Julia Chung

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 February 2018
Very solid product and excellent customer service.

Steve Calandra

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 February 2018
The custom quality of the product is second to none. The wait is long since it is manufacturered oversees and well worth the wait.

Scott Wild

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 June 2018
I had received a damaged piece and your customer service quickly resolved the issue.

Jane Brady

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 November 2018
We love our new bedroom set! It is beautiful, well crafted, solid, and just what we hoped for. The communication via your portal was very efficient - - very responsive.

Rick Murphy

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 December 2018
The set is very sturdy and solid. However, I was surprised at how dirty the entire bedroom set was. Also at the difficulty (or at least lack of smoothness) of both opening and closing the draws and the roughness of the actual finish., It is if the product was not total sanded prior to being stained. The draw handles keep coming loose. I may have to replace them all.

Tracey Hall

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 November 2018
Everything worked out. The furniture is beautiful:) Movers where all wonderful. Thank you

Donald Lesuer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 January 2019
Excellent quality furniture made from thick pieces of quality wood. Well made.

Margarita Urrutia

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 February 2019
I appreciated being informed of the progress on my order. I am very happy with the quality and uniqueness of my new bedroom set.

Gary Lavigne

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 February 2019
Furniture is high quality and solidly well made for generations to come. Very heavy wood, if you don't have help moving from curb to inside and need to assemble furniture white glove service is worth the price.

Brent McAllister

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 March 2019

rammohan venepally

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 April 2019
Good job, nice quality furniture

Betty Krocza

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 June 2019

Michael ladwig

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 April 2019

Lloyd Perino

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 April 2019
Needs better knobs Too slow

Margie Ratterman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 June 2019
I am extremely disappointed with my delivery process. I purchased the white glove delivery. There was no white glove delivery. The delivery service provided had an elderly gentleman and a female. The female was unable to assist the male in unloading and carrying the furniture. My husband had to unload and carry all the furniture inside. Once inside my husband had to unpack all the items. The delivery persons had no way of opening the boxes. My husband also had to put the bed together, the delivery persons did not know how to assemble the bed.

Amy Goudy

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 August 2019
My furniture arrived today and it is more beautiful that I could have imagined. The attention to detail and customer service you provided throughout the entire process was amazing!! I would recommend you to any and all people looking for high quality furniture!!

Richard Thompson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 December 2019

Kristin Carol Hamper

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 February 2020
My bedroom is more than I could of hoped for. The bar is slightly less luster. Not enough dark rich color or stains. Thank you for everyone and everything. )

Martin Crotty

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 May 2020

Inga Karlina

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 April 2020
You do deliver Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture, but the wait time of almost 6 months due to unavailability of bed planks is unacceptable.

Bernadette Smith

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 March 2020
Our first furniture order was a table and chairs, bar stools and a credenza. This order was a queen sized bedroom set. Both orders are made of the beautifully grained rosewood. Your artisans have done excellent work, very talented workers.

Kimra Roundy

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 August 2020
Good quality

Cindy Brown

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 March 2020

Manish Kumar

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 July 2020

Caroline Little

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 April 2020
My furniture is absolutely beautiful!!!!

Kathleen Lipps

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 October 2020
Adam and the"customer service team" were FANTASTIC! From the initial order (I had many questions), thru the delayed shipment updates during the worse of the Covid pandemic, then delivery. My only constructive feedback is that I had to chase the updates, to determine delivery status, and learned that the COVID delayed the container from India. In addition, the Logistic company that made the delivery, did not have the adequate sized truck, even though I had instructed the representative off same, and were not aware of the "White Glove" service included in my order, HOWEVER, Adam again came to the rescue and saved the day. Even though the delivery company was misinformed about the order, and is responsible for same, I would still request from your company that you work to tighten up the delivery communication. Remember, customers still purchase from you, and would expect everything to delivery to run smoooth. THANK YOU for everything.

suzanne stewart

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 August 2020
We bought a bedroom set with an extra dresser. This furniture is not inexpensive. We ordered it in April and received it in September. Covid made this a very long process. I give it 5 stars for appearance. The functionality of the dressers is barely two stars. The drawers simply do not open well. The entire dresser gets pulled around as we struggle to open them. They did address my complaint to which a professional came to try to fix them. Unfortunately, there isn't much he could do. He sanded, waxed, moved drawers around, and while they are somewhat better, they are not the quality you would EVER expect from an 1800.00 dresser. He stated he would never let a piece of furniture leave his shop that worked so poorly. I was told when I complained, that glides were available but they were never offered to me. This has been a very unhappy experience for us.

Beatriz Reyes

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 October 2020
The furniture are beautifully crafted, soils wood pieces that will last a very long time and eventually passed down. The package was great. Customer service is top notch. They response quickly and assure that any or all issues are resolved in a timely fashion. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Luis Sierra

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 September 2020
It was a long wait, but it was worth it. The beauty, durability and workmanship that went in to the craftsmanship of the product, was phenomenal. I definitely recommend and will continue to buy from SierraLivingConcepts. The knob on the middle right hand corner is too long. My local hardware was unable to help find the size. I would like your assistance in replacing the screw.

Diane Seidel

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 November 2020
Worth the wait, very beautiful furniture. Would purchase thru them again.

Hungsam Lee

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 September 2020
It was a long patiently waiting for the bedroom set to be delivered after 2 months but excellent products. Highly recommended. Please help us for the metal pieces to put the bed frame having problem and does not fit. Thank you very much. Sorry nothing to share the picture and has not installed yest, no fitting metal pieces.

Terry Staller

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 October 2020

Dennis Tito

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 November 2020

Douglas Lee-Chan

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 December 2020

Bonnie Davidson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 February 2021

Steven Cornett

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 December 2020
It went well..

Dan Quigley

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2021
Very happy with quality of product! Made super well and with care.

Shirley Sheffield

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 March 2021

Carol Hepworth

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 April 2021
Would be nice to have glides on the drawers. Otherwise great!

Greg in den Berken

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 May 2021

Madhavi Nadendla

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 26 June 2021

Srinivas Korapati

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 June 2021
Besides delays in shipping the product the quality of the products are Excellent. I am happy with the shopping experience.

Sherry Walker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 June 2021
The furniture is beautiful and well made, and the custom changes requested were done exactly. The staff was very helpful with questions we had before ordering and in responding to a couple of small problems after delivery, such as a small broken latch on an armoire. The only issues were the time it took to receive the product — five months (likely exacerbated by the global shipping slowdown during the pandemic) — and the stain odor on the bedroom furniture. The odor is really strong and lasting a long time, making it impossible to sleep in the bedroom with the new furniture.

Heather Pastva

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 May 2021

Kimberly Beach-Pettus

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 July 2021

Glenda Czikalla

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 July 2021


Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 November 2021

Judy Almand

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 January 2022
I selected the Armenia Bedroom set because I liked the design & that it was solid mahogany. I like that I had the option to change the width of the side tables to accommodate my space limitations. The ability to see the progress as it is being made is good. The quality of all of the pieces is very good with the exception of the bed slats & center supports. The center support is about 3/32" off-center. As a result the slats did not fit in the space properly. We tried them every way. In the end my husband took them apart & re-arranged them so that he had to cut a half inch or so off of only 4 of the slats to get them to fit. Another issue is that the 2 center leg supports were about ½" too short & did not touch the floor. We we able to put 2 felt pads on the legs so they are stable & touch the floor. In addition to those problems, I was surprised that the furniture had not been cleaned before packing. I wiped off a lot of dirt & saw dust. The last thing is that I thought the finish would have a bit of sheen to it. It is a matte finish & is dull looking. However, I like the design of the furniture. Overall it looks nice & is what I was looking for. Regarding SHIPPING: I paid an extra $499 for white glove shipping. The logistics company that delivered the furniture was new to your company. It was originally scheduled for delivery on 1/4/22. The 2 delivery men brought in the dresser, mirror frame & tables. I verified that they knew they were supposed to assemble it. They unpacked them & took away the packaging. The furniture was well packed and showed no damage. However, they seemed unprepared for assembling the furniture. They normally deliver for Crate & Barrel. We provided them screwdrivers & a drill to attach the drawer pulls and remove the protective strips on the bottoms of the dresser & tables. They may have had tools in their truck, but did not get them. They said that the the bed & the bench were in crates & they were not allowed to open crates. Therefore, they have to go back to the warehouse & have it done there & then redeliver. That delivery was scheduled for Saturday 1/8/22. They arrived around 4:45PM. These were not the same 2 delivery men that were there before. They did have tools & assembled the bed, but were unable to get the slats to fit as stated before. It was clear that we would have to fix that. We did that the following day & got the bed fully set up. However, we did have to handle the heavy slats, cut some of them down & re-assemble the tape & put the mattress on the bed. Clearly, we would have been unable to carry the furniture upstairs to the room, but we did do a lot of work to get it together & could have easily put the drawer pulls on & remove the protective strips on the legs. So, the extra delivery fee seems excessive, especially since I assume the men delivering it did not get paid more than usual. I did tip them. So, bottom line, I like the furniture & think it looks nice in the room. Other than the problem with the slats, it is well-made. The delivery was not ideal since they were not familiar with the products. But it is here & I am happy with it.

Swaroop Ramaiah

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 07 February 2022
We are very happy with the quality of the wood, it is very heavy and solid. We are also impressed with the craftsmanship. It exceeded our expectations! We will definitely order again! Thank you!

Lisa Goff

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 May 2023
The bedroom furniture is beautiful, everyone was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Ian Knight

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 April 2022
Great experience. Loved the updates and getting to view the progress as the pieces were constructed. Would recommend!

Joann Tindall

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 June 2022

Darlene Dockter

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 July 2022
love, love, love my bedroom suite worth the wait for it people are very courteous and friendly and it's beautiful I would definitely buy from Sierra Concepts again!!!

David Deitz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 June 2022
We were kept well informed from the beginning. We needed some specific measurements for the bed we ordered and this was easily communicated and acknowledged. We received a series of photos of the bedroom set as it was being built which was quite interesting in terms of understanding the building process of the bedroom set. Our big issue is that we were having the bedroom set built for a new home that was under construction, and we weren't going to be able to take delivery of the bedroom set until the home was finished and we closed escrow. Since the bedroom set was being built in India and would be transported on a container ship, this made timing of the delivery somewhat problematic. After some back and forth emails, Sierra Living Concepts made arrangements to have the bedroom set stored in a local storage facility in the city where we are building the home until we close on the home ( 4 weeks from now) at which time delivery to our new home will be arranged. Since we live in another state and didn't have any other good alternatives for taking delivery, Sierra's willingness to "step up to the plate" and take care of this issue relieved us of a lot of stress and made the tail end of the process much more pleasant. All of the individuals we dealt with (Rahul, Susan and Nancy) were extremely helpful, responsive to our emails and phone calls and very understanding of our situation. Another interesting thing was the ability to track the shipping container as it went from port to port as well as once XPO Logistics picked it up at the port in Houston after it cleared customs. We don't have any photos to include as we have not yet personally seen the furniture but we will try to remember to upload some photos after we receive it at our new home in late July. We definitely would use this company again. David and Donna

Raina Radulov

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 May 2022

Crystal Zenko

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 July 2022
I love the furniture! It is unique and the quality is excellent. I liked being able to see the progress of my order and photos of the furniture in the portal. The delivery went smoothly. I'm very glad I did the white glove service. I wish it hadn't cost extra though. It took a little longer to get the furniture than expected because of global supply chain issues, but it was worth the wait.

Christiana Cooney

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 July 2022
Beautiful, high quality, unique furniture!!

Alexa Lasek

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 June 2022
I absolutely love my new bedroom set! Everyone I spoke with along the way was extremely helpful and kind.


Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 June 2022

Kevin Fox

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 July 2022

Partha Baral

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 September 2022
Shipping process and more proactive and frequent update is needed to customers informed about the progress.

Molly Summers

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 August 2022
My bedroom suite is absolutely beautiful. It is very heavy and well made. I was pleased with how well my items were packed and everything arrived undamaged. It took 20 weeks from the order date to the delivery date. If you are a patient person and not in a hurry to use your furniture it is definitely worth the wait. The customer service team kept me up to date on the process of my order and included pictures at each step of the process. I found that helpful. All questions and concerns that I had were answered in a timely manner. I love my new bedroom.

Tonja Kraft

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 October 2022
I’m very pleased with my purchase and I was prepared for the wait time. They kept me up to date with what was happening with my furniture. I even got photo updates in my email as each piece was being crafted. I also purchased the dresser which is not pictured. I’m very happy with it as well.

Ameha Abate

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 August 2022
I love everything

Sina Peou

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 November 2022
My overall experience was excellent, customer services was on point. Thank you

Ann Beach

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 September 2022

Nick Restivo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 October 2022
I have never been as impressed with any company more than I have been with the bedroom set order I placed with Sierra. The customer service, from ordering through delivery is without equal in an company I have ever worked with. As an owner of a new home, I have had more than a few vendors deliver furniture to my home. Although the wait for the Sierra set was longer than most folks could deal with, we knew in advance just how long it would take to receive our bedroom set. When one orders a custom-made set, that is to be expected! Along the road, we were sent pictures of our actual set being crafted, stained, packaged, and delivered. I could not have asked for a better experience. When the set arrived, we used the white glove service, and even the outside delivery group (XPO) employed by Sierra was superb. Very efficient, organized, and professional. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, and I hope to be able to use their services again in the future.

Sheneda Mirador

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 November 2022
Well made and beautiful designed dressers and end table. They are eye catchers for sure! Bed frame made well but design just OK!

Susan Harrison

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 September 2022
We expected to have to wait for the bedroom furniture, but were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as long as we were expecting. And I absolutely loved the fact that I could see the progress and watch the tracking - GREAT idea and well thought out! Our delivery was smooth. The product is amazing!!! we are beyond thrilled with the qualty of the pieces we ordered. Our friend was so impressed she ended up buying as well. We will continue to spread the word about your product!

Kevin Betts

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 November 2022
I understand that it takes quite a bit of time for this furniture to be made and delivered. I talked with a sales lady in California, I don’t remember her name but she was so helpful in getting our order placed correctly!

Becki Leatherman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 December 2022
The whole experience was fantastic from the ordering process, to seeing the progress on the portal, and the packing and delivery!

Tanesha Gibbons

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 December 2022
Great experience.

Clay Baier

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 December 2022
Everything was Great until Dilevery They were very rude

Tammy Christensen

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 February 2023
Easy, and very friendly

Jason Beth

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 February 2023
Very unique style and process. All of the steps keep you busy for the lead time, and is fun to track progress.

Angela Desrosiers

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 August 2023
Love everything! Beautiful pieces.

Victoria Powers-Smith

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 August 2023
My experience with Sierra Living has been wonderful. From the first customer service reps who helped me determine the correct size of furniture I needed to the exchanges in the customer portal to the customer service rep who organized the delivery to the team they contracted with to actually deliver and set up the furniture. It was all great! I couldn’t be more happy!! The furniture is beautiful!!

Ramona Garrison

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 September 2023
Reached out before placing the order and so thankful I did. Angela was incredibly helpful which resulted in getting just what we wanted. Delivery was professional and efficient. The white glove experience was worth it.

Jason Frazier

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 November 2023
The bedroom set arrived and am very pleased with how everything turned out. Good communication throughout the process.

Lori DeFelice

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 October 2023
Finally found the perfect Bedroom set with Sierra Living Concepts. I had been looking for a four post canopy bed since i was a girl with beautiful lines and substance and here it was. The furniture is beautiful, sturdy, and well worth the money spent. The wait from purchase time was a little long (3.5 months), but it is wonderfully hand made and does come from overseas. Working with Sierra was nothing like any other purchase I've made. From order to delivery they kept me up to date via email and online updates on my order. They even provided photos of the furniture as it was being made in case there were any issues. They provided up to date shipping and delivery information as well, so I always knew where my order was. This was a great system. I also opted for the home delivery and set up. After a small miscommunication with the delivery company, my furniture was delivered and assembled with precision, in a timely manner, and with care. They company and their guys did a great job. They kept the debris all in one place, moved my items carefully to not damage them or my house, put everything together with no issues, and were really courteous. They cleaned everything up and even helped put the mattress on the bed. I'm overly satisfied with my purchase. It was better than the photos online. I'm already looking at other items for future purchase. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for me; If I could give this a hundred stars, I would.

Megan Clark

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 26 October 2023
We love our new bedroom set! It is the best quality and was definitely worth the wait. We will be buying more from Sierra!

Melissa Gomez

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 December 2023

Cynthia Jeffrey

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 December 2023
I am THRILLED with my experience in making this purchase with Sierra Living Concepts. WOW! Customer service throughout the process was awesome - quick in their responses and thorough in answering my questions. Not one detail was ever left out. The customer portal was phenomenal and I LOVED how every phase of manufacturing my bedroom set was annotated on the portal, even pictures of each phase! I've NEVER had this type of experience with any other company. It was all these details that set your company apart from, and above, everyone else. Even tracking the shipping status to the port in NY was really cool. Then the coordination of the delivery and The White Glove Service went exceptionally well. They showed up exactly on time to meet the delivery driver (actually showed up ahead of the driver) and took great care when unpacking the furniture, moving the pieces into the bedroom, and assembling the bed. They were awesome. They were efficient and as described, they removed all packaging material & crates and left the area completely clean. Your White Glove Service was WELL WORTH the money!! Bottom line - I LOVE MY NEW FURNITURE. It's GORGEOUS as everyone who has seen it so far reiterates. It is different from the usual bedroom furniture seen in stores and by far it is superior in quality. Thank you so much for providing such a tremendous experience and such beautiful furniture!

Cynthia Bell

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 February 2024
I really enjoyed the process. The woman that took my order was great! I shared the photos of my furniture was being made with family and friend. The white glove company was excellent. The only hiccup in the process was that I received my dresser and nightstands while my bed was shipped to Maine vs Bethesda, Maryland. It took a week for it to make it back to me because of winter weather.

Karen Mclaughlin

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 February 2024
Very happy! Quality service, beautiful furniture!!

Katherine Sampson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 January 2024
Looking for a unique bedroom set, I stumbled upon Sierra Living Concepts. Being I’d never heard of this company I was skeptical if I should proceed. I called and talked to a sales woman who was very knowledgeable and helpful so I decided to order the bedroom set. I have to say I’m super impressed with how quickly I got responses from emails, updates on furniture every step, and the quality of the furniture. Every item was beautifully carved, no damage, looked better than I expected, and was professionally packed. The delivery person also went above & beyond what anyone could expect. I highly recommend this company for quality, staffs knowledge, and prompt responses to calls & emails.

Amanda Miller

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 March 2024
Great experience!

John Costanzo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 February 2024

Tommy Thompson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 February 2024
Very pricy but one of kind hand made quality

Kirsten Hotchkiss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 March 2024
Our new bedroom set is beautiful! The service was excellent and I loved the ability to track the status of my order from creation through to shipping and delivery.

Holly Torrise

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 April 2024
It did take about 6 weeks past the initial date of delivery. It is very high quality furniture that is hard to find these days! The bedroom set was worth the wait! Just love it

Jeffrey Watt

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 April 2024