Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 April 2023
received yesterday, unwraped today 4/13, there was a hole in the wrap the inner layer was perfect protection because it ended up being the front and all is good, looks better in person, wasnt sure after it being several months but very satisfied with end result. only other thing I could say would be to put out there maybe a little up front about the time frame from order to delivery but thank you, We looked everywhere coud not find anything close the look of this.

Amelia Lohmann

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 October 2021
The furniture itself is lovely and well-made, but the delivery was absolutely awful. I was happy to wait longer for my furniture because I know labor/supply chains are messed up because of COVID-19. However, when the delivery service received my furniture, they lost it in their warehouse for a month. When it was finally delivered, the delivery service messed up in several major ways-- which I won't get into. I am glad to finally have my furniture. I want to reiterate that the piece itself is great.

Rita Rackwitz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 July 2021
I bought 4 pieces of furniture for my bedroom, the quality was excellent. I was impressed to the level of packing that the furniture came in. The drawers to the bed was encased in an oak frame for shipping to which my boyfriend actually safe the wood to use on another project. Everyone loved the furniture

John Micciche

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 May 2021

Joe Zinecker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 April 2021
- The ordering process, including customization of the furniture for sizing (we shortened a headboard) as well as the stain/finish, was easy. - Sierra is able to make minor design modifications easily. - The products turned out exactly as requested and exactly as envisioned based on their catalog photos. - The quality of fabrication was outstanding! - The status emails that we received during manufacturing, which included photos of the furniture at various stages during manufacturing, was very insightful! - This furniture is being manufactured overseas, so be realistic about the shipping process (packaging for a long and arduous voyage, trucked to a port, loaded onto a ship, shipped by sea around the world, passing through the Suez Canal, unloaded at a US port, passing through customs at the US port, loaded onto a truck, shipped from the port to your home) and the time that takes! The total time from order to manufacturing complete ranged from 2-3 months, and then the shipping time was another 2 months. - The net result is beautiful custom furniture fabricated at a reasonable price and delivered in a reasonable period. I could not recommend Sierra more highly!

Nancy Hahn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2021
Great customer service; beautiful furniture; company stands behind its product; customer service excellent.

Gregg Kuehn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 December 2020

Carol Walsh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 August 2020
The whole process of ordering including customizing, shipping and delivery was smooth. I had been alerted when I placed the order that it would take 8-10 weeks which initially I was surprised. It ended up taking longer due to the covid 19 issues. I liked the ability to view progress via the customer portal. When things didn't seem to be moving forward I then sent an email and received an immediate reply explaining the situation which I appreciated. I was able to track the shipping journey which took several weeks. The delivery company was very nice and delivery easy. Best of all my media center is absolutely beautiful! Craftsmanship excellent, wood and finish beautiful. I am very satisfied and would purchase again from Sierra Living. Thank you!

Randy Soo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 April 2020
step by step updates online is really neat. the Sierra people were on top of all the details. and, of course the furniture is beautiful

Michael W. Hill

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 December 2019
Despite late delivery due to production and delivery delays to the States, we were very happy with the final product. The White Glove service is a winner and well appreciated, especially as all this was happening during the Christmas Holidays.