Our range of Hand Painted Furniture

Painted in beautiful hues and combining beauty with functionality are our range of hand painted furniture. These furniture lets you complement the color scheme of your interiors thereby providing a thrust to the overall beauty of your home. Our hand painted furniture is available in both bold and pastel shades to suit your taste and preference. From paintings with rich cultural heritage of India to the playfulness of the pop art culture and the famous Van Gogh swirls, the hand painted furniture comes in a wide range to suit all décor themes.

Sierra Living’s hand painted furniture are mostly created in mango-wood. Mango wood being a softwood, is easy to carve and hence is ideal for creatingproducts of any shape and size. It is available in a range of colors from deep brown to green and pink thus making it the best choice for painted furniture. Moreover, because of it’s closely-knit texture, the mango wood does not require extensive sanding to obtain that perfect finish.

The colors used in our hand painted furniture are non-toxic water based colors.Thus,it is environment friendly and safe for your interiors. Since it is water based, the paint does not crack or dry in sunlight and hence can be placed in any corner of the room even outdoor, if required. It can even be used in places with high humidity as the instance of mildew formation is very low.

In its manufacturing process, our hand painted furniture goes through three stages of smoothening using sandpaper and other hand tools. Once the surface is smooth the paint is applied and let to dry.Once dried, the sealer is sprayed followed by lacquer for luster.The sealer ensures that the paint is not peeled or scratched off. Thus, our painted furniture can even be put to rough usage without affecting its overall beauty.