Hathairat Watcharophat

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 March 2018
I ordered a computer desk for my husband. He really loved the product. Progress update during the making process was good but the update stopped at custom clearance. Although we were aware that the product was custom made, it took much longer than anticipated. Delivery was a pain, while progress update online showed that product was still at custom, I got a call from truck driver saying he was already at my home trying to deliver on the date I was not there. Since then I tried to reschedule the delivery and got stood up 3 days in a roll. Only on the 3rd day which I was persistently calling the dispatcher, the product finally delivered, hours after given delivery window. Delivery pain took 1 star off. Another star is taken off by the product design for its practically. Wise overall the computer desk design is clever, it doesn't have a hole big enough to feed an electric plug through. There are small holes for ventilation which you can put cable through but basically you have to cut off the plug. (My husband just hardwire a power extension into the desk through this hole)

Mia Martori

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 November 2018
My Philadelphia dining set and reclaimed wood desk are all stunning. I truly appreciated the photos submitted by the artisans as the development process was ongoing. I was able to recognize my individual chairs and dining table by the wood grain patterns noted in the photos. Knowing each piece was created by artisans without the use of machinery is astounding and the fact that each piece is truly unrepeatable was paramount to me. Thank you for making these creations available. Even though the process was long from beginning to end (June 4 to November 7), customer service was always responsive and when the delivery service completed their assignment, they noted that other customers had been waiting for orders from Hong Kong and other destinations (not from SLC) for many months. Once the furniture is completed, future buyers need to realize it is out of SLC's hands once the items are loaded into containers for the shipper. It was reassuring to use the Silverlight app to track the ocean going vessels. Additionally, I love the fact that the pieces are so unique. If one is looking for "uniformly distressed" items, there are a multitude of those options on the internet through furniture distributors. Thank you SLC and the artisans!! Mia Martori Phoenix, AZ

Julie Gyongyosi

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 December 2018
My furniture piece is beautiful and exceeded my expectations of quality. I loved receiving updates on the building, shipping, etc. There was an issue with delivery because I live on a hill, but your customer service rectified the problem without charging me extra ( which was their first suggestion). If I move to a flatter neighborhood, I will definitely buy from you again!! :)

Carolyn Liller

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 November 2018
The consistent follow through is of high value. This is obviously a major purchase for any family. Keeping us informed as to progress, to include pictures as the product is being developed, is a very good policy and approach. It also allows for any corrections or alterations to be made and provides a history of production. For an international company with diverse locations, you kept very well coordinated. Lastly, your paradigm of producing high quality for a comparatively low price, makes you very competitive. Customer service was always excellent, thank you.

Philip Hansten

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 December 2018
Frequent updates on progress of my desk appreciated. Delivery people arrived on time and put desk in proper spot with no hassles.

Susan Mallows

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 January 2019
Sharing the plans and photographs was very valuable especially as it was a fairly customized order. Keeping abreast of the completion of each phase was exciting. It took a very long time for the shipping and delivery which was frustrating - the delivery personnel were excellent though and did a great job with the set up in the house.

Kim Robinson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 December 2018
White glove delivery was the best! The armoire desk is perfect....the craftmanship is superb! Thank you!! I will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Dee Guilliot

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 January 2019
I was not told that the delivery was by a truck larger than could back into the driveway. Although it was eventually taken care of I had to get our Company Owner to unload this with a forklift. The desk is beautiful, however, this was not an easy task to arrange. Communication should have told us this was the case! Regards Dee Guilliot (337) 288-8476

Michelle Walter

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 February 2019
We loved the updates of the progress on our desk. The finished product is beautiful. There is one thing which I emailed about the day the desk was delivered but never heard a response. There are a few very light scratches on the surface of the desk. I think they can easily be touched up and was wondering if you had a service technician in the area who could fill the scratches in. Thanks

Rebecca Gray

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 February 2019
The agent who helped me select a desk was excellent- she sent me links to photos of different types of woods, and was very patient and helpful. The delivery manager who helped me select a freight service was helpful, and ultimately found a great service (Aloha Freight) that was ultimately selected to get the desk from California to Hawaii- no damage, fair cost. The reason I rated your company 4 instead of 5 was that the size of the "file cabinet" drawer isn't tall enough to hold file folders or the hardware to hold file folders. 8( You may want to change the advertising on that drawer. Also, the desk is beautiful except half of one board looks old (dried?) and kind of a dirty brown as compared to the boards on each side of it, and they put that board on the top of the desk instead of on the back or somewhere not as noticeable. I accept that there are variations, but this particular board is half like that and half not. I am still satisfied with the color and finish overall though. It really is a nice desk, and I don't know what they could do to make the depth of the "file" drawer deep enough to accept file folders besides changing the design or depth of the top drawer on the right. Thank you.

John Stepowoy

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2019

Amy Sankaran

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 March 2019
I thought that your timelines for when I would receive the piece were OFF by a LOT! I ordered it at the end of November, and I didn't receive it until March. Other than that, I am quite happy.

barb tharp

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 March 2019
Communication and delivery was great. My only complaint would be the small imperfections of the desks. They are beautiful though.

Alice Rodgers

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 May 2019
Working with Sierra Living Concepts was a pleasure from start to finish. My husband wanted a desk for fly tying and had very specific criteria. We searched for two years but nothing was quite right. Then we found Sierra Living Concepts; they worked with us to design the perfect desk. Customer service was exceptional and the desk “checks all of the boxes”. It is gorgeous, high quality, and functional. I am attaching an image but it does not do it justice because it is in active use as a fly tying desk ... just as intended!

Leon Giles

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 June 2019
thumbs up

Mark Edwards

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 May 2019
Every aspect of the experience was excellent, save a problem with the final delivery, which was entirely the fault of the trucking company, and not Sierra Living Concepts. In fact, when I called your customer service, they jumped right on the problem, and less than 24 hours later the problem was resolved and furniture delivered. Special thanks to Nancy in your customer service department for her diligence, effectiveness, and kindness in resolving the problem created by the shipping company,

Tom Crome

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 July 2019
Very nice.

Richard Anderson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 August 2019

Susan Jania

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 August 2019
Great furniture..wish you had even more selections. Price a little steep but you get what you paid for.

Cathleen Stevens

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 August 2019
The desk is exquisite!

Ian Goss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 August 2019
Easy ordering with a wide selection to choose from.

Harold Sasso

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 October 2019
it was the Best furniture buying experience id ever had !! Great quality and craftsmanship and Outstanding customer service !! I would like to thank Jenny, Nancy,Rahul and his team of HIGHLY SKILLED artisans for making this all happen

Margaret Hepper

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 August 2019
This entire experience, from ordering and confirming the desk finish/dimensions, then watching the literal progress of the desk production, shipping, and delivery, was fantastic. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for custommade furniture to use them.

Laurin Rackham

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 October 2019

Frank Trapani

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 April 2020
Desk arrived as described. Looked great. Delivery XPO driver was experienced and professional. Living on a small dead end street he maneuvered the large truck expertly. Of course order was made before and during the coronavirus so delivery was delayed. Understandable. Will purchase from them again.

Jim Cummings

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 April 2020
Beautiful hand crafted furniture. Well made with quality materials.

Joanne Matson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 July 2020
I was very impressed by the way I was able to customize my furniture. You rock!

Anita Gross

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 September 2020

Jerry Tarnacki

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 June 2020
Corey was very helpful and responsive. I like the tracking information you provide on your website. I had no idea the pieces would be so heavy. The trucker could barely get them in the house. I would recommend you emphasize the weight, and be a bit more firm about selling customers the within the house moving and placement of furniture.

Mary Vasishth

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 July 2020
My order of two Klagetoh desks got stuck in production because of COVID19. While it delayed receiving the desks to no fault of Sierra Living Concepts, it was well worth the wait. Just beautiful craftmanship. Thank you!

Carol Rezmer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 August 2020
They kept keep posted and showed me furniture along the way to make sure pleased. It’s beautiful handmade furniture. 🥰

Erin Reineke

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 September 2020

Christopher Tellone

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 August 2020

Patrick & Helen Montoya

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 September 2020
The desk came out great. We are pleased with it. It matches what was advertised on the website. We also thought the service in terms of keeping us updated and the delivery was excellent. The deliverymen were professional and timely.

Donna Turnbull

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 October 2020
I am extremely happy with the gorgeous desk!! The workmanship is beautiful and one of a kind. My only recommendation would be to alert people of the time it takes from placing the order to receiving it. I understand Covid-19 were a partial cause for delay, as well as shipping problems, but it took 6.5 months to finally get it. But again, the product is a masterpiece!!

Sarah Winters

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 August 2020

Patricia Grabert

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 October 2020
My desk in person is so much nicer then the pictures you really get to see how beautiful the wood really is! The process took very long but in the end I am very happy! Not happy with the freight service of when desk was being delivered but the two guys who actually delivered my desk were very good and professional!

Harry Giles MD

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 December 2020
The Hondah desk was delivered recently and it is fantastic. The build quality is excellent. The tracking system keeps you informed throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Sierra Living Concepts again.

Jane Muir

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 October 2020
Desk is beautiful and well constructed.

Sally Rogers

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 September 2020
From the moment we began to unwrap the desk, I was very favorably impressed by the thoroughness of the packaging. The product is beautiful and the workmanship excellent. I have been asked what kind of wood is used and would appreciate your telling me.

David Muir

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 November 2020
The desk took much longer to receive then advertised. It was well packed, arrived in good condition and worth the wait. The craftsmanship and finish are very nice. I was disappointed that the drawers were not on ball-bearing slides, just wood on wood. I was more disappointed that the file drawer was not wide enough to fit a standard hanging file rack. The drawer is 12" wide but the ears on a hanging file are 12.5" apart. It would be a big improvement if grooves were cut into the top of the sides of the file drawer and a metal rod inserted to support hanging folders. I'll do that routering myself. File drawer design needs improvement.

Stephany Zamora

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 November 2020

Bruce Burkhardt

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 November 2020

Melanie Gee

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 November 2020
From the moment I called to order my desk in July, to delivery in November, it was a great experience. After showing my current setup to the sales person, she helped me come up with ideas for how to customize my desk. We added a riser for my laptop, and then i suggested a drawer be added under the riser for small items. I also added a keyboard tray. The tray is a little too low, so I will need to figure out a way to raise it about 4 inches. Rahul was more than patient and accommodating over the last 3 months, answering my email questions as we were waiting for it to be built, and then packed and delivered. Once it was delivered to our garage, I was not sure how we were going to get it into my office. It's over 300#s of beautiful rosewood! It took about 45 minutes to unpack it...yes it was amazingly packed and protected for it's journey! Many layers of padding, wrap, cushioning in all the right place. Not a single dent, scratch, or issue. We got sliders and were able to lift it just enough to get it over the threshold and slide it across our tile floor to the office. The only other thing I should have added were rails in the file drawers to hold hanging files. I ended up purchasing racks we can put it the drawers. Overall, it's a beautiful desk, the colors of the wood complement the built in shelves and murphy bed wood in our office perfectly. I would (and have) highly recommend Sierra Living Concepts to friends and family. Thank you, Melanie Gee

David Vance

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 November 2020
We ordered 2 desks, to be his/her desks placed back to back. As a result of our smaller office size, we had to customize the desk depths to be smaller, 28". They are BEAUTIFUL and extremely well made. The desk backs are gorgeous, but unfortunately won't be seen due to the back to back placement. It was fun to get photos of the desks after they were made/unstained, then after stained. The packaging to protect the desks for shipment from India was amazing - it took some time to unpack, but the desks weren't going to be damaged. The only issue was that the delivery was via a 53 foot long truck that could not make it down the county road that our road is off. They would have brought it back in a smaller truck the next day, but after leaving work early to accept the delivery, was lucky that some friends with a trailer were able to help me get the desks from where the truck trailer had parked (in a shopping center parking lot) to my house. These desks are SOLID wood, heavy, and very well made. Only small disappointment was that the drawers could be deeper, are only 14.5" deep on the inside, 17" from front face to back end of sides. The keyboard tray is 1" thick solid Rosewood - SOLID and thicker than I would have guessed (very well made). EVERYTHING is made from solid Rosewood - including the drawer sides and bottom. Before ordering I asked a friend who builds furniture as a hobby about Rosewood, and he was effusive about how great a wood it is for furniture. Seeing is believing, I've never had Rosewood furniture before - I'm impressed. Customer service was fantastic - we weren't sure what stain color to pick. We ended up with Natural Stain #102. Even with the samples, it was hard to decide, since the Rosewood grain is so different from section to section (which is what makes the finished product so beautiful) - so the same stain is light or dark depending on the grain, so you can't be sure what the samples reflect (the lighter or the darker shade). It's neat to see two identical desks side by side look different because of the Rosewood variation. Hoping the photos attached show the beauty of the desks accurately - the light in our office isn't the best. Desk drawers open and close effortlessly. And the design of the drawer stops (a piece of solid wood that swivels vertically to stop, horizonatally to let drawer come out) is simple and smart. Great desks - beautiful, solid, functional at an amazing price. We are thankful we stumbled on SierraLivingConcepts website and took a chance on placing the order.

Carla Payne

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 October 2020

Bill Resvanis

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 December 2020
We were very please with the communication and updates from the time we custom ordered our desk until the day of delivery. Wonderful customer service.

Richard Panadero

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 December 2020
Beautiful desk. Delighted. Shipping and delivery delayed but finally here.

William Weiss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 February 2021
All ordered items were delivered and in perfect condition. The packaging was great so as to protect all items. Best of all, the items ordered showed great workmanship and looked better than the pictures on your website. Being so pleased with the quality of your company we now plan to order furniture for our daughters’ room.

Robin Frank

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 March 2021

Kenneth DeFreitas

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 January 2021

Joe Zinecker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 April 2021
- The ordering process, including customization of the furniture for sizing (we shortened a headboard) as well as the stain/finish, was easy. - Sierra is able to make minor design modifications easily. - The products turned out exactly as requested and exactly as envisioned based on their catalog photos. - The quality of fabrication was outstanding! - The status emails that we received during manufacturing, which included photos of the furniture at various stages during manufacturing, was very insightful! - This furniture is being manufactured overseas, so be realistic about the shipping process (packaging for a long and arduous voyage, trucked to a port, loaded onto a ship, shipped by sea around the world, passing through the Suez Canal, unloaded at a US port, passing through customs at the US port, loaded onto a truck, shipped from the port to your home) and the time that takes! The total time from order to manufacturing complete ranged from 2-3 months, and then the shipping time was another 2 months. - The net result is beautiful custom furniture fabricated at a reasonable price and delivered in a reasonable period. I could not recommend Sierra more highly!

Carol Hepworth

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 April 2021
Would be nice to have glides on the drawers. Otherwise great!

Brad Peterman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 April 2021

Vinodh Doss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 May 2021
Delivery experience was a nightmare. I hope its just an isolated event.

khalilur munshi

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 April 2021
4 months wait , is so long .I have to think twice before next order.

Judi Brugman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 March 2021
It would have been helpful to have a day advance notice on delivery. Living in a rural area, the driver was not able to deliver to our door & had to leave the shipment at the end of our driveway. He did call, but, I was not able to take the call because I was in a work meeting.

Joan Koss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 May 2021
I have never purchased an item resulting in such a high level of customer service, as well as an incredibly beautiful outcome... Our new teak, picacho desk turned out exactly, exactly how I was hoping it would!! ❤️

Tommy Ockerby-Tran

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 May 2021
very transparent process and beautiful desk outcome!

Benjamin Davis

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 April 2021

David Becker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 14 May 2021
The entire process was very good. Communication throughout the process including regular updates and pictures was much appreciated. The delivery was very smooth we were very happy with how well the piece was packaged (well protected). We are also very happy with the overall quality, look and functionality of the furniture.

Michael McCaw

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 June 2021
I am very pleased with the quality of my desk. It is exactly as described and pictured on the website. Will gladly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase a piece of furniture that they can pass along for generations. Your delivery service was excellent. Very professional and conscientious staff.

Laurence Cowles

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 June 2021
Any staff people we have spoken with have been altogether professional, helpful, informative, and welcoming. We are satisfied with both our armoire and rosewood desk. Apart from being functional, these items add depth and craftsmanship to our home at an affordable price. We would gladly refer Sierra Living Concept to anyone.

Mike Potter

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 May 2021
Your customer service/ sales team was very helpful throughout the process. I value your web order process of seeing the photo mid-build, and the wood is absolutely gorgeous. Upon arrival, I definitely hoped to see a higher level of quality and craftsmanship. One of the drawer slides (nailed to the inside of the desk, approx 3/4" square) was split and then re-glued. It'll hold for a few years.. Also two slides on two of the drawers are not level so the drawer looks a little askew when closed. As well, overall the drawer assembly leaves a lot to be desired. I'd give the drawer construction like a 6/10, a lot of spaces and steps where it should be flush. As well there were a few small scuffs from the packaging and a 5" square on the desk top where someone set a box down while the varnish was still drying...

James Mackey

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 August 2021
The desk is beautiful! Many thanks

Virginia Boyle

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 June 2021

Mary Moses

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 July 2021
The desk is beautiful made, however five months was a very longtime to wait for the desk to arrive.

Eileen Kohler

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 July 2021
I think - giggles - that I've completed my reclaimed wood collection. However, I always am looking at your website for new ideas. I absolutely love the furniture. And my friends always ask where I got it.

Lesa Lomax

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 31 July 2021
My experience with Sierra Living was 5 star. However the XPO delivery service out of Tulsa Oklahoma was fair. I paid for white glove delivery. The delivery guys brought the product into the house and said goodbye. I said, I paid for white glove and the lead guy said, I don’t know anything about it and left. Fortunately, I saw a paper tape to the side of the product as to what is expected of white glove delivery so I ran out and caught them before they left. I had to lend them a crow bar to start the process of unpacking.

Lisa Wingfield

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 26 August 2021

Kathleen Baites

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 October 2021
My desk arrived yesterday with the matching chair and I could not be happier with the quality and the color it's stunning. The desk is well built extremely sturdy. It was very nice to feel like you were part of the process by all the updates and pictures that was sent. I have absolutely no complaints. I recommend Sierra living concepts to anyone who wants good quality handmade furniture.

Jim Sergi

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 November 2021

Micael More

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 December 2021

Suzanne Dangelo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 February 2022

Laura Heinz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 March 2022
We are extremely pleased with our secretary desk. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture and looks great in our entrance way. The stain color is just what we were looking for and the customer service and tracking of the shipment was outstanding. We knew where the container was from start to finish. I would definitely purchase from SLC again if the need arises!

Kimm Collins

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 May 2022
We are grateful for the excellent quality of the Artisans' work and the wonderful customer service that the Sierra Living Concepts Team provides. This was our second major purchase from SLC and we have a 3rd custom order in progress. The furniture is always 100% solid wood, our choice is teak. It takes time for the Artisans to create beautiful heirloom quality furniture, and we suggest that this is totally worth the wait. Thank you!

Larry Czapla

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 February 2022
Sierra made it easy to purchase our desk, but more impressive was the attention to detail, timely communication, follow-up and meeting commitments. The packaging of my desk was the best I have ever seen, the desk arrived from half-way around the world in perfect condition... very impressive. Sierra and its factory and staff in India are an excellent operation that produce an excellent product. Satisfied customer that will purchase and recommend again.

Kevin Cottone

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 April 2022
Price and customer service are excellent. Took four months to deliver but was worth it. Thank you!

Linda Freiband

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 August 2022
It was a smooth and professional process from start to finish!

Heena Reiter

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 October 2022

Jay Weber

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 September 2022

Daryl Kohlerschmidt

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 November 2022
I love the desk. The wood and finish look incredible. Drawers are great and overall I feel it is a very quality piece of furniature. The things I would look to change in the future given it comes partially unassembled is to place a sticker or note on the pieces (ie legs) as to which side they were initially put on. The screw holes seem to line up poorly if you don't have the leg on the correct side in the correct orientation. That was a large frustration initially as luck would have it I tried every other possible permieatation prior to fining the correct fitting. If it had had a left front/back or right front/back it would have made it immensely easier given the weight of the finished piece. Again I'm very happy though this would have made me even happier and saved me some backache and time. Thank you, Daryl Kohlerschmidt

Laura Mauer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 December 2022
Thank you

Lyn Bennett

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 December 2022
From the very start, working with Sierra Concepts (Angie) to customize a desk was a clear and seamless process. Our beautiful desk arrived in perfect condition. Delivery White Glove service (Navis) was excellent. Very happy with this piece of furniture.

William Barron

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 December 2022
Love my new desk!!!

Michele Russell-Einhorn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 January 2023
Service reps very helpful!

Nora Zacek

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 December 2022
The selection of items is endless. The online ordering was easy. The company keeps you informed as to the progress of your item being built. The process took longer than expected. The desk arrived with amazing packaging. It is solid and well built, should last a long time. ,

Nancy Deming-May

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 February 2023
It took a while, but it was worth the wait. The final product is beautiful and of the highest quality. I’m so glad we ordered these desks.

Carol Conklin

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 April 2023

Peter Bernstein

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 March 2023

Bethany Taylor

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 May 2023

Donna Jean Woods

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 May 2023

Pita Schmidt

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 31 May 2023
The furniture is beautiful, but it takes a lot of time for get home

Walter Laverick

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 October 2023
Great support!

Nina Hutchinson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 14 October 2023
Even though the wait for our piece was long (you said it would be) you kept us informed every step of the way. Many emails telling of the process and progress, very reassuring. We could not be happier with our desk, absolutely perfect! My lucky day was finding your website. Thank you

Rebecca Bartels

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 October 2023
The shopping experience was good - it was different as I had never ordered like this before. Adam Trevino was wonderful in coordinating the delivery and checking to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you all so much. The desk is beautiful!

Tammy Frank

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 September 2023

GBHC Greater Binghamton Health Center-Office of Mental

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 October 2023
it was a very easy process

Charles Ayotte

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 November 2023

Bobbe Gates

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 November 2023
I was a little nervous buying a piece of furniture overseas. Rest assured, Sierra Living Concepts kept me updated on all aspects of the build (showing pictures of my furniture), departure, shipping, and arrival. I wouldn't have been surprised if they had let me track the boat it was being shipped on. 🙂 The instructions were clear and consice if there was any shipping damage. They followed up and followed through after the more than beautiful, excellent quality desk arrived in perfect condition. They have absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you Sierra Living Concepts for the best quality piece of furniture in our house.

Bud Ingram-Lile

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 December 2023

Virginia Giuliani

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 December 2023
Wonderful furniture, it is worth the time you wait. Excellent service and shipment.

Robert Reddick

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 December 2023
We could not be more please with our purchase and this company. They do everything they say they are going to do. Do business with this company and you will be glad you did,

Ian Thompson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 January 2024
The drawers are a little stiff in the final product. And a sliding keyboard draw in the desk has the flap falling down if it is pushed all the way in. (Metal strips on the side frame push the front flap a little, and it loses contact with the magnets.

Perry Frensley

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 January 2024
Fairly long wait but that was explained up-front. Excellent at up-dating throughout the different stages of the process. Very pleased.

Jeanne Iorio

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 April 2024

Margaret Carol RHINE-MEDINA

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 April 2024
Although the wait was considerable due to long distance shipping, it was definitely worth the time. This is my second experience in purchasing from Sierra Living & I have been completely satisfied on both occasions. The interactive customer portal is a highly efficient communications channel & keeps the customer up-to-date at all stages of order status. Delivery also went smoothly & I am thrilled at the new look of my home office.

Daniel Berger

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 April 2024
Excellent communication during entire process, finishing with professional deliver of a quality product.

Kristopher Kuehr

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 April 2024

Shauna Chaney

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 April 2024
The product was worth the wait! I would purchase from the company again.