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Are you a free-spirited person? Perhaps a writer, artist, or traveler? Because what we are going to talk about in this blog might match your vibe! The bohemian style décor is for those people who like to see colors, culture, and creativity around them. Mostly, the Boho room décor resonates with people who are carefree and go with unconventional ideas. And do you know the best part about bohemian home décor? All the rooms are completely different from each other, none of them look alike.  

What is a Bohemian Bedroom?  

The bohemian style emerged during the early 19th century in France when some artists moved to the suburbs of Paris to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations. Therefore, boho home décor symbolizes a relaxed and carefree way of life.  

Coming to a bohemian-style bedroom, it is a celebration of self-expression, echoing the unconventional spirit of the bohemian movement. Colorful patterns, varied prints, and globally inspired aesthetics distinguish this style from others. Layers of textures are well connected with neutral colors to create a landscape that somehow defines your persona as an individual.  Anything from a quirky memoir to oversized yet colorful cushions and, or even light fixtures comes under boho-room décor. However, in recent times, a bohemian-inspired bedroom is neither too plain nor too loud. 

Color Palette and Textures of a Bohemian Bedroom 

Bohemian décor generally comes with shades of nude tones and jewel colors. These colors will evoke a sense of earthy and rustic feel in your bedroom with a boho-modern look. If you want to make these subtle colors look quirky, you can layer them with purple, orange, electric blue, or yellow.  

A boho bedroom lies in the layering of textures of a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The walls could be adorned with a silk tapestry from the East. Cover the floor with layered rugs made of fur or woven fabric. Pick anyone and anything! Innovation and vision are the key aspects here, and for boho design ideas, the sky is the limit. 

Tip: Paint the walls white, and use large striped pillowcases, and a colorful Kantha stitched comforter for a boho effect.

Furniture and Décor for Boho Bedroom 

Picking furniture for a boho-style bedroom is an art as each piece should contribute to the overall eclectic charm. Start by bringing distinctive items into the space you want to decorate. Use different shapes and materials until you find your vibe. A hanging cane chair, a low-profile bed frame, and a pair of rattan chairs will add charm to a modern boho bedroom. Anything and everything from floor pillows, leather poufs, ottomans, and bean bags would work to create a cozy boho bedroom. 

The décor of a boho bedroom is also all about texture and patterned rugs. You can use rugs which are white, or maybe use a combination of white with any other color. These rugs often provide a cozy seating arrangement as well.  Another fantastic design element to look for is colored pillows with printed patterns. They can uplift the whole look. According to your color preference, you can either opt for muted tones or bright ones.  

Oxford Solid Mahogany Wood 4 Piece Hand Carved Bedroom Se

Tip: Place a Moroccan lantern on a vintage dresser and place it with a rattan rocking chair.

Make the walls beautiful!  

If you want a more conventional boho vibe, decorate your bedroom walls with macrame. Hung photos of your vacations, medals, and accomplishments. You can select Mandala art for the walls — doesn’t matter if the art has been painted on canvas or directly on the wall. You can also hang art pieces by famous artists like Kahlo or Dali. If not, another simple option is to use fringes, free-spirited drawings, tassels, and some prints.  

Boho Bedroom Living Room Decor Large Mandala Wall Art Set of
Image source: Etsy

Tip: Use paisley patterned wallpaper and adorn it with hand-painted artwork.

Some plants here, there, everywhere! 

Nature plays a significant role in the bohemian style and a boho-inspired room is incomplete without a few plants. Cacti and other types of succulents are often used for decoration. These plants can be potted, hanging, large or small, and of any type. As soon as you fill in empty spaces with huge floor plants, or maybe hang plants from hooks, you will find your dreamy bohemian effect coming to shape. 

Image Source: The Thai Home Shop

Tip: Keeping a terrarium on the chest of drawers will add an instant zhuzh factor.

Light it up! 

Fairy lights, patterns cast by lanterns, and the warmth of candles – all these sources of light make your bedroom serene. Your mood will instantly become joyful and pleased. The careful placement and variety of lighting make your boho bedroom a cozy, minimalist yet versatile haven. 

Tip: Decorate the mirror with string lights to create a mystical atmosphere.

DIY: Paint, draw and learn 

If you like to paint, decorate, or even learn anything – here is your chance to showcase your individuality and creativity. You can bring out the artist in you by crafting your wall with mandalas, paintings, and much more to a bohemian effect in your bedroom. Our advice is to explore DIY tutorials and guides to learn and create! 

Tip: Frame your kid’s drawings and decorate them to cherish forever.

Keeping your boho room décor neat and clean 

Even though creativity thrives in a modern boho room, you have to be careful that it does not look cluttered. Things like watering your plants daily and dusting off the rugs, paintings, etc are very important. Make your boho bedroom cozy and minimal by cleaning and arranging the décor items every day. 

Boho room décor for all, forever 

To take inspiration for creating your personalized boho room décor, you can start your journey by embracing your creativity. Just know that your home is a canvas of self-expression and style which will make an everlasting impression.  Let us know in the comments if you have any advice/questions about creating a bohemian bedroom experience. Happy creating! 


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