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A dining table is the heart of a home where families spend their important time together. Be it any occasion dinners or fun game nights, bonding with family and friends over a meal is always special. Bringing together your dining room ideas isn’t a difficult thing if you keep a check on all your dining room wants and needs. You have a ton of choices from casual style to modern or lovely rustic dining tables to choose from our collection. 

It is essential to not only make the right investment in your dining table but to also fit your table in the dining space aesthetically and enhance the decor style of your home. The key to buying a good dining table lies in its shape, size, design, and of course, the material used. That’s why choosing the right dining table shouldn’t be a hasty decision. So, here’s your simple 4 steps buying guide for a dining table that you will love for years to come. 

Step 1 Assess Your Space

The number one rule in the hunt for a perfect dining table is to assess your dining space! Do you have a large rectangular dining area or an open-concept kitchen and family room? Does your family love to host dinners for close associates, or do you enjoy dining with just the family? To bring the whole dining space concept together, it is important to know your style first. For everyday family use, you could find a table that is simple, stylish, but low maintenance. This Live Edge Acacia Wood Trestle Farmhouse Dining Table might be a great option for you. 

Live Edge Trestle Dining Table

The material you choose for your solid wood dining table should best describe your style. You have so many choices to make, right from Rosewood with its classic grain pattern, to the elegant Mahogany, Teak, and Mango wood. You may choose Acacia and Suar Wood dining tables with metal legs to display the natural beauty of wood with a modern industrial flair.

round dining table
Round Dining Table & Chair set

Here’s our beautifully distressed Kimballton Shabby Chic Teak Wood Farmhouse Round Dining Table for six, which provides maximum style with a minimalist design.

Look into the decor of your dining room to see if the dining table would fit in seamlessly unless your dining room follows an eclectic theme. Don’t miss considering the breathing space needed around all sides of the table and chairs. There has to be enough space around your dining set to sit comfortably or to move around freely.

Black Round Dining Table Chair set

The general rule of thumb while buying a dining table is to have a minimum of 3 feet of clearance to walls or other furniture pieces on all sides. The hard rule is that for each person, you need a length of 24 inches for shoulders and about 15 inches width on the table for plates and glass. Formal seating arrangements require 30 inches in width and 18 inches in depth for spacious seating. A pedestal base table can make a good statement piece when the space is minimal. This dining table is available in different sizes to accommodate 4 to 8 people easily.

“If you have a spacious dining area, you can play with your dining room furniture. A table that can accommodate eight to ten guests would look grand and elegant. There should be at least 3.5 feet of clearance on all sides for comfort.

Once you know your style and assess the space, then it’s like a piece of cake to make your dining space a lovable one. Now it’s time to get beautiful dining table centerpiece ideas and the whole space will reflect your style.”

What Size Dining Table for a 10×12 Room?

The size of the dining table that would be appropriate for a 10×12 room would depend on several factors, such as the size of the room, the number of people who will be using the table, and the overall design aesthetic of the space.

In general, for a room that measures 10×12 feet, a table that seats 6-8 people would be a good fit. This would typically require a table that is around 72-84 inches in length. This size will allow for comfortable seating while also leaving enough space for movement around the table.

However, it’s also important to consider the layout of the room and the other furniture that will be in the space. You’ll want to make sure that the table fits well within the room and that there is enough space around it for people to move comfortably. You’ll also want to make sure that the table doesn’t take up too much space in the room, leaving little room for other furniture or decor.

It’s also suggested to measure the space before buying a table and take into account the size of the chairs and the space you need for walking around the table.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider all of these factors when selecting a dining table for a 10×12 room in order to find the perfect fit for your space and needs.

What Size Dining Table for a 10×10 Room?

A 10×10 room is relatively small, so it’s best to choose a dining table that is proportionate to the space. A round or square table with a diameter or width of about 36-48 inches would be a good fit for a room of this size. This will allow enough space for the table and chairs, while also leaving room for movement and other furniture in the room. Additionally, a table with a leaf that can be added or removed as needed can also be a good option for a small space.

Here is the link to kitchen tables to choose the perfect kitchen table & chair set for your dining area.

Step 2 Choose the Right Table Shape & Size

Here are the standard sizes of dining tables in inches.

Seating CapacityRound (Inch)Rectangle (Inch)Square (Inch)
12 Seater96 W x 96 D x 30 H120 W x 36 D x 30 H96 W x 96 D x 30 H
10 Seater84 W x 84 D x 30 H120 W x 36 D x 30 H84 W x 84 D x 30 H
8 Seater72 W x 72 D x 30 H96 W x 36 D x 30 H72 W x 72 D x 30 H
6 Seater54 W x 54 D x 30 H72 W x 36 D x 30 H72 W x 54 D x 30 H
4 Seater44 W x 44 D x 30 H36 W x 48 D x 30 H44 W x 36 D x 30 H
2 Seater36 W x 36 D x 30 H24 W x 30 D x 30 H30 W x 24 D x 30 H

1. Rectangular:

Definitely, the most common and functional shape for large groups. They work very well when your room itself is rectangular. The linear shape of the table lets you have a good walking space around the table. The central serving platter set-up is very apt when you have a rectangular dining table. This shape table tends to become big once you add chairs and space can become an issue. To solve that, you can simply add long benches instead of individual chairs, which you can comfortably push under the table when not in use. This will create more space. Go for a rectangular shape with a table size of 36” wide if there are 4 people in the family. Our Acacia Solid Wood Large Dining Room Table For 8 People, with its gorgeous traditional details, is a great option if you love hosting dinners or are a big family.

The table below indicates the dimensions of the dining table required for different seating capacities.

2. Square:

Is your dining room square in shape? Then you may go for a square-shaped dining table. It lends symmetry to the space and is apt for all those intimate dinings. A square dining table gives everybody an equally distant conversational and seating arrangement from each other. There are square extendable dining tables that easily expand their surface area with additional extensions when you have a larger group of people. Explore the additional features that Modern Simplicity Rustic Wood Square Dining Room Table with Storage offers. You may save a lot of space with this pedestal storage dining table. Refer to the size chart below to know what size of square dining table would be the right fit for your family. Most of our Dining Tables can easily be customized in the size and shape you need.

3. Round:

Round dining tables fit seamlessly in tight spaces. It is always possible to squeeze in more chairs when you want some extra seating. The round edges of the dining table are very child-friendly. Want some versatile dining furniture, go for a round one! Great for cozy dinners and they look good in any room shape. Round dining tables feel quite casual as there is no head on the table. Everyone at the table can easily see and talk to each other. Large round tables are also available for big groups but the guests may feel far away from each other. Extensions are not limited to rectangular or square shapes. You’d love how the Carrollton Two Tone Mahogany Wood Expandable Dining Table transforms from a round table for 4 to an oval dining table for 6 people and vice versa.

4. Oval:

Oval dining tables are similar to the rectangular ones except that they come with a little difference in dimensions due to their rounded corners. The oval is a very intriguing shape that can create immense warmth and visual interest in your dining décor. Check out the Tuscan Trestle Solid Wood 104″ Oval Dining Table which is extremely appealing with its subtle traditional detailing. The semi-circular ends create an illusion that the dining table takes up less space. Like the round dining tables, this shape also brings more intimacy and flexibility while dining. The rounded ends can accommodate more chairs if need be. The oval shape brings balance to the design elements within the dining room. 
When you have a big gathering and need more space at the dining table, there are oval extendable dining tables that easily get bigger by adding extra sections. You don’t have to worry about cramped seating anymore because these tables effortlessly accommodate more people.

Shopping for dining furniture is an experience. Visualizing the shape and size changes the whole deal. Take a good amount of time to decide on getting the perfect dining table. 

Step 3 Consider the Technical Details of the Table

When making the final decision on a dining table, look for these technical details which will come in handy. 

  • Width of the place setting
  • Length of the table
  • Height of the table
  • Table apron or skirting
  • Selecting an area rug

The required width of the tabletop should be calculated correctly to keep extra cutlery, dishes, candles, etc. This will always give more space and comfort for the diners. The shared space in the middle is about 9 inches. In general, dining tables need to be shared spaces for serving platters but not all tables need it. You can use a sideboard to keep the dishes. An average length of 24” on the table is dedicated to one person for comfortable seating and dining. Remember, for every two persons sitting in front of each other, the table length will go up by 24”.

A standard dining table height is 28” to 30”. The diner’s knees should fit under the table comfortably. Consider enough clearance under the table while buying the dining table. An important technical aspect of the table is its apron or skirt. It is the wooden panel that connects the surface and legs of a table. Apart from giving support to the table’s structure, it also adds to its visual beauty. Typically, aprons ranging from 1.5-3 inches add good support to the table.

Seating Width 24-30 inches
Seating Depth 15-18 Inches
Dining Table Minimum Width 28-30 Inches
Dining Table Height 28-30 Inches
Counter Height Dining Table 36 Inches

Step 4 Area Rugs Add Character to the Dining Table.

Normally, a room rug should be large enough to cover all the chairs completely even when they are pushed away from the table. A perfect rug under the table makes it a warmer, cozier space.

If entertainment runs in your blood and you want to buy arguably the most essential piece of furniture – the dining table, follow all these simple steps to get an eye-catching one from our furniture collection.

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