment, movies, or games. With everything accessible on demand and online, it’s possible to have a large library of music and film without owning a single CD or DVD. If you don’t need a lot of storage, an open, contemporary style may work for you.

Contemporary Frosted Z Mango Wood TV Console Media CabinetHowever, you’ll still be dealing with a TV and cable box.  You need storage for the small components of your online life – cords, chargers, headphones, etc. Any piece of furniture in your living room should be hardworking, organizing and storing your everyday stuff.  This is especially important if you live in an apartment or small home. Make sure you have at least some storage space.

Science Expedition Mango Wood & Iron TV Stand Media Cabinet

Rustic Industrial Shutter Doors Reclaimed Wood TV Media ConsoleMaximize Your Storage With A Large Media Console

One large piece of furniture is much better than a few smaller storage pieces for an uncluttered look. So when you’re shopping for a media console, a larger size is a great idea. Maximizing your storage piece can actually help you eliminate other furniture to open up your space.  Look for drawers for small components, office supplies, or even clothing.

A cabinet door can hide a small printer or computer tower. If you work at home, your media console can also hold your home office supplies.

Portland Contemporary Rustic Solid Wood TV Stand Media ConsoleIf your media console becomes the focal point of your room, you’ll definitely want a great-looking piece. Dark wood and industrial styles aren’t the only options. Look for carvings, distressed finishes, and unique colors.Spring Green Gothic Reclaimed Wood TV Console Media CabinetNottingham Royal Reclaimed Wood TV Console Media Cabinet Measure your room and make a list of your storage needs before you go shopping for a media console.  Take your paint colors and fabric swatches along so you can find one that’s beautiful as well as maximizing your storage. If your media console is the centerpiece of your design, you’ll be enjoying the view of the furniture, and not the equipment.


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