William A Isaacks

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 June 2023

Jason vonRiechbauer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 May 2021
We really enjoyed the experience of shopping online. We used the live chat and phone call with the sales rep to select products. Very good experience. We also enjoyed watching the images of the products as they were built, finished and packaged. There were images loaded into our portal at one point that were two different images of the same product, so we weren’t sure which one was ours, but that was corrected. During the building process, emails that we sent with questions were answered promptly. When we ordered the furniture in November, we were told to expect delivery around the third week of February. In March we inquired about delivery and were told we could expect it early April. The order didn’t arrive until the third week of April. This was not a huge problem, and we know with the COVID-19 crisis, many things have been delayed, but communication in the portal on expected completion date and arrival date, even if it ends up changing would be helpful. I was happy to receive the survey in January or so about preparing for the white glove service. This gave confidence in the delivery process. However, it seemed that selection and booking of a delivery service was not initiated until about a week or so after the products reached the US and had sat in New Jersey waiting for pickup. Then the white glove service selection wasn’t booked until the delivery arrived at its closest destination. This seemed to delay the delivery as the products waited in New Jersey for the delivery to be arranged and waited again in Cadillac Michigan until a company was found and then waited at the white glove company until they could fit in their schedule. That being said, I realize everything is hard right now. The dining table arrived with damage from the shipping process. Flow of communication upon delivery and in the process of resolving the damage was a little confusing ( part of that was my missing an email). You promptly worked with us to arrange a replacement, which is in process. I really like the concept of your business model and we enjoyed the experience. We also love the furniture! I was nervous to by so many pieces with the finish that we chose. I loved the look on your website but didn’t know if it would look too busy in our house. But I love it! Thank you.

Becky Kilkeary

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 July 2020
The furniture is gorgeous ! I am very pleased with the quality . The only criticism I have is the hardware inside to hold the shelves, was not very neatly installed . But the wood is absolutely beautiful . Deliver did not go smoothly .

Timothy Conner

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 April 2020
I had a struggle in the beginning thinking about ordering and waiting a couple months for my table and chairs..... decided to order anyway! And oh my gosh!!! Am I happy I did. So worth the wait, pictures do not even begin to do it justice. Amazing quality! Stunning! Love love love!!

Gary Rinker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 November 2018
Great product and professional setup. Thanks