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    My table is gorgeous. I was so apprehensive purchasing sight unseen, especially after reading some of the reviews online with damages during shipping. However, I had none of those problems. In fact, it took my husband almost an hour to get the table unpackaged. Additionally, I loved how I could see the progress and anticipated steps thru manufacturing and delivery. I highly recommend Sierra if anyone who wants all wood furniture with no veneers. My only wish is that they would have a bigger chair selection. I purchased those separately.

    Lisa Withers, FL
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    This is my 4th order from Sierra Living Concepts and I think my very favorite. I was able to custom order a size to fit perfectly into a nook which has been challenging to fill. It looks fantastic and works beautifully. Thank you for such quality at a reasonable price.

    Cynthia Cohn, Colorado
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    At first the recommended stain for the table was a concern of was absolutely perfect...we appreciate the advisement of the on-line sale person...we could not have picked a better table or stain for the table....thanks again Clay and Britt

    Clayton Miller, Virginia
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    Sierra Concepts has exceeded any expectation as far as quality product, customer service and bringing value to their customers. The dining room table and chairs are gorgeous. The customer service team was very responsive to damages that occurred during shipment. We received acknowledgement of our concerns within 24 hours, although it was on a weekend. Within a few days, Sierra Concepts had communicated a thorough plan of action to rectify the situation. I have recommended to many of my friends and business associates Sierra Concepts and top notch products and service.

    Harold Rigley, Tennessee
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    The way the whole process is manages was outstanding. The only recommendation I would offer is that unpacking and set-up is part the pricing. It was not part of the delivery and I had to unpack and set-up the furniture myself and dispose of all of the packing material. In the grans scheme nt a big deal but could really take the experience to the next level

    Robert , MA
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    Thank You!

    Devon Lange, Michigan
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    Excellent communication during the manufacturing process and shipment.

    Pamela , MI
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    I love my media console! Simple and elegant.

    Kae Main Clement Wong, California
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    My only suggestion would be to ask if would like the tools marks on the top of the table. It was hard to see that they were there in the picture. The quality of the product is remarkable. Who ever built the table is a true craftsman!

    Ann , MA
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    SLC has been great and our furniture is top notch. Everyone who has seen it comments on how beautiful it is. Thank you!!

    Russell Brown, Arizona