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QA process

At Sierra Living Concepts, we believe in providing high-quality products to all our customers. In order to ensure this, we follow a stringent quality check at all stages of furniture manufacture. Right from the procurement of raw material to applying various old world handcrafting techniques, we ensure that high standard is maintained.

Our quality assurance team ensures that all products undergo quality check at three stages

1. Raw QA :

Once the product is manufactured in the unit, our quality assurance team checks for the following

• Design :

Apart from the overall design of the furniture, elements like wood texture, wood color, the shape of the furniture etc are closely inspected to ensure that it matches the standard set by the designer.

• Dimension :

Here along with measuring the overall dimension of the furniture, special emphasis is given on the measurement of doors, drawers, cabinets, shelves and planks. In case of discrepancy, it is sent back to the craftsman for rectification.

• Appearance :

The furniture is inspected for cracks, scratches, bug or mite’s infestation and bents. Small errors, if any, are fixed immediately. For example, in case of tiny cracks sawdust is mixed with wood glue and applied above the crack and smoothened out. For major issues, that particular part of the product is redone by our craftsman.

• Fixtures :

This involves inspecting the quality of hardware like handles, hinges and drawer pulls, the placement of the hardware and its smooth functioning. In case of discrepancy, it is re-fixed then and there itself.

Once the Raw QA is cleared, a "three-stage" smooth finishing is given to the surface using sandpapers and other hand tools. In this stage, any irregularities on its surface are removed and the product is made ready for the layer of stain chosen by the customer.

After the smoothening of the surfaces of the handcrafted furniture piece, the hand mixed stain is applied and the sealer is sprayed and left for few hours. Sealer reduces the stain absorbed into the wood, prevents the stain from bleeding into the top finish and also helps to even out the stain. Once stained/polished, required hardware is fitted to the piece. The surface is smoothened again and the sealer is applied the second time. Finally, melamine is sprayed to preserve and protect the wood and also to provide durability and better finish to the furniture.

2. Final QA :

Once the raw QA is done, the product moves to the final stage of quality check. Here the procedures of Raw QA are repeated again. Item Stains are cross-checked along with stability on the floor and its strength.

3. Packaging and labelling:

We ensure that all our furniture products are packaged perfectly with quality materials so that there is no damage during transit. Our packaging process is classified into two - raw and final packaging.

• Raw Packaging :

At first, the product is vacuum cleaned thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt. It is then wrapped in three layers of plastic and brown paper sheets. For heavyweight items like the large dining tabletop, a layer of foam of 6mm thickness is used at the base. This ensures that the base is protected from scratch and damage during transit. This packing is then protected with C or L-shaped 20mm thick foam on corners and edges to protect from any damage. This is again covered with brown paper and plastic wrap. Three to four layers of stretch film is wrapped around the product for additional protection. The product is then put into an appropriate carton box as per its dimensions.

• Final Packaging :

For heavyweight items like large dining tables, a thick foam may not be enough for protecting the corners. At this stage, additional protection is provided to the corners with corner caps and palettes.The carton boxes are tied with highly durable strips to keep the packaging intact. At the end, six layers of stretch film is again wrapped around the product, tying it to the palettes with high-grade industrial strips.

• Labelling :

Once the packaging is done, all products are neatly labelled for easy handling. For fragile products like glass table and glass doors, warning stickers such as “Fragile, glass product “ etc are pasted. For other furniture, “do not drop, handle with care” stickers are pasted so that the products are handled with care.



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