Bring Dying Furniture Back to Life : Reclaimed Wood Furniture

reclaimed wood furniture

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by SierraLivingConcepts

One of our favorite thing is transforming reclaimed furniture such as dressers, tables and chairs so that they can take pride of place once again in new and innovative ways.

An old plank tabletop that once held planting pots and trowels can be reinvented as a kitchen table. Wood chairs can be given new character with paint and a freshly upholstered seat cushion. For dressers as well, the possibilities are endless.

The pieces that you take the time to make over add a special and personal touch to your rooms. It’s a great feeling to spend a little hands-on time when decorating, and for some of us it’s the best therapy around.

When designing a French-inspired bedroom, We came across an old dresser in the house that was in good shape but had layers of gaudy paint that were peeling and unsightly. We knew it could be turned into a gem. We stripped, sanded and primed the wood, then applied a fresh surface with an ocher glaze. The glaze recipe is 1 part yellow ocher latex paint and 1 part water-based glazing liquid.

Over two base coats of cream paint we applied the colored glaze with a soft rag, using long strokes and moving in one direction. This produces the look of simple wood graining. The top is decorated with toile print wrapping paper; you can also use wallpaper in any pattern that suits your style.

The paper was cut to fit the top and applied with wallpaper glue. we used a soft rag to smooth out any bubbles or creases. To age the paper we rubbed a little of the ocher glaze over it, let it dry, then applied three coats of varnish to the top to seal and protect.

The finishing touch is the upholstery studs, bought in strips and nailed around the edges and in a pre-marked diamond pattern over the paper. we replaced the handles with a set of fancy wrought-iron ones, and my toile dresser was complete.

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  1. Looks amzanig ~ your shop looks amzanig! One day we should meet and have a nice shop talk chat. My second home (my shop) is located in Chilliwack, called The Button Box.


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