A chair provides comfortable seating to engage you with your family, friends, and guests. Chairs, like the other furniture, come in different styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. With this buying guide for chairs, let’s explore the various options before you grab a chair for your home. You must also consider your space and interior styling while finalizing the choice.

Types of Dining Room Chairs

The right choice of dining chairs effortlessly helps you soothe your appetite and enhance the elegance of the space.

  • Arm chair: Often used at the narrower ends of a dining table, armchairs lend an air of elegance and comfort. Larger and more spacious dining tables can also accommodate arm chairs on the sides, providing equally comfortable and graceful dining experience to everyone on the table. 
  • Side chair: When you can’t fit in an armchair, pick a side chair in metal, wood or plastic to suit your dining table size, shape, and style.
  • Benches: Dining room seating options are never restricted to dining chairs. Pair the chairs with benches for more comfortable and chic seating options. Check this set from our dining room collections.
  • Bar-stools: Suitable for high top tables and counters, bar stools come in any style, size, and material of your choice. Options for height adjustment and back support enable a wide range of options.

Styling-tip: You can also choose the dining table and dining chair of different furniture sets to mix and match, and make a customized dining room collection. Try matching the chairs with the walls and other dining room accessories to adapt the dining room decor. Also, stylize them with pillows or throws. Choose chairs of a shape similar to the dining table shape. For example, check our Sierra Nevada Round Dining Set.

Types of Living Room Chairs

Be it to awe your guests or to relax with your family, chic living room chairs reveal your style sense with ease. Let’s look beyond cosy couches here.

  • Armchair: Made with utmost comfort for the solo souls, armchairs have high back-support and perfect armrests. With plenty of options to suit any interior styles, this upholstered living room chair can accommodate all your creative styling thoughts. 
Black and White Mahogany Wood Upholstered Accent Armchair
  • Recliners: With varieties ranging in upholstery material, colour, and size, this modern luxury living room chair is the appropriate choice for relaxed seating postures. Both automatic and manual options available in this type of chair ease its functionality.
  • Round chair: This oversized seating option is a perfect snuggling chair in a contemporary style. Mostly upholstered with suede or leather, these come both in neutral and brighter colour shades.
  • Loveseat: Loveseats just accommodate you and your partner, so choose it to stay closer and relax together. With options available in most of the interior styles, loveseats fit to brighten the room and your time.
  • Accent chairs: This broader collection of living room chairs ranging from club chairs to Lawson chairs allows you to customize your living room space effortlessly.

Types of Bedroom Chairs

Brighten up your bedrooms by pairing some of the latest bedroom chairs discussed below with your bedroom interiors.

  • Loveseats: The loveseats, with upholstered seating stylised by throws, placed at the foot of your bed or near the windows, can bring more love to a cosy holiday morning.
  • Benches: Benches of any style to match the rest of your bedroom furniture can enhance the beauty of being a comfortable bedroom seating option.
  • Ottomans: With its functions ranging from mere footrest to coffee tables to chic seating. Choose from wide styles, colours, sizes, shapes, and materials to blend in smoothly.
  • Daybeds: Including stylish daybeds in your bedroom provides a seating option as well as an extra space to relax away from beds.

Technical Requirements of Dining Chair

Anatomy of a Dining Chair: Every single chair at Sierra Living Concepts offers solid wood construction, comfort formed seat, poured foam seat, mortise and tenon joinery, and reinforced attachments. 

The first checkpoint is the dining chair seat height. Standard dining chair dimensions would leave a minimum of 12” between the chair seat and table-top, or 7” between the chair seat and apron bottom. Also, consider seat height from the ground for any chair and the arm height for armchairs. Seat height impacts:

  • Ease of chair sliding under the dining table 
  • Comfortable sitting position with ample leg space

Next, the chair width determines the number of chairs you can accommodate in your dining space. A tip to calculate the number of chairs is the length of the table between the two legs divided by 32”. Provide ample elbow room and distance between chairs for ease. For small tables and dining spaces, armless chairs are great options.

The standard dining room chair dimensions:

Width17” – 22”
Depth20” – 24”
Seat height18” – 23”
Total height29” – 30”
Dining table lengthChair seat heightChair widthAdditional Information
28”–30”18” – 23”16” – 20”24” – 26” eating space 6” between chairs
34” – 46”24” – 26”

Standard seating options for each dining table style:

Rectangular/Oval table (length)Seating
Round/Square table (diameter)Seating
36” – 48”4


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