Top 15 Chairs for Sitting all Day Long


A chair to lean back and relax royally, the accent chair, as the name suggests, stands out to shine and blend in to embrace the ambiance. Here are the top picks from our exclusive collection to help you select according to your preferences and also to serve as a chair buying guide.

Nemaha Chair

  • With its relaxed comfort and airy cane woven side panels, our Nemaha Mahogany Wood Upholstered Cane Arm Bergere Sofa Chair reveals a simple yet timeless design. Put it to work in the family room next to your sofa, let it take up a corner of the sunroom, or let it update the décor in your office. The breezy, laidback styling of the rattan woven sides coupled with the crisp white upholstery, creates an inspired look that blends in just as well into cottage-style spaces as it does with your more traditional décor aesthetics.
Nemaha Mahogany Wood Upholstered Cane Arm Sofa Chair 

Simcoe Chair

  • This simple, elegant, and comfortable fabric upholstered club chair sofa will be a valuable addition to your home interiors. With a low height backrest and rolled armrests, this armchair is upholstered in dual-tone fabric making it complementary to most interior designs.
Simcoe Solid Wood Handcrafted Upholstered Sofa Armchair

Brockton Chair

  • This vintage dining chair in classic Louis back Queen Anne style has leather upholstered seat and back, decorative nail head trim, and carved cabriole feet. The solid wood frame of this antique side chair boasts the luxuriousness of your space with minimal yet comfortable seating options.
Brockton Vintage Solid Wood Leather Upholstered Dining Chair

Barrington Armchair

  • This traditional Louis back Fauteuil armchair in sturdy mahogany wood frame blends a contrasting upholstered seat with a woven cane back elegantly to brighten any space it owns. The woven back chair design and the padded armrests guarantee comfort in this color-blocked traditional yet unorthodox armchair. 
Barrington Traditional Mahogany Wood Woven Back Arm Chair 

Moville Chair

  • The detailed carvings on the nail head trim and cabriole legs of this timeless furniture in mahogany frame complement its antique heirloom style. The neutral fabric upholstery, padded seat, and tufted back comfort you to linger longer in this French country style dining chair.
Moville Antique Mahogany Wood Upholstered Tufted Dining Accent Chair

Kimballton Chair

  • The weathered finish and linen upholstery in textured material of this accent chair satisfy its antique heirloom styling. Detailed carvings in the mahogany wood make this a perfect choice for transitional dining and living rooms. The rounded Louis back design fits French country, farmhouse, traditional or contemporary households alike. Check out the armchair and side chair variant of our Kimballton Dining Chair.
Kimballton Shabby Chic Mahogany Wood Upholstered Arm Dining Chair

Gothenburg Chair

  • A unique blend of the white mahogany wood frame and ivory fabric upholstery of this French country styled chair perfectly embraces its simple traditional dining chair design. The two curved stretchers connecting the legs are the unique component to enhance the elegance set by the crown-like detailing on top, and curved front legs.
Gothenburg Traditional White and Ivory Mahogany Wood Dining Chair
Gothenburg Traditional White and Ivory Mahogany Wood Dining Chair

Horsham Chair

  • Boast your love of bold traditional furniture with this mahogany wood armchair having an upholstered seat, back, and armrests with stylish studs. The rainbow abstract graffiti textured upholstery in the Louis back design adds an elegant flair to the black Fauteuil chair in Queen Anne style.
Horsham Colorful Graffiti Mahogany Wood Traditional Black Arm Chair
Horsham Colorful Graffiti Mahogany Wood Traditional Black Arm Chair

Lapeer Armchair

  • A perfect choice for any styles of chairs, this armchair in black mahogany wood frame comes with black and white striped upholstery. The ebony finish and curved claw foot legs of this Louis back accent chair enlighten a unique flair to the traditional spaces.
Lapeer Traditional Mahogany Wood Black Upholstered Arm Chair
Lapeer Traditional Mahogany Wood Black Upholstered Arm Chair

Oldbury Armchair

  • With mahogany wood construction in golden finish and floral print upholstery, this Louis back Fauteuil Chair in French Country style is a majestic possession to decorate your traditional home. The detailed carvings, claw feet and the pop of colors and patterns undoubtedly reveal your style statement.
Oldbury Carved Mahogany Wood Baroque Armchair with Floral Upholstery
Oldbury Carved Mahogany Wood Baroque Armchair with Floral Upholstery

Lizton Chair

  • A unique piece of royal mahogany wood furniture with detailed carvings on arms, legs, and back, Lizton armchairs suit the Vintage French style spaces. The luxurious ambiance is set by luxe velvet upholstery with plush tufted front and padded armrests.
Lizton Royal Hand Carved Solid Wood Velvet Tufted Arm Chair

Davis Armchair

  • This iconic mahogany furniture in a gold finish is a royal tribute to beloved Marilyn Monroe and a statement piece for your pop-art love. The traditional detailing enhanced by clawfoot and upholstered parts enables this armchair to embrace any dining or living space.
Davis Marilyn Monroe Mahogany Wood Traditional Royal Arm Chair

Atlantic Armchair

  • The cream mahogany frame, nailhead trim, overall upholstery, red accents, and the studded detailing of this Louis back armchair reveals your wanderlust and love for French country style furniture.
Atlantic Hand Carved Chic Wanderlust Mahogany Wood Fabric Arm Chair

An armless variant of this armchair, the Leola Dining Chair can complete the shabby chic ambiance.

Leola Rustic Shabby Chic Wanderlust Mahogany Wood Accent Dining Chair

Anderra Chair

  • The white tinted mahogany frame, solid textured upholstery seat, eloquent cabriole legs, unique fiddle back design, and warm neutral tone enlightens the cottage-chic charm of this simple yet elegant dining chair.
Anderra Solid Mahogany Wood White Dining Chair with Upholstered Seat

San Marino Chair

  • The grey finish of the mahogany wood and neutral fabric upholstery seat helps this fiddle back chair in Queen Anne style suit traditional interiors. The cabriole legs, carved back, and serpentine top rail boasts the heirloom standard, comfort, and versatility.
San Marino Solid Mahogany Wood Dining Chair with Upholstered Seat

Bonus Information: 

With more people inclining towards minimalist lifestyles and home decor, there is a style of chairs that is becoming an absolute favorite. Windsor chairs, with their airy build that fits various styles from farmhouse to mid-century or contemporary, are versatile enough to grace your dining room, living room, home office, or anywhere else you want to add a relaxed seating option.

Windsor Chairs – Styles and Features

Believed to be inspired by the West Country stick-back chairs, these solid wood chairs with round-tenoned chair-backs and legs go well with any colonial, cottage, and country style furniture. The uniqueness of this quirky chair is the spindle-back mounted onto a plain, shallow dish or saddle-shaped seat. But varieties of Windsor chairs are available with variations in armrests, the wood used, the shape of the back, etc. The two chair backs in trend are the round-back and square-back.

Ireton Solid Mahogany Wood Dining Windsor Chair

Along with its durability and sturdiness, these lightweight chairs are made to fit the human body perfectly. The mortise and tenon joinery at legs and spindles, as well as stretchers in the legs, reinforces the chair’s strength despite it looking fragile. This rustic dining chair brightens the space owned with natural grains, solid colors, and multi wood construction.

Although these cottage-style chairs are used as dining chairs, they can be a perfect décor utility in your living room, near the window in your bedroom, as reading chairs, or outdoor garden chairs. With variants as armless and armchairs, they can be used as side chairs or as a captain’s chair in your dining space.  

Let’s have a detailed look at the various types of Windsor chairs.

1.  Bow Back: With plain or turned legs, the chair has a steam-bent bow providing a strong connection between the back of the seat and the spindles. The continuous bow design can have a curvy seat in shield shape or flat round shape, with no armrests.

2.  Fan Back: Elaborately carved turnings, fanned spindles, elegant crest rails or comb pieces, and the shield-shaped or flat seats add comfort, class, and strength to this type of bar stools.

3.  Bird Cage: Inspired by traditional bow back chairs, these double bowed Windsor chairs hold a square back design. The spindles, legs, and stretchers are mostly done in bamboo style.

4.  Continuous Bow: This armchair variant has a continuous steam bent bow that becomes both back and armrests. This is done to reinforce the strength of this light chic airy Windsor chair. Carved legs, curvy seats, and detailing on the armrests can enhance the elegance of this piece.

5.  Comb Back: The highlight of this lightweight chair is the comb piece at the top of the backrest. The spindles continue from arms to make this stylish comb. Variants derived include single-stream armrests or top applied arm.

6.  Captain’s Chair: A more royal variant, this armchair has short spindles highlighted with a semi-circular top rail. This flat rail serves as armrests too. Detailed carvings on the spindles, legs, and top rail can uplift the majestic look.

7.  Sack Back: The longer spindles are reinforced for extra strength with the center rail, which extends as armrests.

8.  Bent paddle and bent feather: With spindles in the shape of bent paddles, the comfort and sturdiness of this bent paddle chair doubled. The variant comes with bent feather spindles and shield shaped seats. Detailed carvings on legs and stretchers enlighten its overall elegance.

9.  Fiddle Back: This transitional chair comes with a combination of spindles and central slat to form a stylish fiddle back Windsor chair.



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