Things You Need to Know Before Buying Large Coffee Tables

Large Rustic Solid Wood Rectangle Coffee Table

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Large and oversized coffee tables have earned their name as trendy living room essentials. Coffee tables are relatively short tables that are mostly placed in the midst of a sofa arrangement or in front of armchairs. These unique and multidimensional pieces of furniture constitute an irreplaceable part of the room’s furniture as they form the anchor or focal point for the living room. While maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the room, they serve a variety of functional purposes, such as providing a surface for drinks, snacks, and books; storing remote controls and magazines, displaying decorative items, and even acting as a temporary workspace for laptops or board games.

When it comes to large coffee tables, they offer even more surface area for storage, entertainment, and showcasing your personal style. They come in a variety of materials, like metal, solid wood, and glass, and have a plethora of shapes and styles for everyone and every home. In this blog, we will help you select a large coffee table based on different guidelines; read on to know more.

Points To Consider While Choosing A Large Coffee Table

1. Choose the Right Size

The first consideration when choosing a large coffee table is its size and proportions, as they can enhance the aesthetic flow of your living room by many notches. Measure your living room space and consider the overall layout to ensure the table fits harmoniously without overwhelming the room or making it feel too empty and mismatched.

A general rule of thumb is to select a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. This creates balance while allowing for ample seating and walking space. Typically, a large coffee table measures between 49 inches and 60 inches, while an extra-large coffee table exceeds 60 inches. The height of any coffee table varies between 16 and 18 inches, i.e., either on the same level as the seating height of the sofa or a couple of inches shorter.

Coffee tables can be found in a variety of shapes, such as round or oval, rectangular, square, and other geometric or irregular shapes. Each shape has its own visual appeal and practical advantages. Rectangular tables are versatile and work well in larger spaces, while square tables can be a great fit for symmetrical arrangements. Round or oval tables soften the edges of a room and are ideal for smaller spaces or homes with children.  

2. Balance with other furniture pieces

Creating a balance between a large coffee table and other furniture pieces in your living room is essential for a cohesive and visually pleasing arrangement. Ensure that the size of your coffee table is proportionate to the surrounding furniture while also taking into account the visual weight of the furniture pieces in the room.

Balance heavier furniture with a substantial coffee table, or balance lighter furniture with a visually substantial block-style coffee table with shorter or no legs. This helps distribute visual weight evenly throughout the space. Ensure that the style, color, and material of your coffee table complement the overall aesthetic of the room.

Black Solid Wood 3 Piece Coffee Table Set
Matching coffee table and end tables

Leave enough space around the coffee table and other furniture pieces to allow for comfortable movement and traffic flow. Avoid crowding the coffee table with too many surrounding chairs, as this can create a cluttered and unbalanced look.

Use the coffee table as a focal point and arrange other furniture pieces and accessories around it. This will help draw attention to the coffee table while ensuring that other furniture doesn’t overshadow its presence. Consider using rugs, lighting, or artwork to enhance the focal point and create a balanced visual composition.

Choose The Right Shape For Your Large Coffee Table

The shape of a large coffee table plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of your room. The right shape for your large coffee table will depend on your personal preferences, the size and layout of your living room, and the overall style you wish to achieve. Here are a few shapes to consider:

Large Round Coffee Tables

Mango Wood Fluted Black Round Coffee Table With Storage
Fluted design round coffee table

Round coffee tables soften the lines and edges of a room. They have a very playful appeal, and their lack of corners serves the dual purpose of ensuring safety while maintaining a fluid and effortless elegance. A large round or oval coffee table will look good with an L or U-shaped sectional sofa, or a mixed seating arrangement.

Large Square Coffee Tables

Rustic Solid Wood Large Square Pedestal Coffee Table
Pedestal square large coffee table

With their clean and sleek appearances, large square coffee tables are better suited for large square-shaped rooms. Square coffee tables offer a sense of balance and symmetry. Square tables provide a visually centered focal point and can be a great option for creating an intimate seating arrangement. They also offer plenty of surface area for books, magazines, and decorative items. Large solid wood square coffee tables in black finish can be a stylish and dramatic addition to your living room decor.

Large Rectangular Coffee Tables

Large Rustic Solid Wood Rectangle Coffee Table
Solid wood rectangular coffee table

Large rectangular coffee tables are classic and versatile. They work well in larger living rooms or with linear furniture arrangements. The elongated shape provides ample surface area for serving drinks, displaying decor, and accommodating multiple users. Perfect for rooms that are cozier or closed-off, rectangular coffee tables will beautifully bring balance to interiors with soft and curvy silhouettes.  Choose a farmhouse-style rectangular coffee for a homey, relaxed yet sophisticated look.

Freeform or Irregular Coffee Tables

Living room Modern Solid Wood Geometric Coffee Table
Geometric coffee table

Freeform or irregular-shaped coffee tables add an element of uniqueness and creativity to your living room. These tables often feature unconventional shapes, such as abstract designs or asymmetrical forms. They can be bold statement pieces and work best in contemporary or eclectic settings where you want to create an eye-catching focal point.

Choose The Right Material

Wooden Coffee Table

There is no dearth of materials to choose from for your coffee table. Perennial favorites such as solid wood and metal are the most popular due to their versatility and durability.  

Large Square Coffee Table Solid Wood Contemporary Style
Dark espresso coffee table

Solid wood coffee tables bring warmth, natural beauty, and a sense of durability to the space. They feature unique grain patterns, making each solid wood coffee table one-of-a-kind. Different types of wood offer distinct textures and finishes. Wood can range from lighter to darker tones, allowing you to match it with your existing furniture and decor. 

Metal Coffee Tables

Industrial Coffee Table on Wheels with Storage
Metal frame and solid wood top coffee table

Metal coffee tables, such as those made of stainless steel, brass, or iron, offer a sleek and industrial aesthetic. They are known for their durability and can withstand heavy use. Metal tables often feature clean lines and minimalist designs, making them suitable for modern or urban-inspired spaces. They can provide a striking contrast when paired with softer elements like upholstered furniture.

Glass Coffee Tables

round glass coffee table
Source: Amazon

Glass coffee tables have a modern and sleek look that can add an airy and light feel to a room. Glass can be paired with different base materials like metal or wood, providing a stylish and transparent surface to showcase decorative items.

Marble or Stone Coffee Tables

Marble top coffee table
Source: Amazon

Marble and stone coffee tables add a touch of luxury and elegance to any living room. Marble and stone tables work well in both contemporary and classic settings, and they can create a sophisticated focal point. Keep in mind that these materials require regular maintenance to prevent staining and damage. They can even be paired together to bring out an interesting and eclectic look. 

Choose Your Large Coffee Table Based On Its Utilization

1. As a storage option

Rustic Solid Wood Square Coffee Table with 4 Drawers
Large storage solid wood coffee table

If you need additional storage space in your living room, consider a coffee table with built-in storage features. Look for tables with drawers, shelves, or compartments where you can store books, magazines, remote controls, or other items you want to keep within easy reach but out of sight. This will allow you to organize all your essential items without disturbing the decor of your living room. You can add extra space by adding a coffee table with an end table set in your living room.

2.  As a statement furniture piece

Spruce up your living spaces by utilizing your coffee table as a focal decoration piece. Large coffee tables provide you with plenty of table space to try out different decorative combinations. A stack of books and magazines, a vase with bright and bold flowers, a fancy figurine—the list of design choices is endless. 

Solid Wood Black Modern Round Coffee Table

Choose The Style Of Your Large Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee table styles, there are various options to suit different design preferences and room aesthetics. Take a look at your existing furniture, color scheme, and overall design style in the room. Determine whether your space leans towards traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, or any other specific style. 


Rustic Solid Wood Traditional Large Square Coffee Table in front of white sofa with couch over it.
Traditional coffee table

Traditional coffee tables feature classic design elements such as ornate detailing, rich wood finishes, and elegant curves. Their sophisticated appeal makes them well-suited for formal living rooms or spaces with a traditional decor theme.


Black Square Solid Wood Pedestal Coffee Table
Modern coffee table

Modern coffee tables are known for their sleek lines, minimalist designs, and contemporary materials. They may incorporate glass, metal, and clean finishes to create a chic and streamlined look. Modern solid wood coffee tables work well in contemporary or minimalist interiors, adding a touch of sophistication.


Farmhouse Style Solid Wood Standing Coffee Table Chest
Rustic solid wood coffee table

Rustic coffee tables showcase natural materials like reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, and earthy tones. They have a cozy and inviting feel, often featuring farmhouse-inspired designs, rough-hewn textures, or industrial accents. Rustic coffee tables are popular in country-style or eclectic spaces.


Rustic Handcrafted Teak Wood & Iron Round 2-Tier Coffee Table
Industrial round coffee table

Industrial coffee tables embrace a raw and utilitarian aesthetic. They feature materials like iron, exposed hardware, and rustic wood. Industrial coffee tables can have a rugged and edgy appearance, making them a great choice for urban lofts or modern industrial-themed interiors.

Mid-Century Modern

Teak Wood Mid-century Modern 1 Drawer Coffee Table
Mid century modern coffee table

Mid-century modern coffee tables reflect the design trends of the mid-20th century. They showcase clean lines, organic shapes, warmer tones, and tapered legs. Mid-century modern coffee tables offer a retro and airy appeal, adding a touch of vintage charm to the room.

These are just a few examples of coffee table styles, and there are endless variations and combinations to suit individual preferences. Select a coffee table style that resonates with your overall design vision and creates a harmonious look in your living room.

Care And Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your coffee table will help preserve its beauty and prolong its lifespan. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Dust your coffee table regularly using a soft cloth or microfiber duster. For tougher stains or spills, gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth and mild detergent, then dry immediately to prevent water damage. Refrain from using harsh cleaning products.
  2. Protect the surface of your coffee table by using coasters for beverages and mats or trivets for hot items. This helps prevent water rings, heat damage, and scratches caused by direct contact.
  3. To avoid fading or discoloration, position your coffee table away from direct sunlight. Maintain a consistent humidity level in your living space to prevent the wood from expanding or contracting 

Go For Customized Large Coffee Table

At Sierra Living Concepts, we intend to create furniture that perfectly fits your space and reflects your individual taste. Whether it’s adjusting the size, shape, material, or design, customization allows you to bring home a custom coffee table that perfectly fits your space and reflects your individual taste. With our easy customization services, you can embrace the freedom to tailor every detail and create a coffee table that truly embodies your vision and enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.


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